Sunday, August 23, 2009

daily horoscope: capricorn

Getting to where you need to be today will be one of your biggest challenges today.

Your career needs a boost, but you're not the only one! The good news is that you may be the only one nearby with the right kind of energy to really take off. It takes some work, though.

When things get tricky today, it might be easy to let someone else take over the decision-making, but is it in your best interest? You're up for whatever challenges come along, so don't sit on the sidelines. Jump in there and start getting things done -- be more actively involved in what you're doing today. Every challenge is an opportunity to be proud of yourself, so if you let those situations pass you by, or you allow someone else take care of them, you're cheating yourself.

*i like to read my daily horoscope even though i didnt really believe's something i do when i'm bored. and the whole idea of writing this post is because I'M BORED*

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