Saturday, December 13, 2008

officially FOF

its stands for FULL OF FAT. yes, i am now. my mom said that i'm fatter and she have told me couple of times. she said that my cheeks got so chubby that it stretched my nose and my nose became flat. i know that she is sooo over-exaggerating tapi tak nak muka penyet ! i have weird smile and eyes and i dont want to have another weird thing like a weird nose. *sigh. okay, stop it nadiah, dont over-reacting.

i dont know who picture that i took from the photobucket. so so sorry girls for stealing your sexy pictures. but i think you shouldnt wear bikinis. it just doesnt seems right. hehe. i know, i have no right to say like that but i'm trying to be honest ok. *untuk menghilangkan rasa bersalah kerana mempamerkan gambar mereka, saya dh tutup muka mereka. ;)

oh my ! school holidays make me FAT. seriously. because i sleep and eat and sleep and eat and sleep again and eat again. haih. i think, if the school holidays are longer than this hols and just staying home 24 7, i am pretty sure i will look like the girls in the picture. bukan mengejek or menghina or whatsoever ok. just say it. i'm gaining my weight week after week. *sigh again

i think i need to put on some diet.
  • no midnight meals
  • no sleeping like a baby
  • need to exercise at least 3 times a week
  • cut off some yummy-unhealthy-full-of-fat food in my meals.
  • if hungry, grab a glass of water or some fruits
ok. enough of those things.


but sometimes i just think that i dont need diet and just let my body become fatter because peoples said that i'm too skinny. even my dad said to me before. but now, he said that i am fatter. so i'm going to CANCEL all the diet thingy and just continue to live as usual. and i like it so much. i can sleep like a baby. yipee ;)

i reread my post and i know, i talks crap again.
just ignore me.

p/s : i'm starving right now and i going to grab some bites of raisin scones. oh, i love scones. and then i will off to bed. good night ! erk, its 5.17 am so i guess, good morning ! *yawn

fat-but-not-so-fat girl

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