Sunday, December 27, 2009

budak lame ini belom tengok avatar lagi

now eveyone is talking about how great the avatar movie was. and i havent had i chance yet to watch it. tomorrow i'm going to KL until wednesday to do some school shopping. then, i've got only tow days before i go back to hostel. so i guess, i'll just going to buy a dvd of avatar and watch it at home since i have no time to watch it in cinema with friends -.-

Saturday, December 26, 2009

i was trying to dissapear

life doesn't hurt until you think about how much life has changed,
who you've lost along the way,
and how much of it was your fault.

Friday, December 25, 2009

quick reminder

people on planet earth,
you guys got only 5 days of 2009 before we hit 2010 !
cheers ;)

my respond :
oh dang, no good

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


i missed my five for fighting babes
i missed my bestfriends in johor bahru
i missed my bangsawans
i missed my missing cat
i missed my old house
i missed my johor bahru
i missed my primary school
i missed my days in smart
i missed my sleepover moments
i missed my basketball training
i missed my desktop to start running again

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

sahabat yang di-tagged

shima has tagged me long ago but i have no time to do. so since i am bored now, i'll do the survey ok

1)The person who tagged you is:

2) Your relationship with him/her is:
we both are bangsawan haha

3)Your first impression of him/her is:
hurm what's wrong with this girl? she loves to laugh without any actual reason haha

4)The most memorable moments with he/she:
the night when u sleep late but i didnt even sleep. then, me n tiya woke u up for sahur n after sahur we went to the cc n surf the internet. meanwhile the others went for qiamulaill at the surau haha. kite qiamulail depan komputer je haha

5)The most memorable thing he/she has said to you is:
walaupun ade orang yg menyukai si dia, janganlah kamu berputus asa kerana mereka belum tentu ada apa2 hubungan. maka jika kamu mendapat cinta si dia tu, tak bermakna kamu merampas si dia daripada orang laen dan mengganggu hubungan org. tetapi jika si dia sudah berpunya lupakan dia dan lepaskan dia! biar dia bahagia bersama orang yang dia sayang. actually its not really meant for me when she told me but this thing really touched me cos ade kaitan with me without her knowing

6)If he/she becomes your lover, you will...:
dude i'm straight ok haha

7)If he/she became your lover, what should he/she improve at:
is this a joke or what?

8)If he/she becomes your enemy, what would you do:
i swear i will make her life miserable *evil laugh* hehe

9)If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:
i dont know. might be of stupid crazy thing haha. tapi tak mungkin la

10)The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now is:
buat maggi so that we can share it together sambil borak2 gossip2

11)Your overall impression on him/her:
little miss giggle

12)The characteristic you love most about yourself:
i'm friendly outgoing happygolucky kind unique adorable sweet goodlistener problemsolver matchmaker haha
tak leh perasan lagi ke wahai nadiah baharum shah?

13)The characteristic you hate most about yourself:
i am an extreme procrastinator and the world most laziest person on planet earth haha

14) The most ideal person you want to be is:
fiveforfghting ;)

15)For people who care and love you, say something to them:
babes u have no idea how much i miss u guys n thanks for always be by my side. i swear i love u guys ;)

Pass this quiz to 10 people who you want to know how they feel about you:
1. husna si hebat
2. afiqah penggelak
3. mirabukhari rockrock
4. puriee moviemovie
5. hidayah jirandepan
6. abdulafiq si lara
7. bangsawan tiya
8. bangsawan dina
9. bangsawan syaza
10. bangsawan shima

Saturday, December 19, 2009


last night i can hardly sleep. i dont know why. but i forced myself to sleep from 3 am but still couldnt. and at last, i ended up sleeping at 9 in the morning -.-

i woke up at 1.30 because my mom asked my lil sis to wake me up. so i only get to sleep for only 4 hours of pathetic time. haih. however, amazingly, i dont feel tired nor sleepy the whole day long and still awake till now.

ask me no more. i also dont know what exactly wrong with me. this is the first time in my life that i couldnt sleep although i want it so badly.

since i cant sleep and was damn bored, i tried to text asifa.

first text message, 6:35 am :
ade ubat tido x? haha. sbb sy xleh tido dr td walaupon dh pukol 6 lbh

but no reply

second text message, 7:50 am :
nk maen teka teki x? cube teka sy dh tido ke blom? jwpn die BLOM. haih x leh tido!

and asifa replied my second message at 8:16 am.
thank god

Friday, December 18, 2009

gee i'm bored

updates on me

no homework done
missing her 54f so badly
not ready to enter a new year

updates on my friends

asifa : just went back from kl. n now, she's in kedah
afiqah : didn't reply my messages -.-
madihah : stay nearby but we havent even hangout yet
husna : doing fine in kelantan n her brother just got married ;)

tiya : on diet. but still gaining 2 kg.
dina : also on diet =.=
syaza : happy with her shopping life haha
neddy : obsessed with him haha
aisyah : cut her hair shoulder length
sara : went for vacation
shima : actively updating her blogger
jian : cant wait to meet puriee i guess
kinah : grounded at home
iqa : her cds are still with me
atin : her handphone was stolen
jiha : happy with arif i guess

Monday, December 14, 2009


today i've got tuition classes from 10 am to 3 pm. i know, lama giler kan? haih. masa first period which is physics, i dah start sleepy. what? the teacher was too boring and i dont understand i think of what he's talking about. so, i turn on my handphone's music player and pluck my earphone to ease my feel of wanting to sleep. haha. second period was bahasa melayu. thank god the teacher not that bored but after one hour, i felt sleepy again and the music came to the rescue. haha. after that was recess and the last period was english. i texted with asifa. then, tetibe battery phone i dah nak kong. adoi. so i try not to use my phone anymore since i need to call my father to pick me up later.

habis tuition. ingat ke nak lepak ngan dina as usual tapi bila keluar je dari tuition centre tu, kakak dia dah tunggu kat kereta. so, last-last i walked alone to the megamall. i kesepian dan keseorangan. so, i took out my phone from the bag and what the heck, battery dah abis teros. haish. malang nya. sampai je megamall i teros jalan menuju ke mcdonald. lapar giler doe. i pon dengan muka tak leh bla duduk la sorang-sorang makan. pandang kanan pandang kiri dan i terfikir "adakah hari ini hari keseorangan sedunia?" haha bodohkan? sebab i nampak seorang lelaki ni dalam around 30-an makan sorang-sorang dengan muka yang sepi. and suddenly, ade lagi sorang juga baru sampai, makan sorang-sorang juga. haha. muka macam tak leh bla giler, macam bujang terlajak. haha.

pas makan, i round-round lah. masok keluar kedai and butik je. pastu lalu deli country jumpa la my smart senior. die kerja kat situ. i pon pegi lah kat dia, borak-borak kejap and bla. fuuh, at least dapat jugak membasahkan bibir and lidah dengan kata-kata. yelah, jalan sorang-sorang.
takkan nak cakap sorang-sorang jugak kot. haha

pastu lepas dah puas round megamall, i pon keluar la heading to my dad's office. tanye stuff abah, dia kata abah dah turun. ingat ke abah kat restoran taj lepak-lepak macam biasa. so, call la dia guna office's telephone. tengok-tengok, dia dah on the way balik rumah. haish. double malang. so, dia pon patah balik lah amik i. haha.

dalam kereta pulak, my dad membebel pulak pasal laptop dia yang i and adik i guna pastu tetibe je rosak. haha. agak lama jugak la dia cakap pasal laptop dia tu. triple malang kan kena tahan deria telinga daripada segala perkataan yang mencurah-curah keluar itu. haha
dan akhirnya sampai lah rumah setelah singgah di beberapa kedai makan untuk membeli lauk oleh kerana ma ada kat kuching and takde orang nak masak.

haih. i have no idea why i tell you guys all this thing. haha

Sunday, December 13, 2009

second post for today

haih. i just read tiya's blog and oh shit. she reminds me about my pile of holiday homework. i only have less than 3 weeks of school holidays left. i better start doing it now or else i'll be dead meat. i've wasted a lot of time as usual. start regretting now little missy.

today's activity :
as usual, nothing much. i just watch some movies ( histeria and papadom), doing some laundry and updating this blog ;)

blogger girl

i'm waking up quite early today due to do phone ringing of copeland's song. my mom called me. she is in kuching, sarawak for a meeting until thursday. she told me that she's shopping right now and asked what i want. uuu, me likey ;) haha

so, nothing to do much today. maybe i'll just watch some movies since there's nothing more interesting to do other than that. haih life is just boring when you have lot of time to kill but nothing fun to do. i miss my friends :(

p/s :the picture up there has nothing to do with this post. i just found it very interesting.

Friday, December 11, 2009

what time is it? 2

ok. remember when i said in my last post that i woke up early. yeah, i did. but then, after half an hour. i found myself, laying on the bed again with both eyes closed until noon =.=

but amazingly, i'm 70% succeed in doing my to-do-list job. haha
i did the laundry n i studied chemistry today
n also tidy up my room a little bit.

any rewarded?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

what time is it?

it's 7.00 am
oh my oh my i woke up early today! *applause*

i think today i'm gonna start my day early and do anything that i should. i'll try my best to not being a procrastinator anymore and not wasting my time as always. i know, keep on laughing at me -.- . *sneeze sneeze*

so here is the to-do-list. ceehh konon.

  • do the laundry
  • study *toughest thing to do today*
  • tidy up my room
actually there's a lot more to do. but i'll just save it for another time. wait, did i just procrastinating? ahh. blah. whatever.

p/s : so, tonight i will update again whether i successfully did all the job or not.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

polluted piece of mind


hey i wanna update this blog and write something out, but as usual the blog-block syndrome is coming again. n whattheheck i have no idea what to write.

maybe i'll update it later. when i have something to say of course.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

malam-malam buat dosa

check out this blog.

tadi mase tengah ym ngan puriee n sher, tetibe je puriee suruh baca blog ni. ya rabi, sumpah bengong blog ni. kalau korang baca n tengok semua gambar tu, memang korang akan gelak guling-guling la. haha. it was damn funny n silly, i tell u. haha. kitorang tengok blog tu sambil kutuk-kutuk and gelak-gelak gila vavi. buat dosa je malam-malam camni, kutuk orang. tapi its not our fault kan, siapa suruh die bengong sangat sampai macam tu. haha. korang bace la banyak-banyak cause kat bawah lagi banyak yang klaka tahap gaban. n dont forget to read her about me section. haha. jahat tak aku ni? *evil laugh*
ade jugak i jadi follower die nanti. haha. takde keje =.='

yang ni paling tak leh bla sekali.

ade satu ni, mmg sumpah bengong la. tapi maaf, agak sensored la yang itu ye sahabat. haha. nak kasi link die tapi tak jadi. kalau nak sangat tengok, mintak la yek. tak pon cari sendiri.

p/s : lepas dah baca blog tu, kasi feedback kat i tau camne u rase blog dia tu. haha *evil laugh again*

Thursday, November 26, 2009

wake me up is not your job, darl

i opened my eyes with the sound of my lil sis shouting at me. she woke me up since my mom was like everyday mad at her cause didnt wake me up in the morning and i ended woke up at noon. what? its school holidays rite? so, i'm pretty sure that most of you also did the same. haih. my mom said that i wasted too much time sleeping and doing nothing. i really wanted to study cause everytime i think about the spm it makes my stomach gone wild and my heart pounding like mad, but right now, sorry..i'm in no mood of study. maybe i'll study later after i feel bored of sleeping and doing nothing. haha. i think it will take forever kot. haha.

right now, i'm trying to work on a new t-shirt. i didnt have any ideas yet for the design but i'm totally bored staying at home all day and i really need to pleasure myself by painting a t-shirt for myself. so, i better get ready for the sketching. actually, i dont do sketch. sometimes i just draw it straight on the t-shirt. but my t-shirt for sure didnt look attractive and good enough cause i'm not the world best t-shirt painter. i do the painting stuff just to cure my boredom, get it? HAHA. more craps.

ya, awak sangat

ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade ngade


*cukup mengade tak?

people on planet earth

sumpah mereka hebat!!

sahabat sekalian, kamu bangga tak muka mu terpampang di slideshow tersebut? terharu tak? HAHA


i missed them already. usually every night, we would gather in one room and share everything that we wanted to tell. and when i'm at home, its feel kinda weird when my room is just so empty and silent. i cant believe that i actually missed the hostel moments. just now me, tiya, shima and aisyah chatting and webcam-ing. i missed talking with them, screaming, singing dancing and doing stupid stuff together. haha

can you see what's written there? the photo is kinda blur and not clear. it's written "SHIMA RINDU KORANG"

p/s : babe, i miss you too ;)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

aku kusut

hebat tak? i painted it all by myself. birthday present for my friend ;)

mahu order? *kening-kening*

sumpah aku bosan

dan sumpah aku nampak bodoh dalam setiap gambar di bawah. HAHA

scream out loud

THE TWILIGHT SAGA NEW MOON will be released tomorowwwwwwwww!!!
so anyone want to accompany me watch that movie? anyone?


JOM, nak?

*text me okay.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

aku sedang membebel?

mahu aku menulis coretan lagi?
atau kamu sudah jemu membaca?
maaf kerana ruang ini terlalu bosan,
aku akan cuba mewarnainya lagi, ya.
aku mahu menulis di sini,
malangnya tiada idea mahupun cerita,
engkau tahu aku bosan kan?
setiap malam memang begini.
setiap malam memang akan sedih.
setiap malam memang akan bosan.
aku dah serik dengan keadaan begini.
sudah jenuh aku berfikir
letih memikirkan aktiviti untuk dilakukan
sudah tengah malam dan sepatutnya tidur?
oh, itu bukan aku.
aku seperti burung hantu HAHA
aku tidak ngantuk lagi lah
mungkin 2 atau3 jam lagi baru tidur
tidak mengapa,
katil sedia menunggu ku bila-bila masa pun.
aku baru perasan.
aku tidak sedar yang aku menaip tanpa henti.
entah apa lah yang aku bebelkan tadi.
abaikan ya apa yang aku bicara tadi.
seperti mahu menekan butang backspace sahaja
namun tidak jadi.
biarlah hasil bebelan aku ini terpapar.
biar shabat ku baca.
aku tahu mereka pun seperti aku.
sedang bosan kan?
sedang berfikir mahu buat apa kan?
masih berfikir lagi?
tidak mengapa.
teruskan berfikir sambil membaca ini.
moga-moga ilham tiba-tiba muncul,
aku sudah mula mengarut kan?
haha tidak mengapa lah.
itu memang aku.
sudah lah.
aku rasa aku perlu berhentikan jari ku.
berhenti menaip perkara sia-sia.
maaf lah mengambil masa mu.
aku tahu engkau telah bazirkan 5 minit,
laen kali jika tak mahu rugi,
jangan baca apa-apa yang aku bebelkan ya.
aku berhenti sekarang
dan kali ini memang aku akan berhenti betul-betul.
selamat tinggal.

*wah, tak sangka aku pandai membebel. kan? kan?

the side effect of boredom

aku terasa bosan
engkau bosan?

aku mahu berborak
engkau mahu?

aku rindu sahabat
engkau rindu?

aku malas belajar
engkau malas?

aku terasa bodoh
engkau bodoh?

aku manusia hodoh
engkau hodoh?

aku aku
engkau engkau?

Monday, November 23, 2009

she worries too much.

i really think my mom should stop worrying too much about me. i'm a grown-up girl already. perhaps some trusts will be good. i can handle and take care of my own self.

mom, you should try to trust me and give me some freedom. will ya?

2012 for today

it's 2.21 am and it's monday! but haih. i'm gonna start my tuition today. since my final exam result is a total disaster, my mom decided to register me into some class tuition. the class will be held every monday and wednesday for 6 precious weeks from 10 am to 1.30 pm. man, kill me now. i wished the teachers teach us with enthusiasm and not lame and bored. may my wish comes true.

after finish tuition for today, i'll be going straight to megamall to catch a movie with my boarding school friends. and i'm sure dina cant wait for that moment since her mr. kotak-kotak will be there too. haha.

nadiahbs : dina mesti excited giler nak kuar esok. kan mr. kotak-kotak ade nnt. haha
aisyah : yup. mesti x tido sbb pilih baju. haha
nadiahbs : btol2.
aisyah : nnt tanye aiman, mr. kotak-kotak pakai baju colour pe. nnt bleh matching ngan dina. haha
nadiahbs : ohh, boleh2.

what? i'm bored, okay?!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

i'm posting again

i stumbled upon my phone's memory card to delete some photos and look what i found. i cant even remember when i took this picture. i swear i look silly. haha. maybe that time i was goofing around with my turtle neck shirt. haih.

bodoh kan? HAHA

today is sunday

just came home from visiting my cousin in shah pekan. he's sitting for SPM right now. and i didnt miss a chance to snap some pictures of mine there. HAHA

followers and silent-readers!

i'll try my best to update my blog more frequent. wish my brain works functionally ya. ;)

my first video-upload.

haha, just called me lame-o.

i just can't wait for new moon to be released in cinema. so i just did some youtube-ing on new moon and i found this one hell of hilarious trailer of new moon. HAHA

i cant stop laughing. dude, sumpah bodoh. HAHA

*alamak giler lame kot nak upload video ni. you better laugh your tummy off. laugh your tummy off?? HAHA bodoh.

oh shit

what were they thinking?

i swear i won't be caught dead appearing at crowd like that

shit. this is horrible! fire your make-up artist please.

enough. i can handle no more of those thing. haih.

it's cold

and make me wanna pee.

fly up to the sky hill

a week after final exam, my clique was like damn bored. we have no idea how to spice up our pathetic life in hostel. so to spice it up (poyo je, haha), we did something that we're not supposed to.
KAMI FLY! HAHA. (fly la sgt -.-)

the non-stop monsoon rain has brought us to a heavenly special place -.- (whatever la nadiah wey), let the pictures do the talking ok ( i malas sebenarnye, haha)

in the forest

tadaaa, the waterfall!

picnic. picnic

after 'fly' get some rest at the school field.

i love laying on the grass ;)


group photo

actually the waterfall that we went was up the hill. we need to climb the hill. and we have some short picnic up there. ;) and there a lot more pictures in dina's phone. later i upload it for you all.

*my mom mesti membebel kalau tahu. HAHA

it's holiday babehh

holidays come again!
but right now i am utterly bored.
i have nothing to do. haih. i really need someone right now to fill up my boring day.

let me just update on my current life. my pathetic life. highlight that ok.

> my final exam result is a total disaster. i swear i played too much n never focus on my study. i only got 4a 4c n one failed for crying out loud. haih. i wished i will change for the better for my own sake.
> missing my fiveforfighting moments. husna, turun kuantan jom!
> will be going to putrajaya on 3rd dec. bangsawan sekalian, hangout jom!
> my holidays will be filled up with TUITION since my result is....arghh so wateva.
> i will redecorate my room! wohooo

sorry guys, you have just wasted your 5 precious minutes reading my boring blog. haha. i'll update my blog with a lot more interesting story next time ok?


Saturday, October 17, 2009


it's getting complicated,
it's complicated,
it's getting more complicated,
it's more complicated,

Thursday, October 15, 2009


i miss everything.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

syawal menjelma

for this entry, i wanted to wish all muslim on planet earth.


sorry kalau ade buat salah. n since i i kuat makan n selalu je pau makanan n minuman korang. halalkan la ek segale-gale nye.

maaf zahir n batin.
kosong-kosong ok?

Friday, September 18, 2009

rase terhina part 2

since i couldnt get my mind off that thing. i was like trying to make the girl feel bad n wanted to show lah yang kitorang ni bengang n marah pasal tu. so, i pon ade lah tulis something on paper n stick it on my board class.

1st paper;

usah mengeluarkan suara,
engkau tipu,
engkau tak tahu apa-apa,
andaian engkau salah.
kami bukan begitu,
kami tak sejahil itu.
engkau lain lah,
berpura-pura selalu,
bersembunyi di sebalik topeng.
lakonan engkau menjadi.
kesian mereka,
diperbodohkan kepalsuan engkau.

2nd paper;

orang luar?
itu diskriminasi.
luaskan pemikiran engkau,
usah dibiarkan dalam kesempitan.
tak perlu mengusutkan kepala,
berhenti fikir keburukan kami,
kerana mungkin,
muka dan luaran kami,
tak sesuci dan sesopan engkau,
tetapi mugkin hakikat sebenar,
si jahil yang engkau fikirkan itu,
jauh lebih baik dalamannya.
kerana kami tak pernah,
menghina manusia sehina itu.

then, i asked my friend to pretend asking that girl about the papers i wrote. but of course without mentioning my name lah. but it seems like she didnt understand but she accused my friend of writing it. i used my own handwritng. i didnt fake it. but i have no idea why people dont even know that, that was my handwriting. ramai tanye my friend, whether she wrote it, but no one ask me. weird, huh? so, i wrote more. tak puas hati punye pasal.

3rd paper;

masih tidak mengerti?
engkau tak ingat?
lupa apa yang engkau katakan?
aku dah serik,
dah kenal sangat,
segala lakonan engkau.
usah berpura-pura lagi,
engkau hanya kelihatan bodoh.
jika tidak memahami,
semua ini ditujukan kepada engkau.
pelakon wanita terhandal.

but still.
she didnt do anything. so my friends asked me to write it lagi tajam n macam straight to the point lah. so here it is

4th paper;

apalah engkau ni,
masih tidak memahami?
engkau yang bakal berjawatan.
engakau yang disukai ramai.
ya, engkau!
engkau yang mereka hormati.
oh, maaf.
kami sudah tidak hormat engkau lagi.
muka kami,
muka tak minat agama kah?
muka tak pernah baca quran kah?
engkau bukan pencatat pahala kami.
engkau tak tahu apa-apa.
engkau hanyalah,
perempuan kaki bodek.

i sengaja guna 'perempuan kaki bodek' bcos P.K.B. dia pon ade ckp lbh krg camni. "ustaz farid mcm dh anggap saya ni PKB la tahun depan". wth! i swear i dont want her to own any jawatan next year!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

rasa terhina

offline blog

sangat sangat terhina. of all the time, i stay kat hostel ni. yang ni lah paling terhina sekali i rase. is it really wrong to be 'orang luar'? or bukan terengganu or kelantan? is it really matter? kenape must you treat us like that? janganlah sempit sangat fikiran tu. ingat ke orang luar ni jahat sangat ke? jahil sangat ke? n u ingat orang bukan KL n pahang tu bagus n alim sangat ke? PUH-LIZ. now i dont know nak trust n respect siapa dah. ok lah. let me explain what this is all about.

adalah girl ni, who is my classmate. ok, die alim n baik n kireye i respect la die. oh wait. not anymore! i thought she's okay n not like any other people here. but NO. she's just the same. n could i say, even worse?!! since dia ni alim n warak, kitorang mcm kira sokong lah jugak kalu dia jadi our PKB next year. -PKB: penolong ketua badar *badan dakwah n rohaniah*-. tapi perception kitorang kt dia dah berubah since dia cakap 'ORANG LUAR NI MACAM X MINAT AGAMA JE' which dia tujukan kat us. my clique. WTH kan?! and the worst of all is die cakap. "Nadbs n syaza tu mcm x pernah baca quran je." WTFish with that? huh? although die mention 2 3 name budak from my geng but still rase terhina tau! HELL-O. mcm la engkau tu bagos sgt. perasan malaikat! x leh blah la org mcm ni. seriously, this girl kalau korang tgk,, nmpk punye la baik n ayu n korang x kan sangke punye lah yang die boleh ckp mcm tu. even i pon x sangke. die seems okay je ngan i. cerita ni pon i tau sbb my friend from or clique bitau. dia borak2 ngan girl tu n girl tu ckp mcm tu. bengong tahap naga, kan? n kawan i mase borak2 tu, ade lah ckp, yang die sokong kalau that girl jd PKBn guess what? girl tu ckp, "kalau saya jadi PKB, sape nk jadi PKR alfa?" something like that lah. -PKR: penolong ketua rumah- adoi. giler betol lah. igt ke engkau sorang ke layak jd PKB or PKR? puh-liz. kalau mcm ni lah,, u can kiss ur dreams goodbye! takde sape nak sokong engkau. shit-o

now, u guys know kan, what kind of people here in my boarding school? rase terhna giler, especially the quran part. takkan lah everytime nk bace quran kene pegi depan die or heboh2kan satu sekolah. this is incredibly unbeliavable.

i dont understand why this world got this kind of people yg narrow-minded n perasan bagos. this people, tak abis-abis nak cari kesalahan kitorang n nk jatuhkan kitorang. guys, get ur own life lah.

Monday, September 7, 2009


great, now i got time to blog. but guess what. here comes the stupid blog-block. so, haih. i have nothing on my mind to blog about.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

lupa nak cakap

selamat menyambut kemerdekaan yg ke-52


next update ;

whenever there is no starry eyes.

*u get my point, rite?*

stop the time!

i just got less than 10 hours to have a pleasant time in kuantan. and then, pooff, i'm off to terengganu. bye bye kuantan, and hell-o boarding school.

Friday, August 28, 2009

go away, u bloody virus!

a good friend of mine is +ve H1N1. babe, i really hope u get well soon ok? i miss you. bile dah sihat, kite hangout sesame ok.

bagusnya nadiah

after 2 hours, i hanya mampu membuat satu suku page of folio chemistry. =.=


haih, folio chemistry ni buat my back sakit giler kot.

laugh out loud

human : la nadiah bs rupenye, takot la rase
me : apesal pulak?
human : sebab popular
me : popular? haha. x lgsg. jgn buat lawak lah.
human : dah tu, nadiah bs, (bs) tu bkn nadiah bintang sester la ek?
me : haha, x pnh dgr pon bintang sester tu sume. baharum shah lah.

*sangat tak leh blah ok. HAHA. ntah pape jek manusia itu

Thursday, August 27, 2009


*taken from sara's blog*

"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets .
So love the people who treat you right ;
forget about the ones who don't ;
and believe that everything happens for a reason .
If you get a chance - take it . If it changes your life : let it .
Nobody said that it'd be easy ;
they just promised it'd be worth it . "

*it makes me think for awhile*

i have no idea mane dorang tahu my blog

just wanna say hi to my blog readers.

hai, cikgu amran!
hai, cikgu azhar!


*comment saya kalau cikgu mendapat salam hai saya ;)

same ngan nad

i just did the personality test.
n yes, same ngan nad


i <3 jb ;)

baru balik dari jb. woo. u have no idea how much i missed JB. 10 tahun kot tinggal sana n suddenly, my dad decided nak pindah kuantan. haih, ape boleh buat. i still tak paham kenape. my dad kate, jb ni ok. fun n best. but he said that, tak sampai satu stage lg yang die nak his body to be bury in JB. haih. whatever. dah pindah kuantan dh pon n dah 5 tahun dah pon tinggal kat kuantan. nothing to regret dah. but if i get to choose, i would probably go for JB. so, kitorang pergi banyak tempat. kitorang pon ade lalu rumah lama kitorang, sri indah court. rindu giler every moment kat sane. i remember i ade this one lembut friend, we used to go swimming together. tp mase tu i baru skolah rendah la n die dah form brape dh ase tu. lupe. n city square, always be my favourite shopping mall. ;)

woo, lagi brape hari jek nak balik hostel. haih. homework still x sentoh ape-ape lagi. typical nadiah. gosh, folio chemistry tak buat pape pon lagi. suprise suprise, banyak giler bende kene buat. nadiahbs, ready untuk dileter oleh cikgu.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

daily horoscope: capricorn

Getting to where you need to be today will be one of your biggest challenges today.

Your career needs a boost, but you're not the only one! The good news is that you may be the only one nearby with the right kind of energy to really take off. It takes some work, though.

When things get tricky today, it might be easy to let someone else take over the decision-making, but is it in your best interest? You're up for whatever challenges come along, so don't sit on the sidelines. Jump in there and start getting things done -- be more actively involved in what you're doing today. Every challenge is an opportunity to be proud of yourself, so if you let those situations pass you by, or you allow someone else take care of them, you're cheating yourself.

*i like to read my daily horoscope even though i didnt really believe's something i do when i'm bored. and the whole idea of writing this post is because I'M BORED*

orang kusut ;)

sigh, sigh all the way......

*sigh* i've been longing to watch it. but kat gsc kuantan takde la pulak. *sigh again*

i tend not to talk about it but i couldnt

man, time flied fast. now it's ramadhan already. and suprise suprise, i still dont have baju kurung for raya. as usual, i will probably buy the ready-made one. so, nothing much to talk about.
oh yes, i still trying (so hard) to survive in my boarding school. oh my, oh my. u have no idea how things work around there. it's weird. u know. people tend to hate you just in a split of seconds. and its worst when they hate u without any actual reasons or without knowing u. it sucks. seriously. cause i've been through it. do i look like a betrayer or what? do my face has any tag that says,"hate me, hate me, i can't be trusted." but still, i am. standing here and wondering why this shit happened. but i don't care much cause all this stuff only happened to me here, in SESTER. so, maybe i'm not really the bad one. maybe the people there just lame, narrow-minded (sorry to say that) but genius in studies. but that wont bring ur future bright to have only brain for studies. u must be balanced, guys. and i'm telling this for ur own sake,though.

Friday, August 21, 2009

uu la la la

i'm going to smart in less than 7 hours.
giler tak sabar oh!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


off to hostel,
see ya this coming august sch hols.

for the time being,
i'll try to update this blog more often.

bye ;)

stop be a procrastinator, young lady.

and i really really need to.

i'm seriously need to force myself to get my ass of this laptop and start doing things that should be done.

shuh shuh, nadiah.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

pretty reckless

taylor momsen. i adore her ;) awesome fashion's sense

silly bro

conversation in the car, on the way home :

me : ma, kat malaysia dah ade 4 orang mati sbb h1n1!
ma : ye ke?
grandma : u izzat ade ke yg kene h1n1?
bro : ade.
grandma : dah tu, budak u izzat ade yg mati ke?
bro : blom mati lagi

stupid answer.

my mom cant stop laughing.

after moving to a boarding school for almost 6 months

i still asked myself the same old question,

"why on earth did i moved there instead of staying in SMART?"

Saturday, July 25, 2009

missing kuantan. badly

seriously, hari ni boring giler nak mampos. tak de mood nak study. n tak de mood nak buat pape pon. omg! rindu giler giler kat kuantan. lame dah tak balik. rindu nak hangout ngan kawan n tengok movies. ala. lambat giler lagi kot nak balik. ish.

Friday, July 24, 2009

i'm just


this is what i feel right now.
i think i'm being such a stupid person yester-years.
can time move backwards so that i can fix all things i've done before?
i always wish 080808 didnt really work that way.
if not, i would be pretty happy right now.

p/s: trust me, if you're in my shoes, u'll understand what i feel n u would probably think that u're STUPID fullstop :|

Friday, July 10, 2009

macam kuman

Dunia ni kecil, kan?

Friday, June 26, 2009

what can i say more?

You Are Totally Addicted to Gossip

You love gossip - even when it's about you.

You're up on the latest news about your friends and celebrities.

In fact, people know to turn to you when they need the scoop.

You don't feel bad about dishing the dirt. If you don't want to be talked about - don't live it!

saya tak tahu malu

so, i akan announce my mid year result

4A 2B 2C 1G

1A - pai
2A - bm, english, math mode
4B - sej, physics
5C - bio, chem
1G - tak yah bitau lah, mesti korang dh dpt agak. HAHA

i improved! dulu 2A n 3 failed. now 4A n 1 failed only. ok lah tu kan?

ranking pulak,

dulu - 86/111
now - 51/111

actually, i boleh tinggi lagi ranking tapi sebab i failed add math n add math tu adelah pemberat utk ranking tu. so, ade orang yg dpt sikit A but add math tak failed, get higher ranking than me. tapi tak pelah at least ade improvement kan?

nak tahu apa yang i rase?

life makin complicated kan? the more we think about it, rase macam nak give up macam tu je. tapi tak boleh. sekarang, life kat hostel much better. i think i dah jadi my old nadiahbs, nadiah macam kat smart dulu. kuat ketawa, kuat tido, kuat mengarot n kuat ronggeng. tapi kat sekolah yg kecik ni which is sbp yg terkecik kat malaysia ni, kat mane je kan nak ronggeng setakat pergi merayap dari kelas ke kelas. tapi kire ok lah kan, at least dapat melepaskan gian nk ronggeng. tadi duduk dalam bus almost 4 hours, banyak bende yang i fikir besides tido about 3 hours. suddenly, i jadi agak emo. hehe. tadi i terfikir pasal how my life would be kalau i still smartian? n camne i nak survive 2 tahun kat hostel? n camne kalau i dah bersusah payah stay hostel n sacrifice banyak n suddenly tak dapat ape yg i nak? n semua kenangan kat smart, hangout ngan kawan n banyak lagi lah. kadang-kadang rase macam 'haih, kenapelah kite lepaskan camtu je hidup dulu, i mean, i dah happy giler with m life n suddenly i tukar my hala tuju whatsoever'. tapi n then, i terfikir, 'takpelah, its a good thing, though. belum cuba belum tahu kan?' so, now. i rase macam lega tapi tak tau kenape. maybe sebab i think yang i dah buat the right decision kot. hostel tu kira ok lah. not that bad cume sometime kite rase macam tinggal dalam hell. kat sini ape ape pon, friendship yang penting. sebab mane- mane je kite pergi or pape jek yang kite buat, mesti ngan kawan or melibatkan kawan. so, friends lah yang buat kite happy and sedih at the same time. tapi biaselah kan. name pon LIFE kan.kalau semuanye berjalan ngan smooth, boring lah kan. mesti ade naek n turun n now, i akan hargai n hadapi every single thing tu sebaik-baiknye. aceehh. haha. tapi kan seriously, kalau stay kat hostel, korang akan learn to do things all by yourselves. susah mane pon, kite still akan try harder n harder. baguslah macam tu kan. tak sangke dah nak dekat 5 bulan i stay kat hostel. well done, nadiah! well done ;) so, i hope i akan survive sampai spm next year kat sekolah tu. pray for me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

conscience says,

stop whining around and get your ass off this computer.
shut down the computer and get yourself ready to do what you should do, you little stubborn lazy girl.

nadiah : aye aye captain :

i blew it

time is running out, man.

i wasted my two weeks school holidays just like that. and this saturday i will back to terengganu and continue my life in a boarding school. gosh, i really should used my school holidays doing something better but then, i just blew it. now i only have less than 5 days to fill every single hour with something that can gain me benefits.

i should have study and doing my tonns of homeworks but i didnt.
i should have wake up early and start my day in the morning but i didnt.
i should have spend some quality time with my family but i didnt.
i should have do something better than wasting my time but i didnt.

haih, i should do what i really should to but i didnt. so, i end up feel regret ang guilty about it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

it's 4.15 am

cant sleep

did u notice that they look alike? look at those eyebrows and nose. but joe seems like didnt took shower for like forever.

uuu laa laaaaaa

too much of eyeshadow, looks like someone punched u on the face, dear.

that's a big YUCKS for Adam Lambert face, we can see it from his face that he is gay.

ohh, why are you sooo heartthrobbing? ;) *slap me please*

nadiah said, "no, dont look at me like that, i'm blushing over here." your response : =..=

here is the product of the boredom. i end up, doing this craps. but i quite love it ;)

i've lost my fangs,

can i borrow yours? ;)

omg! he's HOOTTTTT. i cant wait for new moon movie this november ! agagagagaga

Thursday, June 4, 2009

can i called him, shit?

gosh, i'm so freaking out now.

here goes the story....

before the school holiday started, which is after mid year exam over, and when night prep, me n my friends gossiping in the class. n suddenly, my indian boy senior who i quite close to came in the class n joined our conversation. he told me that, yesterday, when he came into his room, he saw a letter n he didnt from who. the letter asked him to bring that person to bukit istana because that person wanted to go to my house. dang! n suddenly, when he went out n came into his room back, the letter was missing. i was like 'naahh, apesal die nk dtg pulak. ntah pape'. n i didnt made a big fuss bout it.

but now,

that person or can i called it shit, texting me everyday n once he told me that he's going to my house blablabla yadda yadda yadda. n already scolded him, but haih. buang tenage jek.

and this morning he asked me, what colour is my house. shoooott. ape kene ntah ngan mamat tu, dh lah org tak kenal die. tetibe jek nk dtg. ntah pape.

i'm gaining weight

i'm bored. *sigh*

i wanna write something but i dont know what. ya, its blog-block again.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

telekung, boleh? episode 2

check this out for more story and photo on my last post- "telekung, boleh?"

kakak dina punya blog ;)

Friday, May 29, 2009

drum roll please


ohh babeehhhhhh

*dancing on the bed*

Monday, May 4, 2009

telekung, boleh?

okay. this is ultimately unbealivable. ada ke patut i kene tahan after morning rocall tadi sebab pengawas kata tudung singkat?! i dont know how big should my tudung be to satisfy them. oh emm gee, tudung ku singkat? apekah ini? excuse you. ini bukan sekolah agama, hello. nak buat peraturan sendiri pulak. kalau tudng i memang singkat tu, tak kesah la kene tegur. tapi ni, astaga biase je ok. even my friend yg dulu sekolah agama pon terkejut yg kiteorg kene tahan. btw, dina pon kene tahan sekali. and the worst part is they asked us to buy tudung labuh from seniors. ngek ngok giler kan? kalau nak ikutkan, ramai lagi yg pakai tudung sama saiz ngan kitorang, tp kitorang je yg selalu kena aim ngan pengawas. huh.

mmg geram gilerla and kitorg plan utk perli diorang ngan pinjam tudung labuh budak yg sekolah agama tu and pakai. biar dorang tau. HAHA

btw, tudung yang dorang kate singkat tu is the same tudung i wore at smart. so, singkat ke?


mission accomplished ;)

believe it or not? BELIEVE IT

we rocked the "tudung labuh" HAHA

tp kitorg pakai sehari jelah.

offline blog,

Saturday, May 2, 2009

i'm sick

i dont know why ut i really really not in the mood right now. i just feel like i need to be alone. and yes. i am. i run from the crowd and stay alone in the class right in this very time. it's weekend. all student are at the hostel or cc. being alone while listening to the mp3 at its maximum volume is the best thing i could do now. i just dont feel like talking to anyone. yes, i guess i have some emotion disorder. nowadays, i always feel sad without any reason. creepy isnt it?

i miss kuantan.

offline blog,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i could get used to this

sometimes we just have to look, fake a smile and walk away.

SUPRISE!!! =.= today is not my birthday lah.

offline blog ;)
26 march 2009
12.35 pm

this is how sbp works around. they will give you a suprise that you not excited when finding out about it. okay. before march school holidays, teachers already told that form 4 will be having exam on 24, 25 and 29 march. and as usual i'm so friggin lazy to study and coming back to school with zero knowledge. i mean, all the stuff fir doing exam. i didnt even prepared! even my homeworks i didnt complete. not a single. and as usual also, i will freaking study and memorize all the facts the day before exam. and as you know, i stayed up until 2 am to study for the exam and none of it diffuse into my brain cell =.=

  • first day exam, =.= i know i'll failed. i slept in all subjects.
  • second day exam, OMG! banyak giler kot tinggal. tidur jugak.

the, i rest for a night and didnt study because the third day exam will be on 29 march. and on the 26 march, school as usual and we'll be going to books exhibition. and i was damn tired and sleepy and right after the morning roll call, i immediately get into the class and sleep. i woke up by the noisy voices if my class. i asked them why and they said we're not going to the exhibition and i was like, "ala. dah tu, belaja cam biase ke? mane bawak buku!". and they just laughed, "wey, ade exam lah. cikgu konon nak buat suprise. haih tu la, tido lagi." amd i was like "SHOOOOOOTTT!!". the teachers purposely do the so-called-suprise-thing to us and it it so-called-the-tradisi sbp. argh whatever. all my books and files are in the hostel. WTH

i sucked in all subjects. i dont even know what to answer. and fyi, i'm writing this whe. biology paper is on and i havent finish the paper yet. i hentam almost all of it, wait not almost but ALL. 45 minutes left before the time is over. i think i'm just going to leave the structured question BLANK. maybe i will get O% for my biology. APPLAUSE =.=

btw, esok kayak!

positive : main air! beach! beach!

negative : tanned. jadi keturunan obama. HAHA

HAR. scratch that craps.

nadiahbs ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

xoxo, gossip girls

Ohh emm gee

apa kena ngan otak ni. masih tak berfungsi. still takde topik nak cakap. aish. bila dah menghadap komputer, stuck pulak otak. kalau takde computer, mula lah terfikir-fikir nak buat ni lah, nak update blog, itulah, inilah =.=

baiklah. biar i cerita jelah pasal my new friends kat sekolah baru tu ;)


  • orang selangor
  • bukan my classmate
  • same-same maen basketball
  • muke ala-ala hindustan :D
  • kawan bergossip ;)


sorry takde gambar
  • budak kuantan, stay kat gudang rasau
  • bukan my classmate jugak
  • funny
  • suka kambing HAHA
  • cepat mengeluarkan air mata LOL
  • kawan bergossip ;)


  • budak KL
  • bukan my classmate jugak
  • our bakal PKB. omg, dia jd pkb ? hancur sekolah.
  • jenis yg terus-terang n slumber
  • kawan bergossip ;)

ramai lagi kawan baru yg laen. tapi yang ni yg paling rapat antare budak yang laen. in a week, mesti kitorg ade sleepover kat bilik sesape and bergossip and makan-makan.

that's all for now. kalau otak ni berfungsi dengan baeknya, maka diri ini akan meng-update blog, ok?


Saturday, March 14, 2009

waahh, i'm blogging! =..=

sorry for no updates. can you just imagine how on earth am i going to update my blog if lots of starry eyes didnt even move their eyes from my computer screen when i'm onlining and read every single word that i'm typing? so i have to wait when i'm home to update my blog. sorry for that.

actually, i have no idea what to blog.
applause =.=


i'll update later.
otak tak berfungsi ni.

Friday, February 27, 2009

of pengutuk and akak ngade

i gonna talk about my new school.
the things that i hate of.

teguran yang dikenakan selama hanya 3 minggu berada di sekolah baru:
- tudung tak boleh selempang. kena pakai 3 brooch. atas, tengah and bawah. 0_o
- baju singkat. tak boleh atas bontot. pada bontot pon tak boleh. kena bawah bontot. =.=
- stokin pendek. kena tegur lebih dari 3 kali.
- kasut kena susun ikut turutan. first row, kasut sekolah. 2nd row, kasut sukan, 3rd n 4th row, kasut prep and sliper
- kasut kena susun muncung di hadapan. =.=
- nak makan, kena amik lauk dulu baru amik nasi. =.=
- cara baring di surau. kena lah begini n begitu.
- cara duduk ketika membaca doa. tak boleh bersila, kena bersimpuh. =.=
- jangan duduk dekat sangat ngan lelaki. "istilah 2 meter"
- tak boleh singsing lengan baju. singsing ke sengseng?

*got some more, but cant recall*

story 1 :

u know what. i pulled up my sleeves when i'm running for the sukan tara and guess what! most of the seniors ( mostly girls including badar-'badan dakwah n rohaniah'-, and got boys also) kutuk me because of that. no wonder when i came in to the dining hall for dinner, the seniors stared at me. rupe-rupenye, my friend said because of that thing. adoi. eleh, teachers pakai baju lengan pendek tak kecoh pulak. cikgu biasa je, senior yang lebih-lebih.

story 2 :

got this one akak senior who is in charged for the ordering of tshirts, baju batik, yadda yadda yadda. and she asked me what size i want to order. then i said, S size because my PE tshirt is S size also. but that senior looked at me and she said L!

me : ha'?! L? tapi saya punye baju PJ saya pakai size S lah.

akak ngade : size L. nanti singkat. L! L!
me : ok lah ok lah. erm, M. M lah.
akak ngade : ( buat dek) *aish rase cam nak tumbuk je*
me : akak, size M.
akak ngade : Ah! awak tinggi! L!
me : ( dalam hati, "bengong betol la akak ni" )

*the S size tshirt is a little bigger than the SMART koko tshirt i wear. so can u just imagine how do i look like if i'm wearing the L size? =.=

oh, and poor to my friend. he's a thin boy and his height is same as me and the akak ngade said, " SIZE XL! ". terbeliak mata budak tu. kesian.


Friday, February 20, 2009

kissing the lipless

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog or a note on Facebook with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment (”you’re it”) and to read your blog. You can’t tag the person who tagged you.

16 RANDOM. . . about me:)
- i'm hyper
- i'm loud
- i laugh a lot. i mean like a lot a lot.
- still adapting with new school
- i sleep a lot including during teachers teaching
- i love sports - now, i'm trying out for basketball in my new school ;)
- hate wearing kain dalam
- i missed my friends in smart. i love you.
- first impression of people towards me : sombong n gedik
- new school rules annoy me.
- learning kelantan n terenganu slanga. i can write , but i cant speak. seriouly macam alien kalau dengar sy ckp.
- recently, i slept everyday in my class
- love cats
- i'm not weird. NORMAL ;)
- eat a lot !
- love 54f ( miss u all! )
- hidup aa, mati gelgil !

- all bloggers :O


living in hostel is VERY tiring. I have to rush here and there. Every weekdays' routines are just the same. sometimes, i feel like a robot. my new school is not fun like smart. smart is better. the rules here is sooooo ergghhh. agak ntah pape. wajib memakai kain dalam. and i'm totally not a big fan of kain dalam =.= first time pakai. rimas giler kot! since the first day, i have been scolded -wait, not scolded, how am i going to put it right?- ha'! tegur. ditegur almost ten times. baju singkat lah. tudung jgn selempang lah. socks pendek lah. kena pakai singlet all the time lah. kasut kena susun macam ni lah. yadda yadda yadda.

thank god i got some friends yang kira ok lah.

btw, here in my new school, boys and girls must be 'istilah 2 metre from one another'. cannot stand, talk or sit to close, if not.......

ok lah. tak de mood nak tulis lagi.

*still trying to adapt with new school*


Thursday, February 19, 2009

walking disaster


1. Copy badge "2008 Cute's 3logger Award" di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda.
2. Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda.
3. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya (anda di-tag).
4. Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan menyatakan nama mereka di blog anda.
5. Jangan lupa melawat blog kawan anda dan meninggalkan komen yang menyatakan mereka telah di tag

Di tag oleh :
*dikenali sebagai fiqah.
*merupakan BFF ku n 54f fighters.
*i miss u, babe!

10 fakta/hobi saya.

1. kalau cakap nadiah, orang tak kenal. tapi kalau cakap nadiahbs, baru orang kenal.
2. tinggal di asrama yang berperaturan ketat =.=
3. 54F fighter. *sayang 54F (*
4. sedang belajar berbahasa terengganu dan kelantan
5. cakap kuat and ketawa sampai tak ingat dunia ( sekarang kena control sikit, since sekolah baru tu tidak membenarkan tingkah laku begitu wujud pada pelajarnya. LAME )
6. saya tak pelik n saya tak tahu kenapa orang rase saya pelik.
7. saya ketawa vibrate.
8. saya kuat tidur and classmates baru saya dah tau tentang ini :|
9. saya rase macam robot tinggal di asrama
10. saya anak malaysia!

10 penerima award :

2. husna
3. 54f
4. abdul
5. hidayah
6. sarah
7. paduka ratna
8. seha
9. kasya
10. sesiapa lah yang sedang membaca ini.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

are you a smartian?

unfortunately, i'm not

and it's not a good thing.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

episode 2

my mom called the boarding school management and he said that 2 PERSON PER ROOM!
its great. but the bad thing is if i got a very boring roommate, i will stuck there lonely and sadly in that room waiting for her to transform into a super friendly and cheerful person.

since its a sighing episode, so..

*sigh again* =.=

reminder to myself : THINK POSITIVE, young lady!

episode : sigh all the time


seriously, i'm not feel like going to that boarding school right now. i never thought that i would be in the hostel, staying with new friends, live in a place where the surrounding will be totally different from SMART. omg, did i really make the right decision? :|

*sigh again*
*and again*
*and again*
*and again*

but i think i will give it a try. maybe couple of weeks and months. and if i cant really adapt to the new place or dont really like staying there, i'm so gonna move back here. but i'm not sure whether i can come back to SMART again or not. because the principle already said CANNOT!

*sigh again and again*
*again and again*
*again and again*
*again and again*

cant stop sighing,


Saturday, January 31, 2009


time is running out.

i havent finish any of my homework done. not a single thing. and i'm so freaking out because i just realize that school will be started in just a couple of days. and every single subject got lots of work to do. which i hardly even touch them. duh. WAKE UP NADIAH ! 0_o

so, i better get my butt of this thing and start doing my tonnes of homework. *high-pitch*


Thursday, January 29, 2009


seriously, i need a new phone. -_-
LG cookie would be nice. ;)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

i just hate this condition.

no need an introduction, straight to the point.


wey, saya dapat SM Sains Terengganu!

sriously, i have no idea whether i'll going to that school or not. yes, as everyone know, I AM AN UNDECIDEABLE PERSON. frankly, i love SMART and all the people there. tapi sayang pulak nak tolak sekolah sains tu kan?

and guess what?!

the registeration of that boarding school is on 5 feb! its only a couple of week from now. and if i'm going there, i can only spend a week in smart before moving there. a week is like a minute to me. kejap giler kot!

so, i will probably cracking my head thinking about this. people said that this school is SO GOOOODD. and it make me feel harder to decide.

but i think most probably, i may not be seen in smart a week after CNY school holidays.

behind these hazel eyes

[1] tulis nama korang seCANTIKnye or seKREATIFnye

Nadiah bs, nama tu tak cantik n tak kreatif tp me likey.

[2]letak pic korang yg paling korang suka atau sape2 suka

i choose this one randomly, but i think i look GOOOODDD. haha.

[3]pic korang yg korang tak suka.mayb tercomot cket


[4]list stuff yg korang syg giler

> twiligh
t novels
> bag AA gue. haha
malas nk pikir dh

[5]ape lagik..tayangla pic hot stuff korang tuh

giler lah, malas ar nk amik gmbr.

[6]3 perkara pelik tentang korang

suka membau buku, tp oleh kerana ramai yg suke bau buku, sy rase ia sudah tak pelik lg. TP bile bau tu buku tu sgt menyelerakan dan meng'rawr'kan, haha. sy akan menggigit buku itu.
> ketawe vibrate giler. getaran boleh menggegarkan meja kadang-kadang. haha

[7]3 lagu terPALING kegemaran

> avril lavigne - fall to pieces
> inner circles - sweat a la la la la long
> adele - chasing pavements
> belambak lagi sebenarnya.

[8]2 filem yg giler Best nk mampos bg korang

> juno *menarik*
> berbagi suami *unik*

[9] tag ler kwn2 korang

mereka yang saya link

Saturday, January 10, 2009

planet earth!

hello people of the planet earth!

it had been quite a long time i didnt update my blog. thanks to the streamyx line. so, i going to talk about my AZAM 2009. haha. althought it already late, but better than never. this is just the rough one. hehe

  • sonetimes, do act like a mature one. take somethings seriouslly. i'm a big girl now! haha
  • study hard, less playing or fooling around. our future and ambition wont wait us, we the one who should chase it. grab it while we can. haha
  • shop till you drop. =D i know its a bad one, but hey! i like this one so much. buy anything i want, dont regret later of not buying them. NICE ONE.
  • stay single as long as i can. i think i dont need puppy love right now. no boyfriend, but crushing can be consider. haha
  • stay slim and fit. haha bongok. must remain less than 50 kg this year. 45 kg is the best!
  • stay awake and alert in class! no sleeping and less napping at noon. *aww man*
  • exam, no cheating. i mean, LESS cheating. hehe. always study at least one week before the exam started. *idk whether i can do it or not*
  • kurangkan beronggeng *beronggeng bermaksud berjalan-jalan, merayau-rayau* no more take a tour everyday around the school. stay in class even when teachers not around.
that only the rough one that i can think of right now.

p/s : i'm turning 16 next week! january 16,

15 going on 16,