Monday, October 27, 2008

so what? i'm still a rockstar!

this post got nothing to do with that title. i'm just bored. nothing much to do other than surfing internet. duh.


for the first of my life, how i wish i got some homeworks to do. yes, i really mean it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

fantasi atau realiti?

bila kita renunginya,
kita sedar kita bodoh,

bila kita fikirkannya,
kita tahu kita dungu,

bila kita hayatinya,
kita mengerti kita bebal,

kita masih tetap berdegil,
terus mengejar segala fantasi,
untuk mewarnai kegelapan hidup kita,

satu ketika kita sedar,
bangkit semula dari semua khayalan,
untuk menggapai erti sebenar sebuah kehidupan.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

party or panty?

hurm. next week a form party will be held. and i am so sure that it wont be da bomb. everything didnt goes well. students have to pay rm10 each and yet still got 83 pupils that so stingy (sorry) or what that they didnt paid. it is supposed to have rm 2620 and we just have rm1725 in our hand, minus rm1500 for the catering and left only rm225 for the goodies and stuff. so, all our goodies, teachers' presents and other stuff had to be cancel. and the place! yes, it supposed to be at the dewan al-falah, not the aspuri's dining hall. it is too small to fit all of us and we have to sit on the toilet mozek which is soooo sticky ( imagine like you are eating in the toilet, kalau makan kat meja tak pelah, ni kene duduk bersila plak ). just imagine. we have been told that we cant held the party in dewan al-falah since form4's students are taking finals exam. aiyoo. it wont be too much noise lah. when we're sitting for PMR do they all cares for us like that? mase PMR bising lah. bingit telinga. dengan bunyi gerudi lah itu lah ini lah. tak de pulak sape2 kesah. now, we the one that have to sacrifice. adoi. its just not fair. mule2 cakap kat dewan al-falah and then suddenly, suka hati je nak tukar. kesian to the ajk jemputan, they have to change back the invitation cards. plus, the night before our party, the form 3's hostelites will having a raya party. and we have been asked to set up our backdrop now but at the same time, the hostelite need it too. sangat kelam kabut and serabot lah macam ni. ish.


hari-hari di sekolah selepas PMR

i thought after PMR all form 3's students will have super duper funfunfunfun! but unfortunately, its NOT. the schedule is like ntah pape, tak menarik langsung and agak keboringan or SANGAT boring. luckily got camera. so, camera whoring is the most activity that we'll do to cure our boredom. here are the photos!

ohmygod, lama nya lah tunggu photos ni semua upload! loading berape jam entah.

haha. our reflection. tapi nampak mcm hantu kan?

2 anak gadis bermain permainan tradisional, congkak

lepak kat library, pas lari senyap2 dari add math class mase teacher tgh ajar. *sorry teacher =D

i'll sleep when boredom strikes *my fave activity! =D

sorry, got lots more photos tapi internet ngekngok. so, kalau rajin, lain kali upload lagi.

Monday, October 20, 2008

boy oh boy

seriously i got some confusion about that. i know boy is boy, and girl is girl. they're different. really different. but why good looking and famous people want or obsess their names to known as 'playboy melayu'? i just dont get it. what's so great about that? do you get free elegant limosin or a nice super cool gadgets or something big, if you got that stupid award? come on lah. it doesnt make any sense! but if it really rewarded, hell yeah i want it also. just imagine 'nadiah bs, the world most famous playgirl on earth! haha. ok stop fooling around, nadiah.

back to the topic. i think( this is just my opinion and i dont want to get into any trouble by saying what my heart tells ) boys just think they're too good and their egoism are controlling themselves actually. its not that i am anti of them but dont you guys got something worth to do than playing with girls' feelings? if you really think it is so worthy, i swear you such a jerk and hanya memalukan diri sendiri and kaum lelaki lah. people like you boleh blah lah. tak de makna pon hidup kat dunia ni. you such a jerk that had no feelings at all not even a slight feeling and is no loyal. today you like joyah and the next day puuh, you like minah pulak.

if you didnt realize about this thing, HELLO! wake up! please dont thing cause you're a guy and you can do that to us. not a chance.or is it because you want to show your so called sifat kelakian?. haha. if you really thought that way, you are really super duper stupid dam dam you berak keluar ketam. haha. is it so great when your member asked you, 'eh, kau ngan sape ek sekarang aku dengar kau kejap ngan joyah lah, kejap ngan minah lah, munah lah. wah playboy besar kau ni!' i ask you one more time, is that anything great about that? get a life ok. dont tell me that you are enjoying yourselves by that stupid playboy name?

its always a chance to change, but its just depends on you. you the one who make the choice whether to known as 'playboy melayu' or an ordinary loyal boy? renung-renungkan lah dan selamat beramal! =D

p/s: sorry to boys who read this post ( if have any), i didnt said all boys, but got lah some boys yg penyusah kehidupan girls. kalau you sangat baik and loyal, bagus lah and keep it up! =)

Friday, October 17, 2008

hip hip hooray!

PMR is over! yeay!


  • bahasa melayu kertas 1 ( quite tricky)
  • bahasa melayu kertas 2 ( =D =D)
  • pendidikan islam ( okay lah, they asked for 2 answers, i gave 4 to 6 =D )
  • english paper 1 ( =D =D )
  • english paper 2 ( essay about what ek? lupa lah :|)
  • science paper 1 ( okay lah, but got some careless mistakes i guess )
  • science paper 2 ( gosh, harap graf turun =) )
  • mathematics paper 1 ( =D =D)
  • mathematics paper 2 ( just okay )
  • sejarah ( ok lah, luckily, hentam-hentam pon betul jugak! )
  • kh teknikal ( i already got wrong on the first question, dush! )
  • bahasa arab komunikasi ( dont wanna talk bout it. doa jelah kat Allah )
  • geografi ( quite tricky also or i havent finish revised? both lah..hehe )

at last, PMR is over. now, i'm known as "pelajar lepasan PMR". haha. to release tension ( tension la sangat, actually tk de bende nk buat) me n fiqah decided to go to megamall.5 for fighting yg laen cannot make it, so off we go berdua-duaan. haha. and yes, it was like 10.20 am and guess what, secotek jek kedai baru bukak. even cinema havent open yet. so kami ronggeng-ronggeng dulu. went to magshop ek name die? , then popular, followed by pink lady, reject shop, movve and deli country. tengah syok2 makan, muncullah min n niza, so we had a little chat and they off. we met them again at the cinema counter. alang2 min tgh beli ticket, we bought ours too. we watched tipu kanan tipu kiri and kami the movie. kami the movie was superb! nak beli dvd kami lah.!