Monday, February 15, 2010

fathia's talking

tiya talked about me in her blog ;)
baca lah.

nadiah baharum shah

Sunday, February 14, 2010


i guess i need something new in my life.
changes perhaps?
although i absolutely hate changes, but i do think i need it somehow. but the fact is, i actually have no idea what changes i need. *sigh*

do you think you know what i need?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

finish line

tired of chasing
i think i'll stop running
will just stand here
and watch it happens from far

Thursday, February 11, 2010

gong xi fa cai

thank god there's chinese new year holidays. so, i'm home!

it's always feel good to be home. after few weeks at the hostel in terengganu, i felt some kind of like relieved being able to touch my feet in kuantan. ;)

its been quite a long time since i didnt update my blog. blog sorry for abandoned you. i'm just too busy with school. i'll try to update more frequent ok.

my schedule is extremely packed n full.

  • last two weeks, i was busy with sukantara n TOV test (which i done it very poorly n idiotly).
  • for this CNY hols, have to buy n plan for the house mascot stuff n the marching team. not to forget, the elaso jumbo sale.
  • then on 25th feb, the sports day will be held n i might be busy participating in some events n elaso tiny stall thing with elaso members.
  • on march, i will going to kota kinabalu for an expedition, which is clashed with my HK basketball match which i already trained everyday from last year. i need to choose either one. n although i love basketball, i think i have to choose for kota kinabalu since i already paid for it.
  • then, it would be the jumbo sale n the olahraga daerah.

there's a lot more coming to kill me slowly. i'm tired and lack of rest. heavy eyelids become my curent bestfriend n panda eyes cant stop circling my eyes.