Tuesday, November 4, 2008

apa masalah awak, pembaca?

now many people set their blog to private. not that they afraid or what. but they just dont want to mess up with people that cannot accept people opinions. so they made a simple decision to make it private. blog is a place to say what is in our deep heart. we voice out what ours and the truth. people who doesnt agree with it can just read and keep your mouth shut and not punish us. we not robots that dont have our own opinions and feelings. we have the right to let it out.

sometimes, people who think they are the best, not really the best. it is a blog, remember. and we are the bloggers, why cant we just write out what come out from our brain and mind? do we deserve all the punishment of what the truth is that we tell? cant you just mind your own business if you didnt agree with what are we talking about? yes, YOU! answer this questions.

(when the time has come, i guess, my blog soon will be private too.)

*terima kasih yang amat sangat diucapkan kepada sesiapa yang terlibat dalam menyebabkan bloggers mengprivatekan blog mereka. sesungguhnya anda telah menjadikan masyarakat kita, satu masyarakat yang tidak berani untuk meluahkan pendapat sendiri kerana takut akan dihukum. dan saya amat yakin, satu hari nanti, generasi kita akan menjadi generasi yang hanya mengikut kehendak dan pendapat orang lain tanpa keyakinan diri. terima kasih diucapkan semula. ( sorry for being so sarcastic, its gifted =D )

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Wallace K Ferguson said...

hahahaha sensitive issues.