Sunday, November 22, 2009

it's holiday babehh

holidays come again!
but right now i am utterly bored.
i have nothing to do. haih. i really need someone right now to fill up my boring day.

let me just update on my current life. my pathetic life. highlight that ok.

> my final exam result is a total disaster. i swear i played too much n never focus on my study. i only got 4a 4c n one failed for crying out loud. haih. i wished i will change for the better for my own sake.
> missing my fiveforfighting moments. husna, turun kuantan jom!
> will be going to putrajaya on 3rd dec. bangsawan sekalian, hangout jom!
> my holidays will be filled up with TUITION since my result is....arghh so wateva.
> i will redecorate my room! wohooo

sorry guys, you have just wasted your 5 precious minutes reading my boring blog. haha. i'll update my blog with a lot more interesting story next time ok?


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