Tuesday, March 16, 2010

mount kinabalu expedition

mission accomplished!
i'll upload the photos of the expedition and tell more bout it soon
cause i'm sleepy right now
and seriously need to go to bed

Saturday, March 6, 2010

random much?

some random photos i took at school due to boredom

disastrous disaster

my TOV exam result is a total disaster which made my mom said like this to me;

"jangan sampai ma rase menyesal hantar awak pegi asrama"
"kalau ma tahu result awak jadi camni, ma akan suruh awak stay smart je"
"awak ni, buat ma risau jelah. tension ma"

who the one to be blamed?
and when on earth am i going to start changing?
i need to wake up and start focusing on my studies.

bangsawan get alive

there's some bangsawans conflict right now.
i really hope the things will sooner be okay.
ya, it seems okay after the midnight meeting thingy.
but the truth is nothing was solved.
the main thing didnt achieved since there's some the-main-reason-we-gather-is-not-about-it thing.

stand straight and be like everything we are.
we have our own identity.

-4 degree celcius

i am going to sabah this coming 9th march

event : kinabalu mountain expedition

*pray for me. hope dapat daki sampai puncak ;)