Wednesday, December 17, 2008

wait, i think i'm gonna passed out

or maybe not. -_-

O-H-M-Y-G-O-D !

when peoples talk about the PMR result which is coming out just a few days more, i was totally freaked out. yesterday, i asked my friend when will the result come out. then, she said, ohh my mom said 26th dec. and i was like "ohh, ok". and just now, i read my bestfriend's blog and guess what? i just realize that it is NEXT WEEK, i dont even know that 26th dec is NEXT WEEK! oh my, am i going crazy? i dont even know the date of today. and that's the big reason why i'm sooo freaking out when i found out that it is next week. do i need to say it again, next week.

PMR RESULT IS NEXT WEEK ! *high pitch* -_-

haih, i dont know whether i can get straight A's. my parents really hoping that i pass with flying colours. wait, who dont? -_-

hurm, just pray for me ok? pray for me to get 9A, hehe.

thank you, thank you so much for your pray. may Allah bless you.


Monday, December 15, 2008

kene tagged lagi.

seha tagged me, but i already did that stuff. so, as you all know i'm too lazy to do it all over again. hehe.

PUBLISH NOW ! *click*

Saturday, December 13, 2008

officially FOF

its stands for FULL OF FAT. yes, i am now. my mom said that i'm fatter and she have told me couple of times. she said that my cheeks got so chubby that it stretched my nose and my nose became flat. i know that she is sooo over-exaggerating tapi tak nak muka penyet ! i have weird smile and eyes and i dont want to have another weird thing like a weird nose. *sigh. okay, stop it nadiah, dont over-reacting.

i dont know who picture that i took from the photobucket. so so sorry girls for stealing your sexy pictures. but i think you shouldnt wear bikinis. it just doesnt seems right. hehe. i know, i have no right to say like that but i'm trying to be honest ok. *untuk menghilangkan rasa bersalah kerana mempamerkan gambar mereka, saya dh tutup muka mereka. ;)

oh my ! school holidays make me FAT. seriously. because i sleep and eat and sleep and eat and sleep again and eat again. haih. i think, if the school holidays are longer than this hols and just staying home 24 7, i am pretty sure i will look like the girls in the picture. bukan mengejek or menghina or whatsoever ok. just say it. i'm gaining my weight week after week. *sigh again

i think i need to put on some diet.
  • no midnight meals
  • no sleeping like a baby
  • need to exercise at least 3 times a week
  • cut off some yummy-unhealthy-full-of-fat food in my meals.
  • if hungry, grab a glass of water or some fruits
ok. enough of those things.


but sometimes i just think that i dont need diet and just let my body become fatter because peoples said that i'm too skinny. even my dad said to me before. but now, he said that i am fatter. so i'm going to CANCEL all the diet thingy and just continue to live as usual. and i like it so much. i can sleep like a baby. yipee ;)

i reread my post and i know, i talks crap again.
just ignore me.

p/s : i'm starving right now and i going to grab some bites of raisin scones. oh, i love scones. and then i will off to bed. good night ! erk, its 5.17 am so i guess, good morning ! *yawn

fat-but-not-so-fat girl

tagged by little miss chatterbox ( sarah )

You need to answer the question below. Then tag 8 other blogger. to listen to old songs
few of them, but i love hotel california by the eagles. geek
since this school holiday i spent my long-boring-day-at-home onlining, discover and learn new stuffs. so i guess, yes.

oh yeah ! me likey. waahh sale sale sale ;) black forest chocolate
yup, i'm a chocoholic. yummy.

5.easily get bored

6.crazy about babies
i'm only crazy about SUPER CHUBBY CUTE babies only. haha. bad me.

7.hate sports so much!
hell no. i LOVE sports ! yipee.

so i'll tag :

no one, haha
but if you interested in doing this.
go ahead.
just copy it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

no word can describe it

time, time, time.

flies fast.

i just feel like i'm thirteen but next year, i'm turning sixteen. omg! sixteen and then seventeen and then BANG! eighteen.


no more. there goes all our childhood and we'll split and go to where our future waiting for us, and maybe we wont meet our high school friends again. all the joy and great moments we share together, will only be a history. now, i do love high school. seriously. when i think about it, about all the things and moments that i have been through, high school is so much fun fun fun. although all those homeworks sometimes make me stressed out, but yet it's still great because i'm surrounded with very sporting friends who sometimes rather playing or fooling around than finishing those zillions homeworks. i love them ! copying peoples homeworks, sleeping in the class while teachers teaching, fooling around, gossiping. those are the moments that maybe we wont experience it after high school ends. OR maybe yes, we will experience those. but it will be like so much different. some people may waited impatiently for high school to end including me, but i guess now i changed my mind. high school is shockingly fun though sometimes it sucks, but most of the time, i find it very err, hurm hah ( no word can describe it ) haha.

hah. what on earth is happening to me. why am i talking like i'm the one who just sitting for the SPM exam and wont attending high school ever again. *sigh.



Thursday, December 4, 2008

now, i talk like a mature one.

world seems to be different now. really different. well, besides the technologies ect ect, peoples. yes, peoples. especially teenagers or kids. even if they are 1 year younger than me, but it just seems like they are 2 or 3 years older than me.


because, you know, when i first step to high school. i was like very childish. still playing around, running here and there, playing kids stuff...but now, its different. peoples step in high school, and after a month, they already had fallen in love, have boyfriends/girlfriends, being cheesy. and then, broke up, and dating with other guys/girls again. and broke up again, and dating again. its like the-must-thing-to-do when you're in high school or else you'll be the losers or the lamest of all. they're acting older than their age.

sometimes, in 1 year, they got already like 5 ex-boyfriends/girlfriends. no, i'm not lying. its for real. seriously. i really curious of what had happened now. you know, all this stuff. why its happening? frankly, i'm saying all this not because i'm jealous or what, i'm just curious.

it really freak me out sometimes. why kids really want to be the adults? and the adults want to be the kids? i mean not really like that. hurm, how can i put it the right way?

oh ok, like the older one want to look younger. but the younger one want to look older. is it the world had been upside down? *sigh

i dont know what will happen in 10 years from now. its not that i'm thinking so far, or maybe i did. but sometimes the changes isnt really what it should happen. sometimes we dont need all the changes. sometimes to remain the same is better. waaaay better. but i guess, the changes will still happen continueosly without stopping every minute, every year, every moment. and it will feel like we're staying in a different new world every times we realize it.

*changes isnt really necessary for me. sometimes, i just want it to remain the same. FOREVER. cause i just like the way it is. ;)

Monday, December 1, 2008

use your love

today is not a really good day for me ;|

more nagging.
less loving.

more working,
less resting.

more shouting,
less whispering.

hah. hope this wont last long.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

suck my blood ;)

yesterday i watched the TWILIGHT ! omg, it is seriously incredibly A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

edward is just handsome in his own way. actually he's not that handsome, it just that his coolness and hotness make him look absolutely handsome. he got icy red juicy apple lips. but sometimes his pale face looks a bit scary. but he still handsome. cool, i mean. hurm BOTH i mean. HAHA.

he really good in acting. i mean as a VAMPIRE. haha. really have the talent. bella is so lucky to have a vampire as her boyfriend. LOL. if in real life, i guess that could be a really HUGE hot news. and everybody will struggling to be edward's girlfriend. oh no not again. i'm talking crap as usual. and i dont really know what i'm writing.

living in cullen's family is quite interesting. and their house was like WOW ! beautiful modern house in the middle of forest. how amazing it is right? hah. i wish i am a VAMPIRE in Cullens' family. LMAO.

ok i better stop now since my crappy little mind is on their way to make me talking more crap and shit.




Thursday, November 27, 2008

human + vampire = TWILIGHT

esok nak tengok TWILIGHT !
errr. tak sabar.
will hangout with afiqah, her sis and maybe suf. lame tak jumpe suf !

will be updating again soon

Monday, November 24, 2008

aish, buang tenaga je.

ok, it just 7.40 in the morning and yes, i'm awake. i know its early. thanks to the plan that have been changed just now. i'm supposed to hangout with my friends at the mall today, but not now lah. mall bkk lambat lg kan. and my plan is like this, ikut abah pergi kerja, pastu suruh tinggal kat office dia cause die ade hal hari ni. and bile pas zohor (yes, pas zohor br gi mall ) baru i jalan kaki pegi mall because office abah dekat je ngan megamall.

then, dgn bersemangatnya, i pun wake up and went to shower. dah siap-siap ni pastu abah tanya, pukul brape janji ngan kawan. and i said pas zohor. then abah kata, laa pas zohor abah amik lah kat rumah mase nak hantar aca kat rumah ( aca-real name, natasha- is my lil sis-sekolah lg hari ni, kafa )

and i was like, lerr buang tenaga je bgn awal-awal. igt ke abah busy hari ni. and now i'm blogging to spend my morning time beneficially. HAHA.

so NOT. i nak sambung tidur balik. dah lah smlm tidur pukul 3 lebih. ok i'm better off now. hope mimpi AA lagi.

haha. eh 54F, hari tu sy mimpi AA ! haha, gemgilsaam ! pastu tak pasal-pasal diddy pun ada dlm mimpi tu. dia geng skali ngan AA. haha. seronok betul ! agagagag Bahahahaaa

there goes all the dusts and rubbish

at last, my room yang selerak gile nak mampos , kemas jugak ! ok bkn completely kemas lah, tapi tk selerak lah. haha. now surely it looks like a room than before which seems like tempat pelupusan sampah or worst? haha. just me n my family know how my room look like before. haha. afiqah pon penah tegur dulu, bilik selerak mase webcamming (haha, ade ke word ni?). so now, baru lah boleh ajak kawan2 sleepover kat rumah. ;)

no more clothes, bags, tissues etc etc on the floor, it's CLEAN && CLEAR. haha. bagos nadiah bagos. good job ! me love u even more. haha *mereng

hope that my room will keep clean and tidy for at least a week. selalu je kemas, then after 2 or 3 days, selerak balik. hehe.

*memalukan diri betul tulis pasal ni. tak pelah, sayang pulak nak delete. post jelah.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

something to cure my boredom ;)

Have you ever licked the back of a CD to try to get it to work?::

Ever been in a car wreck?::
what do you think i am?

Were you popular in high school?::
so NOT

Have you ever been on a blind date?::

Are looks important?::

Do you have any friends that you've known for 10 years or more??::

By what age would you like to be married?::
i dont want to get married. HAHA

Does the number of people a person's slept with affect your view of them?::
oc !

Have you ever made a mistake?::
who doesnt?

Are you a good tipper?::
not really.

What's the most you have spent for a haircut?::
idk. my mom paid for it.

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?::
haha. no.

Have you ever peed in public?::
seriously NO.

What song do you want played at your funeral?::
fall to pieces by avril ;) no no. hurm. ala ape ntah tajok lagu nasyid ni. ala yg 'bila izrail dtg memanggil, jasad terbujur di pembaringan, la la la' ( betol ke lirik die? )

Would you tell your parents if you were gay?::
absolutely NO. wait, hurm idk.

If you had to pick one person on earth to die, who?::
can i pick more?

Do you have any phobias?::
i think no.

What are your plans for the future?::
hurm, havent think that far. haha

Do you walk around the house naked?::
no. HAHA astarfighullah.

If you were an animal what would you be?::
tiger ! roar!

Hair color you like on someone you're dating?::
blonde? haha

Would you rather be blind or deaf?::
i dont want both.

What do you do as soon as you walk in the house?::
straights to my room.

Do you like horror or comedy?::

Are you missing anyone?::
my besties. beta merindui kamu!

Where do you want to live when you are old?::
in the shopping mall. haha. stupid.

Who is the person you can count on the most?::
my besties ;)

If you could date any celebrity past or present, who would it be?::
all of them. one celebrity per day. ;)

What did you dream last night?::
nothing. tidur mati.

Are you named after anyone?::

Do you sing in the shower?::
hell yeah. hari-hari kot..

Have you ever been arrested?::
nope. i'm a good girl. really really good ;)

What is your favorite Holiday?::
hari raya ;)

Would you ever get plastic surgery?::
no! i'm original, fresh from the oven. HAHA. *ignore me

Have you ever caught a fish?::
yes, its fun ! fun !

Friday, November 21, 2008

gimme S-E-K-O-L-A-H !

nak update.
tapi tak tahu nak tulis ape.
esok jelah update.
tu pun kalau ade bende nak cite ok?

cuti sekolah memang membosankan.

sob, sob.

Friday, November 14, 2008

tentang saya

Kita harus menghargai bahasa ibunda kita. Oleh itu, saya ingin menggunakan bahasa malaysia baku bagi pos pada kali ini.

Saya seorang perempuan berumur 15 tahun. Saya seorang yang pemalu kadang-kadang tetapi kebanyakan masanya, saya sangat riuh dan kecoh. Saya pelajar lepasan PMR di sekolah yang agak bosan tetapi menarik. Saya dilahirkan di Kuantan tetapi ketika berusia 1 tahun, keluarga saya berpindah ke Johor Bahru. Di sana saya bersekolah di sekolah yang muridnya semuanya perempuan. Saya sayang akan sekolah itu. Malangnya, pada usia 11 tahun, saya berpindah ke Kuantan semula. Bukannya saya tidak menyukai Kuantan, tetapi saya lebih gembira dan menyukai Johor Bahru. Mungkin kerana saya dibesarkan di sana dan lebih selesa di sana.

Saya mempunyai satu tabiat iaitu kuat tidur, terutamanya ketika bosan. Saya tak tahu saya mendapat genetik ini dari siapa. Walaubagaimanapun, abang saya lagi kuat tidur berbanding saya. Dahulu, dia pernah tidur di sekolah sehingga pukul 4 dan 6 petang. Oleh itu, dia harus melompat turun dari bloknya memandangkan blok sudah dikunci. Adakah saya terlupa memberitahu bahawa keluarga saya sedikit lain daripada yang lain? Agak pelik, tetapi tidak lah pelik gila.

Saya merupakan seorang yang riang, ceria dan selalu tersenyum. Saya sangat gembira mempunyai kawan-kawan yang sangat girang juga. Oleh itu, kami sentiasa bergelak ketawa bersama-sama. Oh ya, sebelum terlupa. Ya, apabila kegilaan muncul, perangai sedikit keterlaluan bakal tertonjol tanpa diduga. Maaf di atas perangai itu. Saya akan cuba untuk menghapuskannya jika ia bertambah menjadi-jadi. Apabila saya berada dalam keadaan monyok atau berdiam diri, mungkin saya dalam keadaan sedih atau dengan erti kata lain, emosi tidak stabil. Tetapi selalunya, ia jarang berlaku kecuali sekiranya saya betul-betul sedih.

Saya tidak mempunyai teman lelaki dan tidak pernah ada satu pun semenjak saya hidup di atas muka bumi ini. Kenapa? Mungkin kerana saya tidak suka akan hubungan seperti ini dan lebih gembira hidup tanpa teman lelaki kerana lebih bebas? Ataupun tidak ada yang suka pada saya? Ataupun tidak ada yang berkenan di hati? Ataupun saya terlalu muda untuk mempunyai hubungan sebegitu? Hanya saya ada jawapannya dan kamu tidak perlu tahu. Dan saya tahu kamu tidak mahu mengambil tahu pun, bukan? Suka pada seseorang itu adalah satu lumrah. Saya pernah menyukai seseorang tetapi malangnya, dia seorang yang tidak begitu baik dan tidak jujur. Oleh itu, saya mengambil keputusan untuk tidak menyukainya lagi.

Saya hidup dalam satu keluarga yang agak sibuk. Ma selalu tiada di rumah kerana menghadiri kursus, mesyuarat dan sebagainya. Abah jarang tiada di rumah memandangkan dia bekerja sendiri. Kadang-kadang hidup saya lebih di luar berbanding di rumah. Hal ini kerana, setelah pulang dari sekolah, selalunya abah akan membawa saya makan dan duduk di pejabatnya sehingga pukul 5 lebih. Kemudian, kami akan mengambil adik di masjid dan baru pulang ke rumah. Selalunya pukul 6 lebih baru kami tiba di rumah. Oleh itu, hidup saya bermula di luar pada pukul 7 pagi sehingga pukul 6 lebih petang. Memanglah penat begini, tetapi kadang-kadang kalau duduk di rumah sahaja, bosan juga, bukan?

Saya rasa saya sudah banyak sangat berceloteh tentang diri saya. Saya tahu kamu bosan membacanya kerana kamu tidak mahu mengetahui pun tentang ini. Tidak mengapalah, saya berhenti menaip di sini sahaja. Maaf di atas kebosanan membaca pos ini. Saya tidak mempunyai sebarang tajuk yang menarik untuk ditulis. jadi, saya hanya menaip apa yang muncul dari akal fikiran. Terima kasih kerana meluangkan masa membaca blog saya yang tidak berapa menarik ini.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

she'll never come back again

its hardly for me to write and talk about it right now. but i'll try with all my strength that i have.

yes, she's gone and will never come back again. it is my first time to see dead body live in front of my two eyes. it's my grandma. she passed away because of stroke. when my dad fetched me at school, he said that my grandma was in a serious condition and we have to go to the village right now. when we arrived at our house to pack our bags, we got a called from my grandpa. he told that grandma is gone. she's GONE! FOREVER. and we didnt made it to see she's alive for the last time.

i hold my tears. but i cant hold it any longer. then, my face was full with my tears. i try not to cry loud because i dont want to disturb him driving. i know he was really really sad. who dont? its his mom, the person that gave birth to him has gone. i can see his eyes gone all red. i know he is holding his tears inside. my mom keep on crying and keep on saying kesian mak, kesian mak, kesian mak.

when we arrived at my grandparents house, i could feel the sadness all over the house. i saw people reciting doa, reading yassin and crying. i could see my grandma's body lying on the bed. she was soooo thin ! it's really different from before. i kissed her, it's cold. her cheeks are cold ! and once again, i couldnt hold my tears. if i'm not mistaken, the last time i met her was about 2 weeks ago. that time, she's lying on the bed with the water tube inside her nose.

the funeral was held on the next day since the penggali kubur tengah cuti the day when my grandma passed away -_- . the process went smoothly. i just watched all the mak ciks prepared the kain kapan and stuff. i saw they wrapped my grandma's dead body with kain kapan. after that, all her children, grandchildren and relatives kissed her for the last time. it was very sad to see that and many people were crying including me. how i wish my grandma is still alive. i miss her so much.

then, her body was brought to the grave on the hill. they put the body slowly in the place. i witnessed it. i'm so pity of my grandma. i know she will go to the different place. the place where she will been asked by malaikat on the things that she did on the Earth. i cried again, it was very sad ! they buried her and put a pice of wood that have been carved like batu nisan. maybe the real batu nisan belum siap. we pour the water and petals of flowers on her grave right after reciting the doa. i know, when the last person had walked 7 steps away from the grave, malaikat will come to my grandma and do the duty of asking all that stuff. kesian tok ! =(

when we come back from the grave, we entered the house and its like something was gone. i take a peek at my grandparents' room. i know, i misses her. i look at the bed, the cupboard and all, luckily, i can hold my tears. then, me, cousins, mom, aunts and uncle took the photo album and see the pictures. my grandma was really beautiful when she was young. its kinda sad and happy to see those pictures. its sorta pengubat rindu to see those old pictures. my grandpa was like really blurr. my aunt told me that when my grandma sicked, he cannot sleep. penah berape kali, pukul 4 lebih, pusing-pusing taman and basuh kereta so that, boleh tidur. he already took the pli tidur tapi still cant fall asleep. kesian dia!

omg! i know, you knew how much i missed her.

ya Allah yang maha besar, golongkan arwah dalan kalangan orang yang masuk syurga. rahmatilah roh arwah, semoga arwah sentiasa dalam keadaan aman dan tenang di sana. ampunkanlah segala dosa-dosa arwah dan ringankan lah hukuman ke atas nya.



tarih meninggal : 11.11.08
masa meninggal : 2.50 pm
tarikh pengebumian : 12.11.08
sebab meninggal : angin ahmar
usia meninggal : 74 tahun

p/s : tok, i miss you so much ! <3>

Monday, November 10, 2008

post pada hari ini adalah :


gelgil . gelgil . gelgil . gelgil .
gelgil . gelgil . gelgil . gelgil .
gelgil . gelgil . gelgil . gelgil .
gelgil . gelgil . gelgil . gelgil .


p/s: asifa, dh update blog! haha

Friday, November 7, 2008

single? and not gay?

they superb,
they great,
they fabulous,
they gorgeous,
they fun,
they are my BESTFRIENDS!

I love them so much, but i'm no lesbian. if i do like girls as in lesbian, surely they'll be my girls! haha. crap again.

i'll introduce you one by one. yes, they all are single mingle. ;) mahu ke? kena dapat restu saya dulu, okey? haha


  • artistic and creative
  • love arts, music and graphic novels
  • laughing bug, seriously.
  • has thick eyebrows
  • loves vic chou and hates babisu ;)
  • got scandal with jus, AS, meow, hyel

  • very very pretty ( jelita tau )
  • mek kelate-to-be ;)
  • interested in guitar
  • very tall and slim
  • fun to hangout with
  • got scandal with bulan, amat, ijal
  • whusna


  • very cute like chicken little
  • abdul rahman talib's granchild
  • interested in politics ( ye kot, nampak gaye mcm suke)
  • has big-but-not-so-big mole near her sexy lips ;)
  • very clever and dedicated
  • got scandal with ryd, f.zichery, fila


  • very sensitive person
  • caring sister and daughter
  • has beautiful eyes
  • looks like waheeda without her glasses on
  • good problem listener, huhu
  • got scandal with cina celup, irwansyah (haha), SN
  • unmoody

berkenan with one of them? contact me at 019-9******. haha. you wish. nope you cant! they all mine and forever mine. haha. *joking

Thursday, November 6, 2008

oh, bidadari

check out this song,
dikala bulan bermain biola by hujan.

its so nice, i LIKE ;)

actually, i'm so bored and got nothing to do. so i just wrote those. life is just plain bored right now. how i wish i have something better and fun to do than just onlining. think think think. nah, nothing to do. mygod! boringboringboring

no, dont wanna watch tv.
no, not feeling like sleeping right now.
no, my prepaid expired already so cant text friends.
no, not in the chatting mood.
no, just too lazy to do add math homeworks

huh, have any ideas what to do?

hot topic seluruh malaysia

hanya ingin mengatakan

KESIAN Abby Abadi,
KEJAM Norman Hakim,

talented designers?

hurm, another boring day staying at home all alone after school. nasib baik ada internet zaman skarang, kalau tak, tak tahlah macam mana hidup. mesti buang tenaga tengok tv je. haha. start dah merepek.

chop. feel like uploading photo lah. =D

this is the design for 3j's class tshirt. 5 for fighting had designed it. applause to us. its nice, simple, cool, awesome and what more? haha.luckily, at last we got a class tshirt for each one of us. those tshirts will ready next week and it just about RM20 each. cheap right? plus, it just need less than 2 weeks to make 30 of them. we're going to wear this to redeem our pizzas and having some kind of class party since the form annual party was like so-not-called-a-party. hurm, dont wanna talk about it anymore. back to the tshirt thing, I LIKE IT VERY MUCH. hehe. actually, i thought that only like 10 pupils want to buy this tshirt, but it turned out that 29 pupils want it plus one of our friend from other class. we are great in designing tshirt, arent we? (alamak, perasan sudah. haha.)

putrajaya or kuantan?

right now, i'm in the middle of thinking whether to stay with my mom in putrajaya or my dad, here in kuantan. no. they're not divorcing! dont ever think about it. it just that, my dad said that he is pretty sure that my mom will be transfer to putrajaya next year. my lil sis will definitely follow my mom kalau tak menangis pulak kan. haha.but if, i stay in kuantan, i will live with my father.

actually, i wanted to move to putrajaya, but i think im kinda like kuantan already. its had been like almost 5 years i live in kuantan. i know i will miss my friends especially 5 for fighting <3 , my school (cluster yang mantap berkualiti =D), my house, everything lah. but, if i follow my mom, every weekend we'll back to kuantan. hurm, well i havent make any decision yet. wait till my mom get her transfer letter from KL. pastu baru perah otak fikirlah (ceh, perah lah sangat =D)

actually, my mom wont work there forever, i mean not until she pencen. it just like couple of years only. then, she can choose where she wants to work and she will definitely choose kuantan or kemaman or segamat, i guess. but we will still stay in kuantan although she works kemaman or segamat. she just have to ulang alik everyday, since we just bought our new house. takkan nak jual blk and buy another house in putrajaya or what kan, agak leceh lah.

if i move to putrajaya, i will start all over again. i mean, i have to start making new friends, adapt to a new school and new surroundings. its like being a new me. haha. bongok. so, i guess it will
be hard for me to make the decision. actually, my mom asked me to stay with my dad here, so that dia ada teman. tapi entahlah. tengok keadaan lah.

*thinking =|

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

apa masalah awak, pembaca?

now many people set their blog to private. not that they afraid or what. but they just dont want to mess up with people that cannot accept people opinions. so they made a simple decision to make it private. blog is a place to say what is in our deep heart. we voice out what ours and the truth. people who doesnt agree with it can just read and keep your mouth shut and not punish us. we not robots that dont have our own opinions and feelings. we have the right to let it out.

sometimes, people who think they are the best, not really the best. it is a blog, remember. and we are the bloggers, why cant we just write out what come out from our brain and mind? do we deserve all the punishment of what the truth is that we tell? cant you just mind your own business if you didnt agree with what are we talking about? yes, YOU! answer this questions.

(when the time has come, i guess, my blog soon will be private too.)

*terima kasih yang amat sangat diucapkan kepada sesiapa yang terlibat dalam menyebabkan bloggers mengprivatekan blog mereka. sesungguhnya anda telah menjadikan masyarakat kita, satu masyarakat yang tidak berani untuk meluahkan pendapat sendiri kerana takut akan dihukum. dan saya amat yakin, satu hari nanti, generasi kita akan menjadi generasi yang hanya mengikut kehendak dan pendapat orang lain tanpa keyakinan diri. terima kasih diucapkan semula. ( sorry for being so sarcastic, its gifted =D )

Monday, October 27, 2008

so what? i'm still a rockstar!

this post got nothing to do with that title. i'm just bored. nothing much to do other than surfing internet. duh.


for the first of my life, how i wish i got some homeworks to do. yes, i really mean it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

fantasi atau realiti?

bila kita renunginya,
kita sedar kita bodoh,

bila kita fikirkannya,
kita tahu kita dungu,

bila kita hayatinya,
kita mengerti kita bebal,

kita masih tetap berdegil,
terus mengejar segala fantasi,
untuk mewarnai kegelapan hidup kita,

satu ketika kita sedar,
bangkit semula dari semua khayalan,
untuk menggapai erti sebenar sebuah kehidupan.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

party or panty?

hurm. next week a form party will be held. and i am so sure that it wont be da bomb. everything didnt goes well. students have to pay rm10 each and yet still got 83 pupils that so stingy (sorry) or what that they didnt paid. it is supposed to have rm 2620 and we just have rm1725 in our hand, minus rm1500 for the catering and left only rm225 for the goodies and stuff. so, all our goodies, teachers' presents and other stuff had to be cancel. and the place! yes, it supposed to be at the dewan al-falah, not the aspuri's dining hall. it is too small to fit all of us and we have to sit on the toilet mozek which is soooo sticky ( imagine like you are eating in the toilet, kalau makan kat meja tak pelah, ni kene duduk bersila plak ). just imagine. we have been told that we cant held the party in dewan al-falah since form4's students are taking finals exam. aiyoo. it wont be too much noise lah. when we're sitting for PMR do they all cares for us like that? mase PMR bising lah. bingit telinga. dengan bunyi gerudi lah itu lah ini lah. tak de pulak sape2 kesah. now, we the one that have to sacrifice. adoi. its just not fair. mule2 cakap kat dewan al-falah and then suddenly, suka hati je nak tukar. kesian to the ajk jemputan, they have to change back the invitation cards. plus, the night before our party, the form 3's hostelites will having a raya party. and we have been asked to set up our backdrop now but at the same time, the hostelite need it too. sangat kelam kabut and serabot lah macam ni. ish.


hari-hari di sekolah selepas PMR

i thought after PMR all form 3's students will have super duper funfunfunfun! but unfortunately, its NOT. the schedule is like ntah pape, tak menarik langsung and agak keboringan or SANGAT boring. luckily got camera. so, camera whoring is the most activity that we'll do to cure our boredom. here are the photos!

ohmygod, lama nya lah tunggu photos ni semua upload! loading berape jam entah.

haha. our reflection. tapi nampak mcm hantu kan?

2 anak gadis bermain permainan tradisional, congkak

lepak kat library, pas lari senyap2 dari add math class mase teacher tgh ajar. *sorry teacher =D

i'll sleep when boredom strikes *my fave activity! =D

sorry, got lots more photos tapi internet ngekngok. so, kalau rajin, lain kali upload lagi.

Monday, October 20, 2008

boy oh boy

seriously i got some confusion about that. i know boy is boy, and girl is girl. they're different. really different. but why good looking and famous people want or obsess their names to known as 'playboy melayu'? i just dont get it. what's so great about that? do you get free elegant limosin or a nice super cool gadgets or something big, if you got that stupid award? come on lah. it doesnt make any sense! but if it really rewarded, hell yeah i want it also. just imagine 'nadiah bs, the world most famous playgirl on earth! haha. ok stop fooling around, nadiah.

back to the topic. i think( this is just my opinion and i dont want to get into any trouble by saying what my heart tells ) boys just think they're too good and their egoism are controlling themselves actually. its not that i am anti of them but dont you guys got something worth to do than playing with girls' feelings? if you really think it is so worthy, i swear you such a jerk and hanya memalukan diri sendiri and kaum lelaki lah. people like you boleh blah lah. tak de makna pon hidup kat dunia ni. you such a jerk that had no feelings at all not even a slight feeling and is no loyal. today you like joyah and the next day puuh, you like minah pulak.

if you didnt realize about this thing, HELLO! wake up! please dont thing cause you're a guy and you can do that to us. not a chance.or is it because you want to show your so called sifat kelakian?. haha. if you really thought that way, you are really super duper stupid dam dam you berak keluar ketam. haha. is it so great when your member asked you, 'eh, kau ngan sape ek sekarang aku dengar kau kejap ngan joyah lah, kejap ngan minah lah, munah lah. wah playboy besar kau ni!' i ask you one more time, is that anything great about that? get a life ok. dont tell me that you are enjoying yourselves by that stupid playboy name?

its always a chance to change, but its just depends on you. you the one who make the choice whether to known as 'playboy melayu' or an ordinary loyal boy? renung-renungkan lah dan selamat beramal! =D

p/s: sorry to boys who read this post ( if have any), i didnt said all boys, but got lah some boys yg penyusah kehidupan girls. kalau you sangat baik and loyal, bagus lah and keep it up! =)

Friday, October 17, 2008

hip hip hooray!

PMR is over! yeay!


  • bahasa melayu kertas 1 ( quite tricky)
  • bahasa melayu kertas 2 ( =D =D)
  • pendidikan islam ( okay lah, they asked for 2 answers, i gave 4 to 6 =D )
  • english paper 1 ( =D =D )
  • english paper 2 ( essay about what ek? lupa lah :|)
  • science paper 1 ( okay lah, but got some careless mistakes i guess )
  • science paper 2 ( gosh, harap graf turun =) )
  • mathematics paper 1 ( =D =D)
  • mathematics paper 2 ( just okay )
  • sejarah ( ok lah, luckily, hentam-hentam pon betul jugak! )
  • kh teknikal ( i already got wrong on the first question, dush! )
  • bahasa arab komunikasi ( dont wanna talk bout it. doa jelah kat Allah )
  • geografi ( quite tricky also or i havent finish revised? both lah..hehe )

at last, PMR is over. now, i'm known as "pelajar lepasan PMR". haha. to release tension ( tension la sangat, actually tk de bende nk buat) me n fiqah decided to go to megamall.5 for fighting yg laen cannot make it, so off we go berdua-duaan. haha. and yes, it was like 10.20 am and guess what, secotek jek kedai baru bukak. even cinema havent open yet. so kami ronggeng-ronggeng dulu. went to magshop ek name die? , then popular, followed by pink lady, reject shop, movve and deli country. tengah syok2 makan, muncullah min n niza, so we had a little chat and they off. we met them again at the cinema counter. alang2 min tgh beli ticket, we bought ours too. we watched tipu kanan tipu kiri and kami the movie. kami the movie was superb! nak beli dvd kami lah.!