Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monday marks the end of the weekend.

Today i feel like a real weekend ! yes, its just because i woke up late today harhar. i slept early last night, around 12 pm and woke up 11 hours later. so yeah, i'm pretty sure that i'm gonna be super energetic today. :)
but then, i feel like my time is wasted with the long hours of sleeping because i have loads of assignment and works to do ! oh man, the whole day of Saturday already spent with shopping at Jalan TAR and now i have only half a day to complete all my assignments. Oh, about the Jalan TAR thingy, oh yeah, i went there with my housemates. we took the KTM at around 9.15 am and took our KTM back to Shah Alam at around 3.30 pm. No more energy left or else we'll be spending another couple of hours there hehe. don't ask me how much money i spent last night, i just can tell you that, I'M BROKE now. haha kidding.
oh, btw, yesterday i break-fasting with my schoolmates. well, plus 2 unknown people. haha no lah, the boys bring along their 2 housmates. oh and we had our nasi ayam lemon at Pak Li Kopitiam. the nasi ayam lemon was really nice, whoever ever heard of Pak Li Kopitiam should really go and try them. thumbs up, seriously. plus, the price is quite cheap. only rm5.20 for the nasi ayam. well, the chicken is quite big and cooked like the chicken chop, so its worth every penny. :) haha i sounded like am doing food advertisment. --'
well, i better stop now. assignments are waiting for me. will surely update more soon.
Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa to all Muslims. :)
*oh and these are the photos of yesterday events :)
**sadly, no photos at Jalan TAR :( we were too engrossed spending our money haha.