Monday, January 3, 2011

start of something new

hey, the morning of january 3rd is not really great. especially to those who started schooling today haha n those who's going for the national service :(
suddenly i feel like this kind of empty and sad feelings. rasa kosong je kuantan ni. like seriously babe, ni baru first day they all going. i feel kinda sad also cause i couldnt be there at the stadium darul makmur to wave my goodbyes to my friends. this is all because i'm starting working today. fikir-fikir punya fikir, last-last i decided to work at abah's. it's easier i guess. plus, i can surf the internet whenever i want haha. so, my dad havent give me anything to do yet. by now, i'm free and can do anything, ya anything. haha.

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