Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i blew it

time is running out, man.

i wasted my two weeks school holidays just like that. and this saturday i will back to terengganu and continue my life in a boarding school. gosh, i really should used my school holidays doing something better but then, i just blew it. now i only have less than 5 days to fill every single hour with something that can gain me benefits.

i should have study and doing my tonns of homeworks but i didnt.
i should have wake up early and start my day in the morning but i didnt.
i should have spend some quality time with my family but i didnt.
i should have do something better than wasting my time but i didnt.

haih, i should do what i really should to but i didnt. so, i end up feel regret ang guilty about it.

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