Wednesday, February 4, 2009

episode : sigh all the time


seriously, i'm not feel like going to that boarding school right now. i never thought that i would be in the hostel, staying with new friends, live in a place where the surrounding will be totally different from SMART. omg, did i really make the right decision? :|

*sigh again*
*and again*
*and again*
*and again*

but i think i will give it a try. maybe couple of weeks and months. and if i cant really adapt to the new place or dont really like staying there, i'm so gonna move back here. but i'm not sure whether i can come back to SMART again or not. because the principle already said CANNOT!

*sigh again and again*
*again and again*
*again and again*
*again and again*

cant stop sighing,



sakkara said...

see! i told u ur gonna miss smart..,
cer awk igt time kem perdana la..,
smart niaga..,
time awk ngan kwn2 awk..,
tetibe u'll be in a different surrounding..,
mcm mane tue. nnt nangis kang..,
dun go. kesian pengetua..,
die saja je ugut awk tue..,
haha. she wants u. dunt u get it..,

NadiahBS. said...

semangat gler lah abdul ni.
buat org lg sedih jek.