Thursday, November 17, 2011

Poke the new look !

So here it goes.

I did some transformation to my page but I might change them to a different new look again anytime, because I don't think the header is nice. I mean, I feel like the picture of me is humongous, and I'm just too shy to publish it like that. it feels, so self-... err whatever, we called it, haha. i dont know the exact word to describe it. And if you haven't notice yet, look at my blog title ! This is my first time changing 'em ( if am nt mistaken ). After three years ! how cool was that? haha.

From Talking is not a JOB to Here's the Storyline, *give a big of applause for that.

And and also the Ear-feed column, which is the song ! Jason Mraz will play on your eardrum everytime this blog appear on your laptop screen. always love the voice of him, very soothing.

Oh, I chose grey colour for the background, just to make my blog look simpler. Or is it too dull that make it looks hideous until you need a barf bag? I really hope not.

Well, anywayyy, You can give me any comment about this new appearance. because, I'm not quite satisfy with it too though. So, lets combine your creative ideas with mind, if you dont mind. *wallahh, it's ryhme. NOT -.-

before I start talking craps at this hour of the night, I better stop right here.
oh, and have a great day tomorrow everyone !

Good night, take care. :)

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