Tuesday, July 27, 2010

red blood

august 3rd,
SBP's trial exam.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

beach sand

remember the time when i told that i have the spm kem thingy. yes, OPS GEMILANG SPM during mid year break. teacher brought us to pantai batu burok for some relaxation haha.

dont want to talk much, lets the pictures do the talking.

*save dalam cell otak memori 2010*

juliet, its now july

hello people of planet earth.

it's 1st of july and it means it's getting nearer for sbp trial. no, i'm not here to talk much about my studies cause its truly quite sucks and i just have to pray that i could cover all the topics i left out before the trial exam for sure.

so, life didnt show any good progress. nothing interesting happened and to tell you the truth, this week is just boring. i'm bored and i think i didnt laugh much this week. 40 form 5's student went for 'perkongsian pintar' at some famous sbp schools ( asis, seseri, saser, integrasi gombak n integrasi rawang) for a week. n for sure they are all top 40 n me as usual not among of them. my ranking for mid year exam is 43. *wey korang, cepat cepat la balik sini. boring kot. sunyi je sekolah*

yesterday, my 1st brother, iqbal came to visit me n we only met for less than 10 minutes =.= yes, ONLY 10 minutes, n he off back to kuantan. haha pelik la. datang jauh jauh n suddenly jumpa kejap je. not worth it. tapi yelah, actually he came to terengganu sebab ada hal. it's okay then. tak kesah pon.

n today, my mom starts working in her new office in temerloh. yes, she moved there. but she moved ALONE haha. no one want to follow her moving there. tapi nanti my mom akan ulak alik maybe twice a week. actually her boss wanted to transfer her to kedah but she didnt want to. tapi my dad kata kalau pindah kedah, satu family ikut tapi tak jadi. pindah temerloh aje n kitorang semua stay kuantan. ;)

tomorrow? hurm. as usual. kem spm n esok subject add math. n all guru muda takde sebab pergi perkongsian pintar, so cikgu-cikgu add math, be prepared, kami akan bertubi-tubi tanya anda =)))