Monday, January 31, 2011


here's the link for the page that i made regarding the program ;

feel free to visit to see all the photos. more photo will be uploaded soon from the others participants :)

Journal of Cabaran Angkasawan Malaysia

p/s : all 28 of us needed to do journal regarding the program. we have to send it to Siti Natrah within a week. i had sent it already just now. and this is the piece that i sent to her :)

January 23, 2011

I woke up early today just to start a day with hopes. Today was the first day of Program Cabaran Angkasawan 1 Malaysia. 4 out of 5 candidates from East Coast Zone took a flight from Terengganu to Kuala Lumpur. Since we arrived there about 3 hours earlier than others, we went for a drink with Zul, PCA1M's facilitator. After picked up the Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan's participants at LCCT, we went straight to Planetarium. We explored and learnt some new things regarding the space in the Planetarium. Facilitators distributed bags and t-shirts to all of us before dinner. Around 8.30 pm, we gathered for some briefing about the whole program by the CEO of Yayasan Angkasawan Malaysia, Colonel Dr. Zulkifli and Major Dr. Faiz Khaleed. Distribution of groups and topics for public speaking also were given that night. After that, we checked-in at Kompleks Belia Sukan Kampung Pandan, had a good sleep for tomorrow's activities.

# Just be yourself. No acting required in this program. - Colonel Zulkifli

January 24, 2011

The second day was awesome. All the candidates were getting close to each other and can blend in so well. After having our breakfast, we went to Pusat Sains Negara to learn more about science and to do some research on our public speaking's topics. I've been given the title of The Earth's Magnetic Field. The presentation will be on Wednesday as stated in the schedule. The next destination was TUDM. Colonel Dr. Zulkifli perfectly with his full uniform, greeted us and brought us to a lecture's room. He gave a talk about the aircraft. He also let us tried the centrifuge of 5G power. After doing some medical check-up, one by one was brought to the centrifuge to let us feel by ourselves how it worked. My adrenaline rushed when it was my turn. Although I was not really good at straining my muscles, I didn't passed out and managed to control the impact of 5G for 10 seconds. Thank god. I felt so delighted. Then, after took some group photos, we went back to Planetarium for dinner and personal admin. Around 11.30 pm, we're off to Kuala Perlis. In the bus, we were surprised by Badrul who told us that our public speaking will be held one day early. So, we have no much time and most of us, started preparing for the public speaking.

January 25, 2011

We arrived at Kuala Perlis just at the right time for Subuh prayer. We stopped at Masjid Kuala Perlis and then, continued our journey to Jetty Kuah at 8 o'clock. Our ferry was at 9, so we had our breakfast first while waiting for the ferry. In the ferry, most of us prepared our public speaking texts. We were very nervous since we're not fully prepared. The public speaking started at 2pm and when the rules were mentioned by Dr. Faiz Khaleed, it made me more nervous because he told us that we're only be given a 3 minutes chance to talk and elaborate on our own topics. So, I need to shorten my text. When it was my turn, I breathed deeply and just talked about The Earth's Magnetic Field as what I got during the research. Then, we had psychology assessment where we need to memorize some words and be given 1 minute to recall them and wrote them on a piece of paper. It might looks easy but to certain people it's quite hard. Then, we've been asked to draw our figures and our dream cars. This is to evaluate our attitude based on the drawing. I drew a Jeep and at first I have no idea what does it means if the psychologists saw our drawings. But then, they told us that based on our drawing, it can showed our alertness towards some small things such as wipers, side-mirrors, abs and etc. This is to see how safe and dangerous we are to the surrounding. The psychology slot was continued with a psychology paper test. At night, the facilitators gave us two tasks on micro gravity and magnetics. We've been given some stuff like wires, bottles,`nails, boards and etc to do our own crane. Some of us managed to do it well but mine is not goo$ as them as I didn't managed to`complete the wire circuit. We h!d so much fun that night and our friendship knot become tighter every second.

January 26, 2011

We started our day with some exercises. Then, we went to PLKN Langkawi for abseiling. It was my first time to do so. All 28 of us managed to abseil successfully although there's a member of us afraid of height. Luckily, Awang was up there with Cyndy to comfort and convince her to overcome her fright. After a few minutes, Cyndy made it to the ground. We're back to the hotel to prepare for our next activity which was jungle survival. After been given some tools and tents for our one night stay in the jungle, we started our path to the base camp. After did two psychology tests, Captain taught us a knot (Manuk) and gave a test to all the groups on how to do the knot at a tree without let go our hands from the rope. Thank god, my team could do it fine. Then, we set up tents and cooked for dinner. My group menu was 'Nasi Sardin Kaizen'. The cooking was good and it's an improvement to me as I never cook by using manual's-fire-set-up. After that, we've been given a task to search for three types of insects/animals and my group managed to get a frog, lizard and beetle. All of us were let to take some rest and go to sleep to recharge our energy. Just few minutes after I shut my eyelids, the whistle blew at around 10 pm. We need to gather within 2 minutes in front of the Captain. We need to stay in the sea for 30 minutes as a punishment of being late for 30 seconds. It was very cold. However, we managed to comfort ourselves and had fun by singing together. It was super awesome memories to treasure. After that, they gave us some rest and at around 12am, they called us back for a mission. We need to do an ambush to catch pirates that was told by the villagers that they're trying to send some secret messages to their leader. However, some of us couldn't hold our eyelids and went for a deep sleep. Some of us didn't realized when the pirates came. We failed the mission and being punished. It was very torturing but that is what we need to learn some lesson, i guess. We've been asked to do push-ups, side roll, forward roll, carrying our partners, duck walk etc etc. The punishment didn't stop there as we've been asked to stay at Jirat Inn, Chinese cemetery. They put us far from our friends alone and left us there. Surprisingly, it was a smooth one hour stay except for the mosquito who couldn't stop disturbing us.

January 27, 2011

Around 5 o'clock, the facilitators gathered us back. Today was a tough and challenging one as we didn't have enough energy. Plus, some of us were injured. There was a lot of 'rendam dalam laut dalam masa 2 minit!' punishment by Colonel Dr. Zulkifli today. I guess, more than 10 times. We also need to climb up a tree in a minute. Yes, 28 of us on a tree. However, with courages and spirits, we managed to survive and did whatever they asked us to. The first activity for today was explorace. All of us successfully completed the challenge. Then, we've been gather at the beach for some evaluation. After all the 'who do you think the bottom 5 on the list' slot, Colonel Dr. Zulkifli gave us a character and we need to think and give a good supporting reason on why the chosen character should be left from joining the helicopter. After that, we're packed to left our base camp and walked to PLKN Langkawi. There, we're made raft by ourselves and need to paddle them at a specific path as mentioned. It was tiring but we had so much fun working together as a team. After some rest, we played water polo with Colonel Zulkifli, Dr. Faiz Khaleed and the facilitators. That was very enjoyable and we really had so much fun the whole game. I wished that the game was not over. I really love that moments.

January 28, 2011

We woke up early today because Colonel Zulkifli asked us to be at the lobby at 5.30am sharp. However, some of us didn't realized and oversleep. Luckily, there's no more punishment like "rendam laut dalam masa 2 minit!" anymore. We went to Observatori NegaraLangkawi for a marathon. Then, all of us were very enthusiastic when they wanted to bring us for shopping. We bought chocolates and souvenirs. At 2pm, we went back to de Baron Resort. We had our lunch and prepared for the interview. While waiting for our turn, we practiced our choir songs, Angkasa and Malaysia Inovatif. The time is running out and the last 15 person to interview was just a quick Q&A. Then, we're off to ONL again. Tonight was the climax of all the days during Cabaran Angkasawan as they will announced the winner. Congratulations to Awang Shahrizan who managed to win and get a trip to Star City in Moscow, Russia. He is very lucky to own that prize because how rich ones are, it is impossible to get a chance to visit the Star City. After back from ONL, we had some psychology slot where they told us our positives and negatives behaviour. Hopefully we could improve ourselves and change to the better.

January 29, 2011

It's time to say goodbye. We packed our belongings and checked out at around 9.40 am. It was very hard to say goodbyes to all when we had so much fun and had an awesome week together. Although we just knew each other, but the bond that we made is too strong that it felt like bursting into tears when we had to leave each other back to where we came from. We're off to Kuala Lumpur at 11.20 am and had to wait few hours for our next flight at LCCT. We gave a farewell hugs before departing.

Friday, January 21, 2011

# DAY 43

*celebrating aca's birthday ; secret recipe

Thursday, January 20, 2011

# DAY 42

awrk, bacew tauw apew titew tulis niew.


translation : awak ni kan, jahat la. kita bitau mama kita baru tau. awak tau tak, kita kan, sayang awak sangat-sangat. awak comel la. eh, awak. kita dah ngantok la sekarang. kita nak tido dulu.

wahh. hebat nya cara anda type. lidah terbelit ke pelat? apesal bila cakap tak pelat pulak? hang ingat comel sangat lah hang tulis camtu? stylo la kononnya.

*gelak tak hengat sampai terguling-guling bawah katil*

dah susah payah cikgu ajar hang bahasa melayu kat sekolah. ini hasilnya? hang tu agak-agak lah nak eja pon. kalau buat singkatan ejaan tu takpelah kan kalau sikit-sikit. ni terover W n TERPELAT tu apesal. tulis secara moderate sudah. ha' macam si penulis ni menulis. kan senang nak faham. bukan bangga diri, tapi sakit mata lah kalau baca. nak faham satu hal. haish.

bukannya apa kan, cuma nak nasihat je. karang malu pula kalau kena sound depan-depan. tapi aku tak tujukan secara specific kepada siapa-siapa. tetibe je nak cakap pasal benda ni. sebab kadang-kadang bengang juga kalau orang tulis camni. macam susah je kan nak eja betol-betol. kalau nak tunjuk cool tu, bukan dengan cara ni. sebab type macam tu memang haram lah nak cool haha.

sorry lah ek kalau over-over pasal ni tapi seriously, siapa je yang suka kalau orang tulis macam tu. kan kan? kalau sesiapa yang setuju pasal benda ni, sila lah sengih sampai gusi lepak luar ;)

p/s : sorry lah, kalau ada any reader yang memang style dia tulis camtu. silalah ubah demi kebaikan. *thumbs up*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

# DAY 41

*Esplanade Tanjung Api, Kuantan ; sunset :)

jalan tar

just got a phone call from siti natrah, the angkasa program. dia kata, i kena naik bus sebab kuantan n KL dekat je. so, yang stay kat terengganu je naik flight because it will took 7 to 8 hours journey kalau naik bus. haish hampeh je. so, now, i kena naik bus n turun dekat pudu 0.o n pudu is like scary n banyak penyangak to me. how great is that? kalau ramai2 i tak kesah sangat, but not alone. :| hurm. havent tell my mom yet. tak tau la apa dia cakap nanti


*20 minutes later

i told my father n he kinda not agree with that.
reason ; nanti i penat masa balik dari KL ke kuantan sebab dah one whole week buat fizikal aktiviti :| *huh?*

then, he called my mom. he also didnt agree -.-
reason ; pudu bahaya. n she wont let me take the bus alone to pudu.*i told so, banyak penyangak*

then, she called natrah. and called me back.
and guess what, i'm still going to KL by flight. but no from kuantan. but from KUALA TERENGGANU. so, boleh lah pergi sekali ngan kinah n farid. yeay, just like i planned before ;)
so, kiranya the day before to, i kena balik kampung lah. stay satu malam at wan's. n the next day, baru pegi airport terengganu. agak leceh kan? tapi whatthehell, i dont care. at least ada kawan kan drpd naik sorang2 :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

# DAY 40

*making ugly faces is just my talent


tak pasal-pasal je my brother cakap dia boleh speak USA english accent. i was like, "huh? camne?"
then, dia cakap, "WHAAADDUUUUPPPPPPP" sekuat hati -____- bengong budak ni. USA la sangat pffttt

Monday, January 17, 2011

race to space

yahoo mail. sign in. scroll through 100++ email. facebook bla bla facebook bla bla. eyeballs bulging out haha. stop. scrolling up. wahh siti natrah !

so, got new email from siti natrah about the whole angkasawan program thingy. like i told earlier, the 2nd phase will be held on the 23-29 jan. this thursday, she will give me my flight ticket to KLIA. *free of charge oh yeah*

according to the schedule given out,

DAY 1 ; JAN 23
  • registration : Planetarium Negara
  • check in :Kompleks Rakan Muda Kg. Pandan
  • then, at night got motivation talk by Major Dr. Faiz Khaleed and distribution of groups and facilitator.

DAY 2 ; JAN 24
  • medical check-up : MINDEF
  • got trip to Centrifudge and some other activities
  • off to Kuala Perlis at night
DAY 3 ; JAN 25
  • journey by ferry from Kuala Perlis jetty to Kuah jetty *yeay me, we're going to Langkawi !
  • trip around Kuah
  • then, the horror begin haha *activity 1 & 2*
DAY 4 ; 26 JAN
  • activity 3, 4, 5 & 6
DAY 5 ; 27 JAN
  • activity 7 & 8
  • closing & price-giving ceremony
DAY 6 ; 28 JAN
  • off to ONL *what is ONL? i'm freaking dont know
  • talk by Major Dr. Faiz Khaleed
  • ONL opening ceremony
  • PCA1M 2nd phase price-giving ceremony
  • high table dinner
DAY 7 ; 29 JAN
  • off to KL

ok, that's pretty much about the whole program. i'm kinda excited n nervous at the same time. i'm afraid that i couldnt do the activities well enough and fail some tasks. haish. pray for me that everything gonna be fine and smooth, ok? Amin. insya allah i'll shoot as many photos and share 'em with you guys ;)

Friday, January 14, 2011

keluarga bukan teman?

ada orang kata,

unfortunately, its some kind of true, isnt it?
what do you think?
i'm 50% agree with that statement, i guess.

lets go AWWWWWW to this song

Thursday, January 13, 2011

gelgil ohh

giler wey,
i took control n told what i should have said earlier.
ohemgee, i cant believe it of what i've just said !
giler kau

damn. *menyesal la pulak*
ohh shit nadiah, u shouldnt .

p/s : husna, text me as soon as u came back from korea! berita tergempar dunia!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

masyarakat dunia,

hari ini berapa hari bulan?
januari keduabelas, bukan?
*sengih gusi lepak luar*


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

# DAY 33

Monday, January 10, 2011

# DAY 32

*i'm in KL. staying in Palace of the Golden Horses. it's really a nice place yknow. awesomely beautiful haha. going back tomorrow though

si medonna talks mandarin

i just learnt some new mandarin words just now haha. yang simple-simple jelah. kalau korang tak faham video tu takpe lahh haha sebab macam sakai je cakap cina. tadi saya belajar greetings in chinese. so, actually apa yang saya cakap dalam video tu conversation between two persons. tapi tunggang langgang sikit. jawab tanya, jawab tanya camtu. *malu lah pulak* haha. dah lahh suara mcm haram haha, dengan gelang mak joyah yang berbunyi tu memang menambah kesakaian haha

takpe, mari trace balik bahasa keturunan kita ;) haha. anda apa lagi? ada darah mana-mana? jawa, portugis, india, siam, bosnia? haha. so, belajar lahh bahasa nenek moyang korang tu.


bonjour !
mon nom est nadiah baharum shah.
je suis interesse par le Francais de etude

translation ;

hello !
my name is nadiah baharum shah.
i am interested in learning french.

or mandarin?
bak kata abdul afiq, mandarin lagi praktikal kan. yela, chinese kan ramai kat sini. hurm...

p/s : just thinking of learning a new language. tapi entahlah, nanti mesti sekejap je kot belajar, pastu dah malas haha. hampeh -____-

Sunday, January 9, 2011

lady gigi?

i found it in my phone. it was taken months ago when husna turun kuantan. hanging out with wan husna, mira bukhari n tatiana. we're having so much fun karaoke-ing haha. mind our voice. sumbang mambang ;)
rindu nak hangout lagi !

husna turun lah lagi kuantan *winkwink

p/s : sorry about the low video quality. handphone cikai je lagipon haha. plus, gegaran yg berlaku sepanjang video ini adalah ke-excited-an yang berlebihan ketika menyanyi haha

# DAY 31

* jogging ; taman bandar, indera mahkota :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

sampan tersadai di atas lalang

went to beserah today, to register for my driving lesson. ya i know, i know, korang sampai dah nak dapat lesen n i baru je daftar. -_-

then, pergi makan kat one stall ni n abah kata, they have one of the best mee calong in kuantan. *btw, siapa2 yang tak tahu mee calong tu apa, ia adalah sejenis makanan macam mee sup tapi dia lain. dia ade handmade meat/fish ball, tauhu, n ape kebende ntah. macam bakso lahh tapi malaysia version. haha.*

the last time i ate mee calong was like years back. n i would prefer bakso than mee calong. sebab
i tak rase pun mee calong ni sedap. like seriously, ntah macam plain je rase.

and if anybody tak tahu pasal beserah, beserah ni macam satu tempat atau perkampungan lah. banyak lah rumah-rumah kayu n tempat ni tepi pantai. actually, i pun tak tahu sangat pasal beserah. yelahh, jarang kot pergi sini. yang i tau, kalau nak ikan segar bugar, beli kat sini hahaha. sebab ikan dia straight dari laut. ade ke ikan dari lain? -.- bongok.

oleh kerana tempat itu macam lain dari yang lain. i mean, lain dari bandar lah. so, macam banyak la telatah budak kecik macam zaman dulu-dulu tu. yang main kat luar, panjat itu panjat ini, pegi kawasan semak-semak camtu. oh ohh, to be exact, beserah ni perkampungan nelayan. ye la kot, correct me if i wrong ek masyarakat kuantan. pastu, mula lahh sesi mengambil gambar. not a good photographer though. tapi bolehlah kan. hihi.

hasil yang tak seberapa ; *merendah diri sangat dituntut dalam kehidupan seharian ya kawan-kawan haha*

then, pergi round-round sampai ke balok sebab abah kata dah lama tak pergi area tu. lepas asar, gerak ke kuantan parade. seriously, dah lama tak pergi mall ni sebab tak suka sangat. ma pon beli barang aca, menambah koleksi baju sekolah aca. haha. cukup 5 helai untuk seminggu pfftt -.-

last sekali, kami ke kompleks teruntum. potong rambut gue ;) ha' ringan sikit kepala haha

# DAY 30

*wow, cukup SEBULAN habis spm. awesome ;)

Friday, January 7, 2011

tradisional, ya saya.

*hari ni macam biasa lah, bergambar ala-ala photoshoot terhebat dunia -.-

# DAY 29

*abah suruh baca buku ni, ingat ke nak kasi kerja tadi. haish.

negeri 5 menara by a.fuadi. based on true story.
took it from the book ;

Orang berilmu dan beradab tidak akan diam di kampung halaman
Tinggalkan negerimu dan merantaulah ke negeri orang
Merantaulah, kau akan dapatkan pengganti dari kerabat dan kawan
Berlelah-lelahlah, manisnya hidup terasa setelah lelah berjuang

Aku melihat air menjadi rosak kerana diam bertahan
Jika mengalir menjadi jernih, jika tidak, akan keruh menggenang

Singa jika tidak tinggalkan sarang tidak akan dapat mangsa
Anak panah jika tidak tinggalkan busur tidak akan kena sasaran

Jika matahari di orbitnya tidak bergerak dan terus diam
Tentu manusia bosan padanya dan enggan memandang

Bijih emas bagaikan tanah biasa sebelum digali dari tambang
Kayu gaharu tidak ubahnya seperti kayu biasa
jika di dalam hutan

Imam Syafii

at last,

got an email from the program cabaran angkasawan earlier this morning. i was the top 5 for zon terengganu for the phase 1. so, i was selected for the phase 2 on the 23-29 january. farid and sakinah also were selected and the other 2 are college students. i'm not sure where the program will be held but surely somewhere in KL. there is no much information given in the email but they will send us a letter next week about the whole program thing.

i know it would be like very hard to compete with others participants since this program is opened to 16 years old and above. so, there will be people at their 20s, 30s and also 40s competing against me. but i'll try my best. its better trying then giving up, rite?

but what i fear most is my english skill. i mean, i really sucks in english yknow. especially when i need to communicate with people. i would rather go like 'hurm, aahhh, hurmm, eeeee,' haha than blurting out those american-language words. ==' n my grammar, sucks big time 0.o
dah laa, i hope i can do well nanti. haish :|

Thursday, January 6, 2011

# DAY 28

*amboi, ni nak kerja ke main-main, ha'?!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

# DAY 27

* going out with Aiman & Ieqa ;) bowling with ieqa. oh, n we watched hantu kak limah balik kampung. yes, i know cerita tu dah lama. but i kinda embarrassed the 'disgustingly long boobs' part. wth. plain stupid =='
i got present for my upcoming 18th birthday from him :) red pillow. he gave me 11 days earlier because he's not in kuantan on my birthday. he got a family vacation next week. plus, UTP registration. thanks.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

who's with me? thumbs up!

i was listening to earlier and they were inventing like this new word which is 'bieber' haha. yup, they took it from the so called cute little justin bieber. naah. i dont think so. i might making lots of justin bieber's psychotic fans mad and think of killing me but seriously, i would rather said that he is a one gay annoying boy who just full of himself about his so-called boomz hair style in 2010. did i used the word ' boomz'? haha yeah, i just did.

ok back to the thingy, then they asked the listeners to give 'em a call and create any suitable meaning and sentences fr the word BIEBER. i swear it was damn hilarious haha. rofl. i cant stop myself from bursting to laughter.

here's some of the sentences they created :

A : bieber you ! haha *translation ; fuck you !
B : hey you, dont be too bieber ! *translation ; hey you, dont be too ngade/gedik.
C : pfftt. stop biebering around, you're making me sick. *translation ; pfft. stop wandering around, you're making me sick.

actually, there's a lot more but i could hardly recalled all of em. i really like the A n B one. haha they really do think the same as i am about justin bieber.

and the most part i hate about him is his songs keep playing on the radio and all other places all over n over again. n what irritate me the most is those song always stuck in my head n whenever i feel bored, my mouth suddenly bursting out the lyrics of justin's. i sing his sing without my conscious. yeah, then, i would go like 'hey, wth?! nyanyi lagu bieber? pfftt' =='

yes. all the big fans of bieber, just be calm n put down your guns or any weapons in your hands. i know that he never did anything to me that makes me hated him so much. well, he doesnt even know that i'm exist on planet earth. it just that i dont like him for no reason. yes. just dont like ok. but if the radio ever play his song, i takde lah sampai nak musnahkan and ketuk2 the radio, kan? hahaha

sorry justin bieber, but i really hate you. and to all his fans out there, its your right if you admire and envy him so much, its a free country, right? you have the right to choose who you're like and i also have my own right to choose who i hate. fair enough? :)

p/s : just dont harm me.

# DAY 26

*my 2nd day at work. still, do nothing except making coffee for my dad. most of the time, me facebook-ing, blogging and reading online novels ; 16 reasons why my life sucks by sara parker. but i havent finish it yet, gonna continue tomorrow ;)

p/s : i wore baju kurung today! it feels like so long havent wore 'em. i kinda like to wear 'em. talking about being traditional haha

hold the tears

shera called me last night. the first sound that i heard she's blurting out was her sobbing and muttering how sucks it was in school. maybe because anywhere she went reminds her about us. yeah, we used to walk around the school and share stories. but not now, cause i'm already like, duh, obviously not a student of high school anymore. so, she kept telling me that everything has changed. she slept at tikah's room since the first day cause that was my room. last year. and hence, there were like gazillion memories of us still swirling in the air in that very room. haih. i also miss those days. those days were just awesome. great.

i wished that i could turn back time. i know it sounds ridiculous but i really missed high school. except for the exam part, for sure. how awesome it feels when u're waking up in the morning and went to school surrounded by your awesome friends. having an awesome moment. it just awesome. *dush, is that redundant? ==' obviously, too much AWESOME haha

i know that we must look forward ahead. but we could like sometimes glance back arent we? like looked back of what we had gone through. all the silly mistakes, the thing that we swear we never did it again. all those things will keep reminding us and give us motivation. and nt to forget, alert us to always aware and think of what we wanna do and what might happen as the consequences. think big, or think small. it all depends on how we deal with our old days and mistakes. literally, people always make the same old mistakes twice but then? how often u want it to be repeated? just think. dont look too much at the past but never ever ignore 'em though. cause who knows that the past might lead us to a better future. no one ever know. except the Almighty :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

# DAY 25

*first day working. kantoi on facebook and blogging haha.


when i'm bored, i like to search for horoscopes' daily overview. ;)
and for today ; *copied from yahoo


Separating the good parts of people from the bad lets you make strong alliances.


Things just don't seem to be going your way today -- but you are the comeback kid! As long as you stick to it and keep a positive outlook, more or less, you are sure to come out ahead.

it gives some kind of personal motivation. like a non-talking counselor keep motivating me haha =='

start of something new

hey, the morning of january 3rd is not really great. especially to those who started schooling today haha n those who's going for the national service :(
suddenly i feel like this kind of empty and sad feelings. rasa kosong je kuantan ni. like seriously babe, ni baru first day they all going. i feel kinda sad also cause i couldnt be there at the stadium darul makmur to wave my goodbyes to my friends. this is all because i'm starting working today. fikir-fikir punya fikir, last-last i decided to work at abah's. it's easier i guess. plus, i can surf the internet whenever i want haha. so, my dad havent give me anything to do yet. by now, i'm free and can do anything, ya anything. haha.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

# DAY 24

tatiana, me and kanchana. *1 Malaysia haha*

*the so-called assuntarians reunion ended up just 3 of us showing up. how pathetic. me n tatiana were so disappointed. borak2 n makan at pizza hut. then, kanchana needs to go back early cause she's going to KL. her college started tomorrow. gila cepat kan? then, me n tatiana went to east coast mall to watch The Tourist. best ;)

2010 dan 2011

rabu ;

bangun awal, nak keluar bandar. ikut abah terus pergi kerja. ronggeng di mega bersama aca (adik perempuan seorang ). balik pergi office abah semula ditemani hujan renyai-renyai. pergi smart, aca beli buku dan segala bagai barangan sekolah smart. lunch area kubang buaya n terserempak dengan aiman. tapi lambat sangat, ternampak dia dah dalam kereta nak balik mase tu. abah hantar pulak pegi rumah purie. ada majlis selok abis spm haha. tapi time tu kena balik awal, so tak seselok mane lah sebab ramai giler lagi tak datang lagi sebab pergi interview kerja kat parkson. haish. then, packing barang pergi temerloh. abah bersemangat drive nak sampai temerloh before start football match. sampai temerloh, pick up ma dekat rumah dia and teros cari restaurant yang ada tv. jumpe, duduk, order, tengok bola, makan, tengok bola, jerit goal! , makan, tengok bola.

khamis ;

pergi KL. tujuan asal, pergi IKEA beli barang angah tapi abah packing barang semalam, tapi tak bawak baju -.- pelikkan? so, tak jadi pergi IKEA, pergi sogo je shopping baju abah haha. n i bought a new shoes. yellow mellow gitu haha. then, terus pergi ipoh. pergi jusco jap beli barang abah lagi yang dia tertinggal -.-

jumaat ;

bangun, breakfast, ronggeng di ipoh parade and jusco.

sabtu ;

breakfast. pergi tesco, then straight to rumah sewa angah. dia baru pindah situ. sem baru, rumah baru, tahun baru ;) pastu, cari pulak kedai perabot, nak beli tilam lah, meja lahh. haish. last-last pukul 6 lebih baru bertolak balik. malam, abah ngantuk. so, kitorang stay kat temerloh je dulu. esok pagi lepas subuh baru bertolak balik kuantan. kena balik awal, aca kena pergi smart. ada form 1 registration thingy.

# DAY 23

*still in perak. and that is my 2nd brother, muhammad izzat.

mari bernafas udara 2011

i know. i know. ada lagi resolution 2010 yang tak tercapai lagi. takpe, yang tak tercapai tu akan ditarik ke tahun 2011 ;)
so, here's some of my 2011 resolution :

1. tingkatkan ibadah kepada Allah. insya-allah.
2. buang all the bad habits that irritate people.
3. stop doing pranks or practical jokes to innocent people. to bad guys, highly recommended haha ;)
4. learn new language? bahasa apa? beranganlah kau, nadiahbs. english pun terkontang-kanting lagi -.-
5. stay fit as in always jogs or play sports. *mantain body stamina. poyo -.-
6. no shopping no cry haha. try not to waste too much money on clothes.
7. bernafas, hidup dan lalui 2011 dengan penuh kehebatan. oh yeahh ;)

setakat ini, itu jelah yang mampu difikirkan. nak banyak-banyak karang tak tercapai pulak.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


selamat pagi 2011.

# DAY 22

*ipoh. i bought new shoes. yellow mellow haha