Thursday, December 11, 2008

no word can describe it

time, time, time.

flies fast.

i just feel like i'm thirteen but next year, i'm turning sixteen. omg! sixteen and then seventeen and then BANG! eighteen.


no more. there goes all our childhood and we'll split and go to where our future waiting for us, and maybe we wont meet our high school friends again. all the joy and great moments we share together, will only be a history. now, i do love high school. seriously. when i think about it, about all the things and moments that i have been through, high school is so much fun fun fun. although all those homeworks sometimes make me stressed out, but yet it's still great because i'm surrounded with very sporting friends who sometimes rather playing or fooling around than finishing those zillions homeworks. i love them ! copying peoples homeworks, sleeping in the class while teachers teaching, fooling around, gossiping. those are the moments that maybe we wont experience it after high school ends. OR maybe yes, we will experience those. but it will be like so much different. some people may waited impatiently for high school to end including me, but i guess now i changed my mind. high school is shockingly fun though sometimes it sucks, but most of the time, i find it very err, hurm hah ( no word can describe it ) haha.

hah. what on earth is happening to me. why am i talking like i'm the one who just sitting for the SPM exam and wont attending high school ever again. *sigh.



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sakkara said...

eh eh. betul gak. taun pan kamu form 4..,
da tua..,