Tuesday, January 4, 2011

hold the tears

shera called me last night. the first sound that i heard she's blurting out was her sobbing and muttering how sucks it was in school. maybe because anywhere she went reminds her about us. yeah, we used to walk around the school and share stories. but not now, cause i'm already like, duh, obviously not a student of high school anymore. so, she kept telling me that everything has changed. she slept at tikah's room since the first day cause that was my room. last year. and hence, there were like gazillion memories of us still swirling in the air in that very room. haih. i also miss those days. those days were just awesome. great.

i wished that i could turn back time. i know it sounds ridiculous but i really missed high school. except for the exam part, for sure. how awesome it feels when u're waking up in the morning and went to school surrounded by your awesome friends. having an awesome moment. it just awesome. *dush, is that redundant? ==' obviously, too much AWESOME haha

i know that we must look forward ahead. but we could like sometimes glance back arent we? like looked back of what we had gone through. all the silly mistakes, the thing that we swear we never did it again. all those things will keep reminding us and give us motivation. and nt to forget, alert us to always aware and think of what we wanna do and what might happen as the consequences. think big, or think small. it all depends on how we deal with our old days and mistakes. literally, people always make the same old mistakes twice but then? how often u want it to be repeated? just think. dont look too much at the past but never ever ignore 'em though. cause who knows that the past might lead us to a better future. no one ever know. except the Almighty :)

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