Saturday, January 31, 2009


time is running out.

i havent finish any of my homework done. not a single thing. and i'm so freaking out because i just realize that school will be started in just a couple of days. and every single subject got lots of work to do. which i hardly even touch them. duh. WAKE UP NADIAH ! 0_o

so, i better get my butt of this thing and start doing my tonnes of homework. *high-pitch*


Thursday, January 29, 2009


seriously, i need a new phone. -_-
LG cookie would be nice. ;)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

i just hate this condition.

no need an introduction, straight to the point.


wey, saya dapat SM Sains Terengganu!

sriously, i have no idea whether i'll going to that school or not. yes, as everyone know, I AM AN UNDECIDEABLE PERSON. frankly, i love SMART and all the people there. tapi sayang pulak nak tolak sekolah sains tu kan?

and guess what?!

the registeration of that boarding school is on 5 feb! its only a couple of week from now. and if i'm going there, i can only spend a week in smart before moving there. a week is like a minute to me. kejap giler kot!

so, i will probably cracking my head thinking about this. people said that this school is SO GOOOODD. and it make me feel harder to decide.

but i think most probably, i may not be seen in smart a week after CNY school holidays.

behind these hazel eyes

[1] tulis nama korang seCANTIKnye or seKREATIFnye

Nadiah bs, nama tu tak cantik n tak kreatif tp me likey.

[2]letak pic korang yg paling korang suka atau sape2 suka

i choose this one randomly, but i think i look GOOOODDD. haha.

[3]pic korang yg korang tak suka.mayb tercomot cket


[4]list stuff yg korang syg giler

> twiligh
t novels
> bag AA gue. haha
malas nk pikir dh

[5]ape lagik..tayangla pic hot stuff korang tuh

giler lah, malas ar nk amik gmbr.

[6]3 perkara pelik tentang korang

suka membau buku, tp oleh kerana ramai yg suke bau buku, sy rase ia sudah tak pelik lg. TP bile bau tu buku tu sgt menyelerakan dan meng'rawr'kan, haha. sy akan menggigit buku itu.
> ketawe vibrate giler. getaran boleh menggegarkan meja kadang-kadang. haha

[7]3 lagu terPALING kegemaran

> avril lavigne - fall to pieces
> inner circles - sweat a la la la la long
> adele - chasing pavements
> belambak lagi sebenarnya.

[8]2 filem yg giler Best nk mampos bg korang

> juno *menarik*
> berbagi suami *unik*

[9] tag ler kwn2 korang

mereka yang saya link

Saturday, January 10, 2009

planet earth!

hello people of the planet earth!

it had been quite a long time i didnt update my blog. thanks to the streamyx line. so, i going to talk about my AZAM 2009. haha. althought it already late, but better than never. this is just the rough one. hehe

  • sonetimes, do act like a mature one. take somethings seriouslly. i'm a big girl now! haha
  • study hard, less playing or fooling around. our future and ambition wont wait us, we the one who should chase it. grab it while we can. haha
  • shop till you drop. =D i know its a bad one, but hey! i like this one so much. buy anything i want, dont regret later of not buying them. NICE ONE.
  • stay single as long as i can. i think i dont need puppy love right now. no boyfriend, but crushing can be consider. haha
  • stay slim and fit. haha bongok. must remain less than 50 kg this year. 45 kg is the best!
  • stay awake and alert in class! no sleeping and less napping at noon. *aww man*
  • exam, no cheating. i mean, LESS cheating. hehe. always study at least one week before the exam started. *idk whether i can do it or not*
  • kurangkan beronggeng *beronggeng bermaksud berjalan-jalan, merayau-rayau* no more take a tour everyday around the school. stay in class even when teachers not around.
that only the rough one that i can think of right now.

p/s : i'm turning 16 next week! january 16,

15 going on 16,