Saturday, May 1, 2010

my point of view,

do you agree if i said that living in the hostel give us a wake up call?

maybe some of us agree with it, some may not.
but for me, i really do think it so. living in hostel makes you stay awake in this real world. i mean, it sometimes open our eyes towards everything that blind us before. we learn how to manage ourselves, we try to save our money when we found out that our purse is getting thinner but there's several weeks more to survive in the fenced world. eventhough living in the hostel is not my first choice and i had to admit that i do regret (sometimes) of deciding in staying there, but i do glad that i made a decision to choose this path. i learnt more about life and tried to stand still with proud even if i fell many times and bruises filled up my skin. it doesnt matter cause the experiences is the important and it worth more.

all the hardship we've been through have made us strong and no fear to any difficulties that come and pass through us. its like we have been injected with vaccine that gives us immunity towards the obstacles. although the vaccine may not function well all the time as we also do burst into tears and felt like giving up, but the thing is we still keep running on the track. we find the cure and quickly inject it into our blood vessel and that is what the big deal is. some may not agree with me. but i think, now i look at the world with a new perspective. i experience all the new things with more enthusiastic and not afraid to sometimes break the rules in order to experience the what we called life-self-satisfaction.