Wednesday, December 17, 2008

wait, i think i'm gonna passed out

or maybe not. -_-

O-H-M-Y-G-O-D !

when peoples talk about the PMR result which is coming out just a few days more, i was totally freaked out. yesterday, i asked my friend when will the result come out. then, she said, ohh my mom said 26th dec. and i was like "ohh, ok". and just now, i read my bestfriend's blog and guess what? i just realize that it is NEXT WEEK, i dont even know that 26th dec is NEXT WEEK! oh my, am i going crazy? i dont even know the date of today. and that's the big reason why i'm sooo freaking out when i found out that it is next week. do i need to say it again, next week.

PMR RESULT IS NEXT WEEK ! *high pitch* -_-

haih, i dont know whether i can get straight A's. my parents really hoping that i pass with flying colours. wait, who dont? -_-

hurm, just pray for me ok? pray for me to get 9A, hehe.

thank you, thank you so much for your pray. may Allah bless you.


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