Friday, October 17, 2008

hip hip hooray!

PMR is over! yeay!


  • bahasa melayu kertas 1 ( quite tricky)
  • bahasa melayu kertas 2 ( =D =D)
  • pendidikan islam ( okay lah, they asked for 2 answers, i gave 4 to 6 =D )
  • english paper 1 ( =D =D )
  • english paper 2 ( essay about what ek? lupa lah :|)
  • science paper 1 ( okay lah, but got some careless mistakes i guess )
  • science paper 2 ( gosh, harap graf turun =) )
  • mathematics paper 1 ( =D =D)
  • mathematics paper 2 ( just okay )
  • sejarah ( ok lah, luckily, hentam-hentam pon betul jugak! )
  • kh teknikal ( i already got wrong on the first question, dush! )
  • bahasa arab komunikasi ( dont wanna talk bout it. doa jelah kat Allah )
  • geografi ( quite tricky also or i havent finish revised? both lah..hehe )

at last, PMR is over. now, i'm known as "pelajar lepasan PMR". haha. to release tension ( tension la sangat, actually tk de bende nk buat) me n fiqah decided to go to megamall.5 for fighting yg laen cannot make it, so off we go berdua-duaan. haha. and yes, it was like 10.20 am and guess what, secotek jek kedai baru bukak. even cinema havent open yet. so kami ronggeng-ronggeng dulu. went to magshop ek name die? , then popular, followed by pink lady, reject shop, movve and deli country. tengah syok2 makan, muncullah min n niza, so we had a little chat and they off. we met them again at the cinema counter. alang2 min tgh beli ticket, we bought ours too. we watched tipu kanan tipu kiri and kami the movie. kami the movie was superb! nak beli dvd kami lah.!

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kate streamyx ngek ngoks
buatlah kotak jerit!!