Thursday, November 6, 2008

putrajaya or kuantan?

right now, i'm in the middle of thinking whether to stay with my mom in putrajaya or my dad, here in kuantan. no. they're not divorcing! dont ever think about it. it just that, my dad said that he is pretty sure that my mom will be transfer to putrajaya next year. my lil sis will definitely follow my mom kalau tak menangis pulak kan. haha.but if, i stay in kuantan, i will live with my father.

actually, i wanted to move to putrajaya, but i think im kinda like kuantan already. its had been like almost 5 years i live in kuantan. i know i will miss my friends especially 5 for fighting <3 , my school (cluster yang mantap berkualiti =D), my house, everything lah. but, if i follow my mom, every weekend we'll back to kuantan. hurm, well i havent make any decision yet. wait till my mom get her transfer letter from KL. pastu baru perah otak fikirlah (ceh, perah lah sangat =D)

actually, my mom wont work there forever, i mean not until she pencen. it just like couple of years only. then, she can choose where she wants to work and she will definitely choose kuantan or kemaman or segamat, i guess. but we will still stay in kuantan although she works kemaman or segamat. she just have to ulang alik everyday, since we just bought our new house. takkan nak jual blk and buy another house in putrajaya or what kan, agak leceh lah.

if i move to putrajaya, i will start all over again. i mean, i have to start making new friends, adapt to a new school and new surroundings. its like being a new me. haha. bongok. so, i guess it will
be hard for me to make the decision. actually, my mom asked me to stay with my dad here, so that dia ada teman. tapi entahlah. tengok keadaan lah.

*thinking =|

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