Saturday, August 29, 2009

lupa nak cakap

selamat menyambut kemerdekaan yg ke-52


next update ;

whenever there is no starry eyes.

*u get my point, rite?*

stop the time!

i just got less than 10 hours to have a pleasant time in kuantan. and then, pooff, i'm off to terengganu. bye bye kuantan, and hell-o boarding school.

Friday, August 28, 2009

go away, u bloody virus!

a good friend of mine is +ve H1N1. babe, i really hope u get well soon ok? i miss you. bile dah sihat, kite hangout sesame ok.

bagusnya nadiah

after 2 hours, i hanya mampu membuat satu suku page of folio chemistry. =.=


haih, folio chemistry ni buat my back sakit giler kot.

laugh out loud

human : la nadiah bs rupenye, takot la rase
me : apesal pulak?
human : sebab popular
me : popular? haha. x lgsg. jgn buat lawak lah.
human : dah tu, nadiah bs, (bs) tu bkn nadiah bintang sester la ek?
me : haha, x pnh dgr pon bintang sester tu sume. baharum shah lah.

*sangat tak leh blah ok. HAHA. ntah pape jek manusia itu

Thursday, August 27, 2009


*taken from sara's blog*

"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets .
So love the people who treat you right ;
forget about the ones who don't ;
and believe that everything happens for a reason .
If you get a chance - take it . If it changes your life : let it .
Nobody said that it'd be easy ;
they just promised it'd be worth it . "

*it makes me think for awhile*

i have no idea mane dorang tahu my blog

just wanna say hi to my blog readers.

hai, cikgu amran!
hai, cikgu azhar!


*comment saya kalau cikgu mendapat salam hai saya ;)

same ngan nad

i just did the personality test.
n yes, same ngan nad


i <3 jb ;)

baru balik dari jb. woo. u have no idea how much i missed JB. 10 tahun kot tinggal sana n suddenly, my dad decided nak pindah kuantan. haih, ape boleh buat. i still tak paham kenape. my dad kate, jb ni ok. fun n best. but he said that, tak sampai satu stage lg yang die nak his body to be bury in JB. haih. whatever. dah pindah kuantan dh pon n dah 5 tahun dah pon tinggal kat kuantan. nothing to regret dah. but if i get to choose, i would probably go for JB. so, kitorang pergi banyak tempat. kitorang pon ade lalu rumah lama kitorang, sri indah court. rindu giler every moment kat sane. i remember i ade this one lembut friend, we used to go swimming together. tp mase tu i baru skolah rendah la n die dah form brape dh ase tu. lupe. n city square, always be my favourite shopping mall. ;)

woo, lagi brape hari jek nak balik hostel. haih. homework still x sentoh ape-ape lagi. typical nadiah. gosh, folio chemistry tak buat pape pon lagi. suprise suprise, banyak giler bende kene buat. nadiahbs, ready untuk dileter oleh cikgu.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

daily horoscope: capricorn

Getting to where you need to be today will be one of your biggest challenges today.

Your career needs a boost, but you're not the only one! The good news is that you may be the only one nearby with the right kind of energy to really take off. It takes some work, though.

When things get tricky today, it might be easy to let someone else take over the decision-making, but is it in your best interest? You're up for whatever challenges come along, so don't sit on the sidelines. Jump in there and start getting things done -- be more actively involved in what you're doing today. Every challenge is an opportunity to be proud of yourself, so if you let those situations pass you by, or you allow someone else take care of them, you're cheating yourself.

*i like to read my daily horoscope even though i didnt really believe's something i do when i'm bored. and the whole idea of writing this post is because I'M BORED*

orang kusut ;)

sigh, sigh all the way......

*sigh* i've been longing to watch it. but kat gsc kuantan takde la pulak. *sigh again*

i tend not to talk about it but i couldnt

man, time flied fast. now it's ramadhan already. and suprise suprise, i still dont have baju kurung for raya. as usual, i will probably buy the ready-made one. so, nothing much to talk about.
oh yes, i still trying (so hard) to survive in my boarding school. oh my, oh my. u have no idea how things work around there. it's weird. u know. people tend to hate you just in a split of seconds. and its worst when they hate u without any actual reasons or without knowing u. it sucks. seriously. cause i've been through it. do i look like a betrayer or what? do my face has any tag that says,"hate me, hate me, i can't be trusted." but still, i am. standing here and wondering why this shit happened. but i don't care much cause all this stuff only happened to me here, in SESTER. so, maybe i'm not really the bad one. maybe the people there just lame, narrow-minded (sorry to say that) but genius in studies. but that wont bring ur future bright to have only brain for studies. u must be balanced, guys. and i'm telling this for ur own sake,though.

Friday, August 21, 2009

uu la la la

i'm going to smart in less than 7 hours.
giler tak sabar oh!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


off to hostel,
see ya this coming august sch hols.

for the time being,
i'll try to update this blog more often.

bye ;)

stop be a procrastinator, young lady.

and i really really need to.

i'm seriously need to force myself to get my ass of this laptop and start doing things that should be done.

shuh shuh, nadiah.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

pretty reckless

taylor momsen. i adore her ;) awesome fashion's sense

silly bro

conversation in the car, on the way home :

me : ma, kat malaysia dah ade 4 orang mati sbb h1n1!
ma : ye ke?
grandma : u izzat ade ke yg kene h1n1?
bro : ade.
grandma : dah tu, budak u izzat ade yg mati ke?
bro : blom mati lagi

stupid answer.

my mom cant stop laughing.

after moving to a boarding school for almost 6 months

i still asked myself the same old question,

"why on earth did i moved there instead of staying in SMART?"