Tuesday, January 4, 2011

who's with me? thumbs up!

i was listening to fly.fm earlier and they were inventing like this new word which is 'bieber' haha. yup, they took it from the so called cute little justin bieber. naah. i dont think so. i might making lots of justin bieber's psychotic fans mad and think of killing me but seriously, i would rather said that he is a one gay annoying boy who just full of himself about his so-called boomz hair style in 2010. did i used the word ' boomz'? haha yeah, i just did.

ok back to the fly.fm thingy, then they asked the listeners to give 'em a call and create any suitable meaning and sentences fr the word BIEBER. i swear it was damn hilarious haha. rofl. i cant stop myself from bursting to laughter.

here's some of the sentences they created :

A : bieber you ! haha *translation ; fuck you !
B : hey you, dont be too bieber ! *translation ; hey you, dont be too ngade/gedik.
C : pfftt. stop biebering around, you're making me sick. *translation ; pfft. stop wandering around, you're making me sick.

actually, there's a lot more but i could hardly recalled all of em. i really like the A n B one. haha they really do think the same as i am about justin bieber.

and the most part i hate about him is his songs keep playing on the radio and all other places all over n over again. n what irritate me the most is those song always stuck in my head n whenever i feel bored, my mouth suddenly bursting out the lyrics of justin's. i sing his sing without my conscious. yeah, then, i would go like 'hey, wth?! nyanyi lagu bieber? pfftt' =='

yes. all the big fans of bieber, just be calm n put down your guns or any weapons in your hands. i know that he never did anything to me that makes me hated him so much. well, he doesnt even know that i'm exist on planet earth. it just that i dont like him for no reason. yes. just dont like ok. but if the radio ever play his song, i takde lah sampai nak musnahkan and ketuk2 the radio, kan? hahaha

sorry justin bieber, but i really hate you. and to all his fans out there, its your right if you admire and envy him so much, its a free country, right? you have the right to choose who you're like and i also have my own right to choose who i hate. fair enough? :)

p/s : just dont harm me.

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