Wednesday, December 17, 2008

wait, i think i'm gonna passed out

or maybe not. -_-

O-H-M-Y-G-O-D !

when peoples talk about the PMR result which is coming out just a few days more, i was totally freaked out. yesterday, i asked my friend when will the result come out. then, she said, ohh my mom said 26th dec. and i was like "ohh, ok". and just now, i read my bestfriend's blog and guess what? i just realize that it is NEXT WEEK, i dont even know that 26th dec is NEXT WEEK! oh my, am i going crazy? i dont even know the date of today. and that's the big reason why i'm sooo freaking out when i found out that it is next week. do i need to say it again, next week.

PMR RESULT IS NEXT WEEK ! *high pitch* -_-

haih, i dont know whether i can get straight A's. my parents really hoping that i pass with flying colours. wait, who dont? -_-

hurm, just pray for me ok? pray for me to get 9A, hehe.

thank you, thank you so much for your pray. may Allah bless you.


Monday, December 15, 2008

kene tagged lagi.

seha tagged me, but i already did that stuff. so, as you all know i'm too lazy to do it all over again. hehe.

PUBLISH NOW ! *click*

Saturday, December 13, 2008

officially FOF

its stands for FULL OF FAT. yes, i am now. my mom said that i'm fatter and she have told me couple of times. she said that my cheeks got so chubby that it stretched my nose and my nose became flat. i know that she is sooo over-exaggerating tapi tak nak muka penyet ! i have weird smile and eyes and i dont want to have another weird thing like a weird nose. *sigh. okay, stop it nadiah, dont over-reacting.

i dont know who picture that i took from the photobucket. so so sorry girls for stealing your sexy pictures. but i think you shouldnt wear bikinis. it just doesnt seems right. hehe. i know, i have no right to say like that but i'm trying to be honest ok. *untuk menghilangkan rasa bersalah kerana mempamerkan gambar mereka, saya dh tutup muka mereka. ;)

oh my ! school holidays make me FAT. seriously. because i sleep and eat and sleep and eat and sleep again and eat again. haih. i think, if the school holidays are longer than this hols and just staying home 24 7, i am pretty sure i will look like the girls in the picture. bukan mengejek or menghina or whatsoever ok. just say it. i'm gaining my weight week after week. *sigh again

i think i need to put on some diet.
  • no midnight meals
  • no sleeping like a baby
  • need to exercise at least 3 times a week
  • cut off some yummy-unhealthy-full-of-fat food in my meals.
  • if hungry, grab a glass of water or some fruits
ok. enough of those things.


but sometimes i just think that i dont need diet and just let my body become fatter because peoples said that i'm too skinny. even my dad said to me before. but now, he said that i am fatter. so i'm going to CANCEL all the diet thingy and just continue to live as usual. and i like it so much. i can sleep like a baby. yipee ;)

i reread my post and i know, i talks crap again.
just ignore me.

p/s : i'm starving right now and i going to grab some bites of raisin scones. oh, i love scones. and then i will off to bed. good night ! erk, its 5.17 am so i guess, good morning ! *yawn

fat-but-not-so-fat girl

tagged by little miss chatterbox ( sarah )

You need to answer the question below. Then tag 8 other blogger. to listen to old songs
few of them, but i love hotel california by the eagles. geek
since this school holiday i spent my long-boring-day-at-home onlining, discover and learn new stuffs. so i guess, yes.

oh yeah ! me likey. waahh sale sale sale ;) black forest chocolate
yup, i'm a chocoholic. yummy.

5.easily get bored

6.crazy about babies
i'm only crazy about SUPER CHUBBY CUTE babies only. haha. bad me.

7.hate sports so much!
hell no. i LOVE sports ! yipee.

so i'll tag :

no one, haha
but if you interested in doing this.
go ahead.
just copy it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

no word can describe it

time, time, time.

flies fast.

i just feel like i'm thirteen but next year, i'm turning sixteen. omg! sixteen and then seventeen and then BANG! eighteen.


no more. there goes all our childhood and we'll split and go to where our future waiting for us, and maybe we wont meet our high school friends again. all the joy and great moments we share together, will only be a history. now, i do love high school. seriously. when i think about it, about all the things and moments that i have been through, high school is so much fun fun fun. although all those homeworks sometimes make me stressed out, but yet it's still great because i'm surrounded with very sporting friends who sometimes rather playing or fooling around than finishing those zillions homeworks. i love them ! copying peoples homeworks, sleeping in the class while teachers teaching, fooling around, gossiping. those are the moments that maybe we wont experience it after high school ends. OR maybe yes, we will experience those. but it will be like so much different. some people may waited impatiently for high school to end including me, but i guess now i changed my mind. high school is shockingly fun though sometimes it sucks, but most of the time, i find it very err, hurm hah ( no word can describe it ) haha.

hah. what on earth is happening to me. why am i talking like i'm the one who just sitting for the SPM exam and wont attending high school ever again. *sigh.



Thursday, December 4, 2008

now, i talk like a mature one.

world seems to be different now. really different. well, besides the technologies ect ect, peoples. yes, peoples. especially teenagers or kids. even if they are 1 year younger than me, but it just seems like they are 2 or 3 years older than me.


because, you know, when i first step to high school. i was like very childish. still playing around, running here and there, playing kids stuff...but now, its different. peoples step in high school, and after a month, they already had fallen in love, have boyfriends/girlfriends, being cheesy. and then, broke up, and dating with other guys/girls again. and broke up again, and dating again. its like the-must-thing-to-do when you're in high school or else you'll be the losers or the lamest of all. they're acting older than their age.

sometimes, in 1 year, they got already like 5 ex-boyfriends/girlfriends. no, i'm not lying. its for real. seriously. i really curious of what had happened now. you know, all this stuff. why its happening? frankly, i'm saying all this not because i'm jealous or what, i'm just curious.

it really freak me out sometimes. why kids really want to be the adults? and the adults want to be the kids? i mean not really like that. hurm, how can i put it the right way?

oh ok, like the older one want to look younger. but the younger one want to look older. is it the world had been upside down? *sigh

i dont know what will happen in 10 years from now. its not that i'm thinking so far, or maybe i did. but sometimes the changes isnt really what it should happen. sometimes we dont need all the changes. sometimes to remain the same is better. waaaay better. but i guess, the changes will still happen continueosly without stopping every minute, every year, every moment. and it will feel like we're staying in a different new world every times we realize it.

*changes isnt really necessary for me. sometimes, i just want it to remain the same. FOREVER. cause i just like the way it is. ;)

Monday, December 1, 2008

use your love

today is not a really good day for me ;|

more nagging.
less loving.

more working,
less resting.

more shouting,
less whispering.

hah. hope this wont last long.