Friday, February 20, 2009


living in hostel is VERY tiring. I have to rush here and there. Every weekdays' routines are just the same. sometimes, i feel like a robot. my new school is not fun like smart. smart is better. the rules here is sooooo ergghhh. agak ntah pape. wajib memakai kain dalam. and i'm totally not a big fan of kain dalam =.= first time pakai. rimas giler kot! since the first day, i have been scolded -wait, not scolded, how am i going to put it right?- ha'! tegur. ditegur almost ten times. baju singkat lah. tudung jgn selempang lah. socks pendek lah. kena pakai singlet all the time lah. kasut kena susun macam ni lah. yadda yadda yadda.

thank god i got some friends yang kira ok lah.

btw, here in my new school, boys and girls must be 'istilah 2 metre from one another'. cannot stand, talk or sit to close, if not.......

ok lah. tak de mood nak tulis lagi.

*still trying to adapt with new school*



sakkara said...

hahahaha. pe ag. check in kat smart balek la..,

NadiahBS. said...

takpe lah
tahap kesabaran sy TINGGI !

sakkara said...

haha. yeke tggi..,
agak diragui la..,