Monday, October 20, 2008

boy oh boy

seriously i got some confusion about that. i know boy is boy, and girl is girl. they're different. really different. but why good looking and famous people want or obsess their names to known as 'playboy melayu'? i just dont get it. what's so great about that? do you get free elegant limosin or a nice super cool gadgets or something big, if you got that stupid award? come on lah. it doesnt make any sense! but if it really rewarded, hell yeah i want it also. just imagine 'nadiah bs, the world most famous playgirl on earth! haha. ok stop fooling around, nadiah.

back to the topic. i think( this is just my opinion and i dont want to get into any trouble by saying what my heart tells ) boys just think they're too good and their egoism are controlling themselves actually. its not that i am anti of them but dont you guys got something worth to do than playing with girls' feelings? if you really think it is so worthy, i swear you such a jerk and hanya memalukan diri sendiri and kaum lelaki lah. people like you boleh blah lah. tak de makna pon hidup kat dunia ni. you such a jerk that had no feelings at all not even a slight feeling and is no loyal. today you like joyah and the next day puuh, you like minah pulak.

if you didnt realize about this thing, HELLO! wake up! please dont thing cause you're a guy and you can do that to us. not a chance.or is it because you want to show your so called sifat kelakian?. haha. if you really thought that way, you are really super duper stupid dam dam you berak keluar ketam. haha. is it so great when your member asked you, 'eh, kau ngan sape ek sekarang aku dengar kau kejap ngan joyah lah, kejap ngan minah lah, munah lah. wah playboy besar kau ni!' i ask you one more time, is that anything great about that? get a life ok. dont tell me that you are enjoying yourselves by that stupid playboy name?

its always a chance to change, but its just depends on you. you the one who make the choice whether to known as 'playboy melayu' or an ordinary loyal boy? renung-renungkan lah dan selamat beramal! =D

p/s: sorry to boys who read this post ( if have any), i didnt said all boys, but got lah some boys yg penyusah kehidupan girls. kalau you sangat baik and loyal, bagus lah and keep it up! =)


My View, My Story said...

u're talking about CASANOVA?
hahaha =)

nadiah lah said...

yeah! obviously..

My View, My Story said...

damn! aku sunat dia skali lagi kang
how dare he sakitkan hati my nyahh

ni yang mak marah ni!! =)

nadiah lah said...

haha..pesal plak la minah nie..
xdek kene mengene ngan pape pon lah..