Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Proud to be Malaysian.

Happy Independence Day, Malaysians !

yeah. it's 2nd of syawal but don't us forget that it's also our 54th Malaysia Merdeka day. woot woot :)

okay, cakap pasal Merdeka merdeka ni, buat I ter'flashback' the time when I was in standard 4. Masa tu kat Johor Bahru lagi. Me n my bestfriend joined lah this one merdeka drama competition kan. kitorang jadi the malay miskin children yang tengah enjoying our childhood main congkak, batu seremban and kampung stuff. and tetibe je datang segerombolan askar jepun, menceroboh kampung kitorang. bunuh lelaki-lelaki, tembak sana tembak sini. i remembered got this one man, kena heret dengan askar jepun tu, and kena paksa minum sabun haha. that was seriously hilarious. actually, bukan sabun betol, teh tarik if i'm not mistaken. lelaki tu menggelupur macam apa jelah kan sebab kononnya sabun haha. then, me and my bestfriend pulak kena heret dengan askar jepun tu masa kitorang tengah main congkak. dia heret and tendang kitorang dan menyeksa kami. tendang yang betul ye. tendang yang sakit ye. and guess what? bila balik rumah je kan, tengok memang ada lebam kat kaki. gila wey, besar nak mamps lebamnya. kejam betul. dia tu berlakon mengamuk ke memang betol2 mengamok? haha.

sampai sekarang i still remember that drama, sebab walaupun habis lebam semua badan but still, kasi kita sweet memories bila teringat pasal merdeka. yelah, imagine yang ni baru berlakon je dah lebam macam apa, bayang kalau in real situation, real askar jepun intrude your house and place, gila memang seram doe. so yeahh, marilah pertahankan negara kita harhar. so not related.

oh and today's outfit is ;

well, it's baju kurung actually. but i somehow modified it into thisssss......... hehe

yeay happy syawal everyone :)
and Merdeka merdeka ! :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sooooo Ramadhan.

yeay ! buka puasa di padang depan masjid negeri. :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

TiNad won't fade.

let's mark this hangout&sleepover session with this awesome photo of us :) cause i reallyyyyyy loveeeee thiiissss photoooooo !

well my plan to sleepover at Tiya's house before balik for raya went really well. i mean, it's seriously SUPER AWESOME ! i thought it would be only me and Tiya lepak-ing together, but it turned out that shima, aisyah and kinah also joined us. how cool was that :) it's like annual event to sleepover at Tiya's haha.

#DAY 1

break-fasting at Empire

only 3 years of knowing each other but feels like forever.

lepak time at Subang Parade.

#DAY 2

well, guess who's bed is that? it's ANNA SABRINA ! it turned out that Shima's roommate is my Johor Bahru primary school's bestfriend ! but then. the time i was in their apartment, she wasnt there cause she got classes. :(

she is one 'professional' driver.

how can all of those people fit in the train. waiting for train during peak hours really annoyed me. we waited for more than an hour but still couldnt make it through. because it was super sardin like thisssss..............

see, this is the 3rd train and only Kinah managed to get through. well, actually we pushed her inside really hard because she needs to go back early. so yeah, we say our goodbyes to Kinah. we gave up cause we surely wont make it to go home at that time of hours and yeah, mcDonald we go. how pathetic.

Our plan was to bukak puasa at Tiya's house for the first time but figgin' KTM train with friggin' loadsssssss of people made us to break-fast at KL Sentral. Double pathetic.

#DAY 3

well, day 3. only me and tiya left. still searching for my first day baju raya but to no avail. nothing that interest me much. haih.

this was her attempt of looking like she was in a car accident. but she looked like she's sleeping soundly rather than in car accident's pain waiting for death haha.

oh and at night, me following tiya's family to see their new cousin ! so smallllll and cuteeee. give a flying-kiss to NONA ROZANA. *yeah, her dad really wanted to name their daughter nona* :D

oh and here i am, waiting for morning to shine. i'm going back home today. back to where i belong, eceehhh haha.


almost 6 weeks of not coming home. and i feel excitedddd !

*wanna bukak puasa kat padang bola depan masjid. it feels soooooooo Ramadhan like that ! :D

Thanks Tiya for having me these 3 awesome nights !
you rock and oh, i wanna book your room for next year sleepover ! yeah :)) haha.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

due date : 18th August 2011

assignment :
biology lab report. 3000 words.

yes, i'm working on it.

currently :
just reached 1140 words.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monday marks the end of the weekend.

Today i feel like a real weekend ! yes, its just because i woke up late today harhar. i slept early last night, around 12 pm and woke up 11 hours later. so yeah, i'm pretty sure that i'm gonna be super energetic today. :)
but then, i feel like my time is wasted with the long hours of sleeping because i have loads of assignment and works to do ! oh man, the whole day of Saturday already spent with shopping at Jalan TAR and now i have only half a day to complete all my assignments. Oh, about the Jalan TAR thingy, oh yeah, i went there with my housemates. we took the KTM at around 9.15 am and took our KTM back to Shah Alam at around 3.30 pm. No more energy left or else we'll be spending another couple of hours there hehe. don't ask me how much money i spent last night, i just can tell you that, I'M BROKE now. haha kidding.
oh, btw, yesterday i break-fasting with my schoolmates. well, plus 2 unknown people. haha no lah, the boys bring along their 2 housmates. oh and we had our nasi ayam lemon at Pak Li Kopitiam. the nasi ayam lemon was really nice, whoever ever heard of Pak Li Kopitiam should really go and try them. thumbs up, seriously. plus, the price is quite cheap. only rm5.20 for the nasi ayam. well, the chicken is quite big and cooked like the chicken chop, so its worth every penny. :) haha i sounded like am doing food advertisment. --'
well, i better stop now. assignments are waiting for me. will surely update more soon.
Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa to all Muslims. :)
*oh and these are the photos of yesterday events :)
**sadly, no photos at Jalan TAR :( we were too engrossed spending our money haha.