Friday, June 26, 2009

what can i say more?

You Are Totally Addicted to Gossip

You love gossip - even when it's about you.

You're up on the latest news about your friends and celebrities.

In fact, people know to turn to you when they need the scoop.

You don't feel bad about dishing the dirt. If you don't want to be talked about - don't live it!

saya tak tahu malu

so, i akan announce my mid year result

4A 2B 2C 1G

1A - pai
2A - bm, english, math mode
4B - sej, physics
5C - bio, chem
1G - tak yah bitau lah, mesti korang dh dpt agak. HAHA

i improved! dulu 2A n 3 failed. now 4A n 1 failed only. ok lah tu kan?

ranking pulak,

dulu - 86/111
now - 51/111

actually, i boleh tinggi lagi ranking tapi sebab i failed add math n add math tu adelah pemberat utk ranking tu. so, ade orang yg dpt sikit A but add math tak failed, get higher ranking than me. tapi tak pelah at least ade improvement kan?

nak tahu apa yang i rase?

life makin complicated kan? the more we think about it, rase macam nak give up macam tu je. tapi tak boleh. sekarang, life kat hostel much better. i think i dah jadi my old nadiahbs, nadiah macam kat smart dulu. kuat ketawa, kuat tido, kuat mengarot n kuat ronggeng. tapi kat sekolah yg kecik ni which is sbp yg terkecik kat malaysia ni, kat mane je kan nak ronggeng setakat pergi merayap dari kelas ke kelas. tapi kire ok lah kan, at least dapat melepaskan gian nk ronggeng. tadi duduk dalam bus almost 4 hours, banyak bende yang i fikir besides tido about 3 hours. suddenly, i jadi agak emo. hehe. tadi i terfikir pasal how my life would be kalau i still smartian? n camne i nak survive 2 tahun kat hostel? n camne kalau i dah bersusah payah stay hostel n sacrifice banyak n suddenly tak dapat ape yg i nak? n semua kenangan kat smart, hangout ngan kawan n banyak lagi lah. kadang-kadang rase macam 'haih, kenapelah kite lepaskan camtu je hidup dulu, i mean, i dah happy giler with m life n suddenly i tukar my hala tuju whatsoever'. tapi n then, i terfikir, 'takpelah, its a good thing, though. belum cuba belum tahu kan?' so, now. i rase macam lega tapi tak tau kenape. maybe sebab i think yang i dah buat the right decision kot. hostel tu kira ok lah. not that bad cume sometime kite rase macam tinggal dalam hell. kat sini ape ape pon, friendship yang penting. sebab mane- mane je kite pergi or pape jek yang kite buat, mesti ngan kawan or melibatkan kawan. so, friends lah yang buat kite happy and sedih at the same time. tapi biaselah kan. name pon LIFE kan.kalau semuanye berjalan ngan smooth, boring lah kan. mesti ade naek n turun n now, i akan hargai n hadapi every single thing tu sebaik-baiknye. aceehh. haha. tapi kan seriously, kalau stay kat hostel, korang akan learn to do things all by yourselves. susah mane pon, kite still akan try harder n harder. baguslah macam tu kan. tak sangke dah nak dekat 5 bulan i stay kat hostel. well done, nadiah! well done ;) so, i hope i akan survive sampai spm next year kat sekolah tu. pray for me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

conscience says,

stop whining around and get your ass off this computer.
shut down the computer and get yourself ready to do what you should do, you little stubborn lazy girl.

nadiah : aye aye captain :

i blew it

time is running out, man.

i wasted my two weeks school holidays just like that. and this saturday i will back to terengganu and continue my life in a boarding school. gosh, i really should used my school holidays doing something better but then, i just blew it. now i only have less than 5 days to fill every single hour with something that can gain me benefits.

i should have study and doing my tonns of homeworks but i didnt.
i should have wake up early and start my day in the morning but i didnt.
i should have spend some quality time with my family but i didnt.
i should have do something better than wasting my time but i didnt.

haih, i should do what i really should to but i didnt. so, i end up feel regret ang guilty about it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

it's 4.15 am

cant sleep

did u notice that they look alike? look at those eyebrows and nose. but joe seems like didnt took shower for like forever.

uuu laa laaaaaa

too much of eyeshadow, looks like someone punched u on the face, dear.

that's a big YUCKS for Adam Lambert face, we can see it from his face that he is gay.

ohh, why are you sooo heartthrobbing? ;) *slap me please*

nadiah said, "no, dont look at me like that, i'm blushing over here." your response : =..=

here is the product of the boredom. i end up, doing this craps. but i quite love it ;)

i've lost my fangs,

can i borrow yours? ;)

omg! he's HOOTTTTT. i cant wait for new moon movie this november ! agagagagaga

Thursday, June 4, 2009

can i called him, shit?

gosh, i'm so freaking out now.

here goes the story....

before the school holiday started, which is after mid year exam over, and when night prep, me n my friends gossiping in the class. n suddenly, my indian boy senior who i quite close to came in the class n joined our conversation. he told me that, yesterday, when he came into his room, he saw a letter n he didnt from who. the letter asked him to bring that person to bukit istana because that person wanted to go to my house. dang! n suddenly, when he went out n came into his room back, the letter was missing. i was like 'naahh, apesal die nk dtg pulak. ntah pape'. n i didnt made a big fuss bout it.

but now,

that person or can i called it shit, texting me everyday n once he told me that he's going to my house blablabla yadda yadda yadda. n already scolded him, but haih. buang tenage jek.

and this morning he asked me, what colour is my house. shoooott. ape kene ntah ngan mamat tu, dh lah org tak kenal die. tetibe jek nk dtg. ntah pape.

i'm gaining weight

i'm bored. *sigh*

i wanna write something but i dont know what. ya, its blog-block again.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

telekung, boleh? episode 2

check this out for more story and photo on my last post- "telekung, boleh?"

kakak dina punya blog ;)