Thursday, April 16, 2009

i could get used to this

sometimes we just have to look, fake a smile and walk away.

SUPRISE!!! =.= today is not my birthday lah.

offline blog ;)
26 march 2009
12.35 pm

this is how sbp works around. they will give you a suprise that you not excited when finding out about it. okay. before march school holidays, teachers already told that form 4 will be having exam on 24, 25 and 29 march. and as usual i'm so friggin lazy to study and coming back to school with zero knowledge. i mean, all the stuff fir doing exam. i didnt even prepared! even my homeworks i didnt complete. not a single. and as usual also, i will freaking study and memorize all the facts the day before exam. and as you know, i stayed up until 2 am to study for the exam and none of it diffuse into my brain cell =.=

  • first day exam, =.= i know i'll failed. i slept in all subjects.
  • second day exam, OMG! banyak giler kot tinggal. tidur jugak.

the, i rest for a night and didnt study because the third day exam will be on 29 march. and on the 26 march, school as usual and we'll be going to books exhibition. and i was damn tired and sleepy and right after the morning roll call, i immediately get into the class and sleep. i woke up by the noisy voices if my class. i asked them why and they said we're not going to the exhibition and i was like, "ala. dah tu, belaja cam biase ke? mane bawak buku!". and they just laughed, "wey, ade exam lah. cikgu konon nak buat suprise. haih tu la, tido lagi." amd i was like "SHOOOOOOTTT!!". the teachers purposely do the so-called-suprise-thing to us and it it so-called-the-tradisi sbp. argh whatever. all my books and files are in the hostel. WTH

i sucked in all subjects. i dont even know what to answer. and fyi, i'm writing this whe. biology paper is on and i havent finish the paper yet. i hentam almost all of it, wait not almost but ALL. 45 minutes left before the time is over. i think i'm just going to leave the structured question BLANK. maybe i will get O% for my biology. APPLAUSE =.=

btw, esok kayak!

positive : main air! beach! beach!

negative : tanned. jadi keturunan obama. HAHA

HAR. scratch that craps.

nadiahbs ;)