Thursday, November 6, 2008

talented designers?

hurm, another boring day staying at home all alone after school. nasib baik ada internet zaman skarang, kalau tak, tak tahlah macam mana hidup. mesti buang tenaga tengok tv je. haha. start dah merepek.

chop. feel like uploading photo lah. =D

this is the design for 3j's class tshirt. 5 for fighting had designed it. applause to us. its nice, simple, cool, awesome and what more? haha.luckily, at last we got a class tshirt for each one of us. those tshirts will ready next week and it just about RM20 each. cheap right? plus, it just need less than 2 weeks to make 30 of them. we're going to wear this to redeem our pizzas and having some kind of class party since the form annual party was like so-not-called-a-party. hurm, dont wanna talk about it anymore. back to the tshirt thing, I LIKE IT VERY MUCH. hehe. actually, i thought that only like 10 pupils want to buy this tshirt, but it turned out that 29 pupils want it plus one of our friend from other class. we are great in designing tshirt, arent we? (alamak, perasan sudah. haha.)