Saturday, January 10, 2009

planet earth!

hello people of the planet earth!

it had been quite a long time i didnt update my blog. thanks to the streamyx line. so, i going to talk about my AZAM 2009. haha. althought it already late, but better than never. this is just the rough one. hehe

  • sonetimes, do act like a mature one. take somethings seriouslly. i'm a big girl now! haha
  • study hard, less playing or fooling around. our future and ambition wont wait us, we the one who should chase it. grab it while we can. haha
  • shop till you drop. =D i know its a bad one, but hey! i like this one so much. buy anything i want, dont regret later of not buying them. NICE ONE.
  • stay single as long as i can. i think i dont need puppy love right now. no boyfriend, but crushing can be consider. haha
  • stay slim and fit. haha bongok. must remain less than 50 kg this year. 45 kg is the best!
  • stay awake and alert in class! no sleeping and less napping at noon. *aww man*
  • exam, no cheating. i mean, LESS cheating. hehe. always study at least one week before the exam started. *idk whether i can do it or not*
  • kurangkan beronggeng *beronggeng bermaksud berjalan-jalan, merayau-rayau* no more take a tour everyday around the school. stay in class even when teachers not around.
that only the rough one that i can think of right now.

p/s : i'm turning 16 next week! january 16,

15 going on 16,

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sakkara said...

azam yang aneh. haha..,
good luck then..,