Friday, June 26, 2009

saya tak tahu malu

so, i akan announce my mid year result

4A 2B 2C 1G

1A - pai
2A - bm, english, math mode
4B - sej, physics
5C - bio, chem
1G - tak yah bitau lah, mesti korang dh dpt agak. HAHA

i improved! dulu 2A n 3 failed. now 4A n 1 failed only. ok lah tu kan?

ranking pulak,

dulu - 86/111
now - 51/111

actually, i boleh tinggi lagi ranking tapi sebab i failed add math n add math tu adelah pemberat utk ranking tu. so, ade orang yg dpt sikit A but add math tak failed, get higher ranking than me. tapi tak pelah at least ade improvement kan?


Affeysaurus; said...

agama?cool! haha

NadiahBS. said...

92 tu!!!!

BiteMyShorts said...

when i was in my Form 4 ,it was worst than yours .

Agama tak pernah dapat A1 .
Chem , Physics , Bio - cukup cukup makan lulus .

Yang A1 , English , BM & EST .

Yang lain hampeh je lahhh .
SPM dah dekat tapi result sama saja .

Saya Pun Tak Tahu Malu .

~Ms. Iva~ said...

it's normal actually for the result.
But, math mode is really easy. You should try or must!!! get A1 for it.

And for the history, read more. It's quite easy if you read more and more. Just get A2 for it, and maintain it.

for bio and chem, again, read and read, and do lotz of exercise. I know u're a smart girl. Please, don't waste it.

For Add Math, just do LOTZ of exercise, everyday!! and u'll master it.Trust me, i had experienced all of them be4. SPM is different from PMR. It's indeed challenging.

give this advice to DINA also k..

abdulARIAN said...

ur bios is higher than mine la nad..,

NadiahBS. said...

biase lah
muslimah sejati
agame mestilah A1