Sunday, January 29, 2012

NadiahBS in other version

Hari ni laptop saya rosak. Tapi sekarang dah okay! Thanks to all my beloved pghen who were there to help me when I was crying bcause of this stupid laptop! Urgh.

Maaf, ini bukan coretan NadiahBS. Thanks :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

19-year-old blogger.

Hi there.

Woah, my last post was on January 4th. Means, more than two weeks since I last updated my blog. Yes, that was a solid proof that I've been REALLY BUSY these days. two weeks without proper sleeping pattern and a nice rest. Alhamdulillah, I got a week of Chinese New Year holidays. at least I can qodha all my sleeps and have a real good long rest. Well actually I still have loadssss of works to do though it's holiday. Some work on HACC thingy and non-stop assignments that keep on bugging me. anyways, that's what I have to pay for being an A-level student isn't it? So, there's no need for me to keep on complaining about that. Okay, stop ranting.

Well, being me who is already friggin' busy but still couldnt stop letting other things to come in my way, I signed up for tutoring the Koreans ! yes, I may sounds surprisingly excited to you guys about this because as you all know, I am never a fan of K-pop. But, well they are not Korean artists and stuff, so yeah, I'm excited for that haha. actually, I wasnt planning on signing up for this thing but Najwa and Syaz kept on asking, and yeah thanks to them. I really enjoy getting along and mingle with Hyung Min. Oh yes, Cho Hyung Min is the name of our new friend :) He's 25 by Korean age, and 24 if counted by year. sounds confusing? okay. he was born on 1988, but he said that in Korea, a freshly born baby ( haha sounds weird ) is counted as 1 year old instead of 1 day old like how Malaysians counted. So that means, I am 20 if I follow Koreans counting !

And that's Hyung Min ! He's tall and an athlete too ! He run marathon for 10km only within 56 minutes. how surprisingly fast ! Dasyat ! We were literally jaw-dropped when he told us about that.

Oh, we supposed to tutor him English, well not really tutoring, ( tutor sounds so formal ) we just mingle and chat in English. He had quite a hard time to talk in English with us because he knows simple words only. He was so cute when he making faces if he didnt know the words that he wanted to say in English. We used hand-gestures a lot ! I really had so much fun hanging out with him. We're going to bring him to Kuala Lumpur soon to show him some places and hang out together before he fly back to Korea on 5th February. Cant wait ! :) ( Yes I am excited to the max haha )

Okay, enough with that.
Let's proceed to other topic.

OH !
the reason why I was soooooooooo busy, and actually still am, is because of HACC. yes, Hiking and Camping club which I joined since 1st semester but only now I felt the busyness as I am one of the Hicom now ( Even those non-hicom are busy too. Two big events coming soon ). We were having meeting almost everyday and I'm tired of it. Well, actually all of us were tired of it. but what can we do, there's so many things to do in so little time. Starting from the Interview for New Members ( 2 days ), Pra-Orientation for New Members, our underground activities to Broga Hill and Sg Tekala and which we then went to KL for some hiking shopping, and soon.... Orientation at Bukit Kutu and Annual Grand Dinner (AGD). Oh and the theme for AGD is International Culture. I already have something on my mind on what to wear that night, heee :) just wait and see. *winkwink*

For the picture of all HACC's activities for the last two weeks, I'll post 'em in another entry. :)

Oh one more thing, about my 19th birthday ! I'll talked about it later. Still havent got photos from my friends yet. once I have those pictures, I'll straightly update on that ! :D

Turrah !

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A-Level ; Semester 2

First day of college for semester 2 was okay. We got our Biology and Statistics final exam marks. :|

Yes, straight face means I didnt get good marks. Statistics's quite okay but the marks need to combine with core math's marks to get the real mark for my mathematics subject. hoping that my core math would give me a big banana smile on my face. *pray*

Anyway, I'm just looking forward for a better and fun semester. Hope that I can still keep on track for every subjects. InsyaAllah.

Going for a jog at the park ! Turrah ! ;)