Saturday, December 13, 2008

tagged by little miss chatterbox ( sarah )

You need to answer the question below. Then tag 8 other blogger. to listen to old songs
few of them, but i love hotel california by the eagles. geek
since this school holiday i spent my long-boring-day-at-home onlining, discover and learn new stuffs. so i guess, yes.

oh yeah ! me likey. waahh sale sale sale ;) black forest chocolate
yup, i'm a chocoholic. yummy.

5.easily get bored

6.crazy about babies
i'm only crazy about SUPER CHUBBY CUTE babies only. haha. bad me.

7.hate sports so much!
hell no. i LOVE sports ! yipee.

so i'll tag :

no one, haha
but if you interested in doing this.
go ahead.
just copy it.

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