Sunday, November 22, 2009

fly up to the sky hill

a week after final exam, my clique was like damn bored. we have no idea how to spice up our pathetic life in hostel. so to spice it up (poyo je, haha), we did something that we're not supposed to.
KAMI FLY! HAHA. (fly la sgt -.-)

the non-stop monsoon rain has brought us to a heavenly special place -.- (whatever la nadiah wey), let the pictures do the talking ok ( i malas sebenarnye, haha)

in the forest

tadaaa, the waterfall!

picnic. picnic

after 'fly' get some rest at the school field.

i love laying on the grass ;)


group photo

actually the waterfall that we went was up the hill. we need to climb the hill. and we have some short picnic up there. ;) and there a lot more pictures in dina's phone. later i upload it for you all.

*my mom mesti membebel kalau tahu. HAHA

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