Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday.

Ain't bluffing. MISSION COMPLETED !

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Please, not in a million years.

I'm heavy.
Yes, gaining weight since my 2 weeks study leave before the final exam. and now, it seems like it wont going down again. i need to reduce my weight and look after my own health.

no, i'm not whining over how heavy i am, or my weight has become unreasonably increased like drastically without my conscious. okay okay, maybe a little -.- but hey, a little bit self-conscious wont harm right? and i have the right to feel that way. well, i do feel bad towards my own self because i havent give much attention on what i eat and how many meals per day i consumed and how messed up my meals pattern are. not to forget, all the everyday-i'm-eating-chocolate-to-reduce-stress part where i constantly eat chocolate whenever i'm studying for finals. oh, now lets put all the blame on the final exams ! yeah haha.

okay. nope. i. am. not. blaming. on. anything. else. for. the. reason. that. i'm. gaining. weight. except. for. me.

ceehhh. poyo di situ ya. :D

its all because i'm lack of discipline ! yes, exactly. DISCIPLINE. that's the word.

want some proof?

i'll give you, not one, not two but four solid proofs.

"Ya rite, nadiah. i dont believe that you're going to do it so."

"Hmmm, seems like you're taking it into serious. a good step, i guess."

"HAHA, is it so? okay lah, giving you a chance to indulge yourselves with those ice-cream."

and and TADAAAAA, the "tomorrow-i'm-going-for-jogging " day....

"HAHAHAHAHA i knew it. my instincts were right ! you always like that, cant control yourselves. what a shame. boo youuuuu ! "

okay. that's enough.
I know i'm such a pathetic girl, or lady i might say haha *sempat lagi tu*

okay, from now onwards, i'll try my best to reduce my self-pamper and start to discipline myself so that i become a one healthy normal-weighted girl like before! jyeah ! okay scratch that, it's LADY hahaha. okay stop that, nadiah -___-

alright, i don't wanna make any promise about my exercising session again.




and that is not a promise. just a... well, you know, dream or mission or anything related to 'em. heee

adiossss ! :)

( adiosss? well, adios remains me of my inspiration ! hahaha okay i'll stop now. )

Thursday, November 24, 2011

More than 300 days already.

Year 2011 is coming to an end. A month and a week, and wallahh, it's a new different year. yes, 2012.

What's up with 2012?

And what have I done in the year 2011?
Did I learnt something new this year?
Any changes I have made towards myself?
Did my 2011 resolutions make their moves in the real world?

Oh, and speaking about Resolutions. Well, I need to figure out a new one for my 2012. Hurm, just wait and see. :)

Oh, and I guess, 2012 means open up a new blank book and start scratching a new chapter of it. and I hope, I colour 'em with rainbow and fluorescent instead of just black & white. :)

The Originals

Orang Asli di Taman Negara Kuala Tahan, Pahang.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday.

Hero. Harimau Malaya. Khairul Fahmi.


November '11

Went to Taman Negara Kuala Tahan, Pahang. Had a really fun trip. It was awesome ! :) Meet Orang Asli and had taken lots of photos of them.

For more photos, click my facebook and flickr link on the right side of the blog. Am just too lazy to upload more photos in this entry. K Bye. :)

but but,
I'll upload some photos of Orang Asli in new entry ya !

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Coward much?

Lagu untuk semua dengar malam ni :)

Selamat malam bulan,

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Footprints on the worn-out road

When my body needs some good rest, this is the best place ;
So yeah, like all of you guys out there, i'm also on my semester breakkkkkk ! and yes, that photo is my room in Kolej Kediaman Akasia. decorated 'em a lil bit, love to stick good old memories photos on the wall. give me a huge smile everytime i wake up in the morning. :)

Semester 1 is over.

Semester 2 will come next, InsyaAllah. Nt sure when is the exact date, but January will mark the end of my holidays.

I've learned a lot, and being an observant person as i always am, eceehh macam poyo gila je an, i got to see many things from different views, different perspectives. yang mana, semua benda berlaku dengan cara masing-masing, or I might say, with no rule. bukan no rule, as in langsung takde peraturan and stuff. but no rule as in bergerak dengan sendiri, berputar dengan kemahuan n cara berbeza. kolej buat kita lagi rasa luas pemikiran, pandangan kita berubah dan setiap hari adalah seperti hari yang kita baru jejak kaki di dunia. like a new born baby, different things we seen each and every day. rasa puas kadang-kadang, sebab time kita dalam difficulties or 'forever alone' bak kata Afiqah, kita akan rasa yang kita sebenarnya hidup ! :) baru rasa diri ini manusia haha. baru rasa guna seluruh anugerah yang Allah kasi ni untuk survive every obstacles and circumstances. baru lah, betul-betul hidup, orang kata an.

and for me, sometimes, being alone itu ada juga hebatnya. yelah, kadang-kadang itu lah apa yang buat Nadiahbs ni, Nadiahbs. get it? yelah, when i'm alone, i let myself to swim deep through the world. the real world. and itu yang mould me to whom i am, now. sebab i try to learn and make anything that i see and witness as a guide for me to draw every step of my life. being a loner, is not bad after all. ( am nt saying am a loner haha )

i still got some good friends to hangout and mingle with. cause we are nothing without friends, right? Alhamdulillah, makin lama, kawan makin bertambah. bak kata suarakopihitam, kita perlu buat tiada perbandingan. ya, dan i tried not to compare on how my old friends and my new friends are. there are different, every single of them. because human are born to act and behave differently. so, it'll be just a waste of time if i keep on comparing and complaining about it. :)

and for my studies, hurm, belajar apa yang tak pernah susah? tapi InsyaAllah, i'll try my hardest to excel in this course. baru A-level nadiah, jangan start complain lagi, degree pun tk masuk lagi. 3 semester lagi, keep on going jyeah !

And of all that, i hope my next sem would be great and full of fun. less stress hopefully. ;)

But wait,

And I think I like this one !
Yeah ! HAHAHA.

Enjoy with the new look :)

Header, cracks my head.

Made a new header, but still not satisfy with 'em yet. The header is not permanent, might change 'em back.

Which one you guys prefer? The first one, or the current?

Poke the new look !

So here it goes.

I did some transformation to my page but I might change them to a different new look again anytime, because I don't think the header is nice. I mean, I feel like the picture of me is humongous, and I'm just too shy to publish it like that. it feels, so self-... err whatever, we called it, haha. i dont know the exact word to describe it. And if you haven't notice yet, look at my blog title ! This is my first time changing 'em ( if am nt mistaken ). After three years ! how cool was that? haha.

From Talking is not a JOB to Here's the Storyline, *give a big of applause for that.

And and also the Ear-feed column, which is the song ! Jason Mraz will play on your eardrum everytime this blog appear on your laptop screen. always love the voice of him, very soothing.

Oh, I chose grey colour for the background, just to make my blog look simpler. Or is it too dull that make it looks hideous until you need a barf bag? I really hope not.

Well, anywayyy, You can give me any comment about this new appearance. because, I'm not quite satisfy with it too though. So, lets combine your creative ideas with mind, if you dont mind. *wallahh, it's ryhme. NOT -.-

before I start talking craps at this hour of the night, I better stop right here.
oh, and have a great day tomorrow everyone !

Good night, take care. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


From my hostel's window.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The big fat D fear.

DIVORCE, of course.


Trend on twitter sekarang adalah ;



kahwin punya lah 10 millions dollar habis, tapi bertahannya?
72 day.


*Tertiba rasa seram nak kahwin LOL #crap