Sunday, August 23, 2009

i tend not to talk about it but i couldnt

man, time flied fast. now it's ramadhan already. and suprise suprise, i still dont have baju kurung for raya. as usual, i will probably buy the ready-made one. so, nothing much to talk about.
oh yes, i still trying (so hard) to survive in my boarding school. oh my, oh my. u have no idea how things work around there. it's weird. u know. people tend to hate you just in a split of seconds. and its worst when they hate u without any actual reasons or without knowing u. it sucks. seriously. cause i've been through it. do i look like a betrayer or what? do my face has any tag that says,"hate me, hate me, i can't be trusted." but still, i am. standing here and wondering why this shit happened. but i don't care much cause all this stuff only happened to me here, in SESTER. so, maybe i'm not really the bad one. maybe the people there just lame, narrow-minded (sorry to say that) but genius in studies. but that wont bring ur future bright to have only brain for studies. u must be balanced, guys. and i'm telling this for ur own sake,though.

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