Thursday, June 4, 2009

can i called him, shit?

gosh, i'm so freaking out now.

here goes the story....

before the school holiday started, which is after mid year exam over, and when night prep, me n my friends gossiping in the class. n suddenly, my indian boy senior who i quite close to came in the class n joined our conversation. he told me that, yesterday, when he came into his room, he saw a letter n he didnt from who. the letter asked him to bring that person to bukit istana because that person wanted to go to my house. dang! n suddenly, when he went out n came into his room back, the letter was missing. i was like 'naahh, apesal die nk dtg pulak. ntah pape'. n i didnt made a big fuss bout it.

but now,

that person or can i called it shit, texting me everyday n once he told me that he's going to my house blablabla yadda yadda yadda. n already scolded him, but haih. buang tenage jek.

and this morning he asked me, what colour is my house. shoooott. ape kene ntah ngan mamat tu, dh lah org tak kenal die. tetibe jek nk dtg. ntah pape.


sakkara said...

nad ade stalker. yeye. haha..,

NadiahBS. said...

benci giler kot.

Shima Hishamuddin said...

sape? haha