Tuesday, December 22, 2009

sahabat yang di-tagged

shima has tagged me long ago but i have no time to do. so since i am bored now, i'll do the survey ok

1)The person who tagged you is:

2) Your relationship with him/her is:
we both are bangsawan haha

3)Your first impression of him/her is:
hurm what's wrong with this girl? she loves to laugh without any actual reason haha

4)The most memorable moments with he/she:
the night when u sleep late but i didnt even sleep. then, me n tiya woke u up for sahur n after sahur we went to the cc n surf the internet. meanwhile the others went for qiamulaill at the surau haha. kite qiamulail depan komputer je haha

5)The most memorable thing he/she has said to you is:
walaupun ade orang yg menyukai si dia, janganlah kamu berputus asa kerana mereka belum tentu ada apa2 hubungan. maka jika kamu mendapat cinta si dia tu, tak bermakna kamu merampas si dia daripada orang laen dan mengganggu hubungan org. tetapi jika si dia sudah berpunya lupakan dia dan lepaskan dia! biar dia bahagia bersama orang yang dia sayang. actually its not really meant for me when she told me but this thing really touched me cos ade kaitan with me without her knowing

6)If he/she becomes your lover, you will...:
dude i'm straight ok haha

7)If he/she became your lover, what should he/she improve at:
is this a joke or what?

8)If he/she becomes your enemy, what would you do:
i swear i will make her life miserable *evil laugh* hehe

9)If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:
i dont know. might be of stupid crazy thing haha. tapi tak mungkin la

10)The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now is:
buat maggi so that we can share it together sambil borak2 gossip2

11)Your overall impression on him/her:
little miss giggle

12)The characteristic you love most about yourself:
i'm friendly outgoing happygolucky kind unique adorable sweet goodlistener problemsolver matchmaker haha
tak leh perasan lagi ke wahai nadiah baharum shah?

13)The characteristic you hate most about yourself:
i am an extreme procrastinator and the world most laziest person on planet earth haha

14) The most ideal person you want to be is:
fiveforfghting ;)

15)For people who care and love you, say something to them:
babes u have no idea how much i miss u guys n thanks for always be by my side. i swear i love u guys ;)

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Shima Hishamuddin said...

owh patut la smgt je nk ayat tu hahaha. thnx buat haha