Friday, October 22, 2010

ipoh mali, ipoh ipoh mali

after 5 freaking weeks in school, i am finally home. to be home is surely a good thing but the non-stop ticking clock makes me nervous. i have just a month before the big exam. haih. seriously, i havent fully prepared yet. lots of topics that i havent cover yet plus the history facts that need to memorize.

apart from that, i think school has been great all this while. i'm kinda feel super happy and love staying in hostel. its a great thing to experience all those things that you surely wont feel it if you're not a hostel-lite. sometimes whenever i think of how muct time left for me to wear school uniform, gives a melancholic feel. i cant wait to be out of school but at the same time, i still want to be called a high school student.

the most important thing about this entry is, NO MORE DRAMA QUEEN in my school anymore. she had been expelled from the school due to some cases. most of the students feel relieved for that and said that she really deserved it. i dont want to talk much about her but seriously young lady, why should you make up lots of non-fact stories about yourself and your life. you lied to like gazillion people with gazillion lies. haish. is it bad to just be yourself?

dah la, dont want to talk much about it.

p/s : off to ipoh till sunday. ;) gonna skip school for 2 days!