Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SuperEntry by SuperSuhi.

Just read this entry from one of my friend's blog ( my deskmate back when I was in SESTER, Suhi Muhi ! ) and this entry hit me, big time.

People spend money to enter the Hellfire. Nowadays Paradise is cheap whereas the Hellfire is expensive. How much do you have to pay to go to the mosque? How much does the prayer cost? How much does abulation cost? How much does it cost to say La Ilaha Ilallah? Read a page from the Quran or read the entire Quran, how much do you pay for this? But if you go to the beach, the disco, the casino, all of this costs money. Fornication is expensive, Alcohol is expensive. These people are paying money to enter Hell whereas they can enter Paradise for free. And then they say: ”I believe in the Paradise and Hell.”, but where is their intellect? Where are these people going to? What’s happening to the people who say: ”I believe”, in what do they believe? If they know about and believe in Paradise and Hell then they should know how to get to Paradise. If you would die now, where would you go to? What will happen with you? There are people who have lived for a 1000 years in the midst of mountains and have dedicated their entire life to the worship of Allah. But we live only 50, 60 or 70 years so why can’t we persevere for this short period? Let’s all be patient in this world. Let’s save the fun, the luxuries and the enjoyment for the hereafter. All of us would like to have fun and enjoy, but we can’t leave our mosques, our prayer, our duties towards Allah. Don’t get me wrong, we can enjoy with our families, children and friends, Allah gives us permission to do so, but don’t go outside with non-mahrams to drink, fornicate, not pray and so on. When you go out for a picnic with your family you also have to pray, and say Subhanu’Allah when looking at the creation of Allah, this also falls under worship. Everything has its time and place, Allah does not forbid us to sleep, but He says to sleep, wake up, pray the night prayer, sleep, and then wake up for Fajr. But what are we doing? we watch movies until 2 in the night and then sleep until 11 in the morning. What happened to the prayers? Then you wake up and go directly to the breakfast table and immediately attack the food. Don’t you know this food is from Allah? You are eating without having prayed 2 rakah, Fajr is over, the sun is up, and you are eating your food ignorant of the Hellfire that is waiting for you. Please, do yourselves justice, do not immediately flee to the easy things, your desires and lusts, go to bed on time, pray Fajr, do Dhikr, and afterwards sleep until 11 a clock, nobody who is stopping you from doing so. Everything has its time.


Isn't that TRUE?
Let's reflect and ask our own selves, brothers and sisters...



Saturday, May 19, 2012

Awesome than Superman?

Cause I have super new header, with super awesome picture, I declare myself SuperNadiahBS.

nuff said.