Thursday, November 26, 2009

wake me up is not your job, darl

i opened my eyes with the sound of my lil sis shouting at me. she woke me up since my mom was like everyday mad at her cause didnt wake me up in the morning and i ended woke up at noon. what? its school holidays rite? so, i'm pretty sure that most of you also did the same. haih. my mom said that i wasted too much time sleeping and doing nothing. i really wanted to study cause everytime i think about the spm it makes my stomach gone wild and my heart pounding like mad, but right now, sorry..i'm in no mood of study. maybe i'll study later after i feel bored of sleeping and doing nothing. haha. i think it will take forever kot. haha.

right now, i'm trying to work on a new t-shirt. i didnt have any ideas yet for the design but i'm totally bored staying at home all day and i really need to pleasure myself by painting a t-shirt for myself. so, i better get ready for the sketching. actually, i dont do sketch. sometimes i just draw it straight on the t-shirt. but my t-shirt for sure didnt look attractive and good enough cause i'm not the world best t-shirt painter. i do the painting stuff just to cure my boredom, get it? HAHA. more craps.

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Shima Hishamuddin said...

awk kne imagine.
mcm spongebob? hahha