Monday, April 12, 2010

random bundle facts

god, i havent update my blog for ages. i'm just too busy with school stuff. plus living in hostel make it so much more harder to update this blog. even to surf the internet, i have to wait a long waiting line -.- haish.

april didnt like me much. every year of april always be the worst month. i just lost my camera. n now i lost my favourite bag which got my purse, new mp4 player, wacth n some stuff in it. damn it. i didnt tell my mom about it cause afraid of being scolded. since i lost my purse, my money n atm card also gone. then, i have to be independence tried to call CIMB kuantan bank n block my atm card by myself. haish luckly its not that hard. but fortunately i didnt lost my ic since my friend steal my ic haha. stealing sometimes bring to a good thing haha.

i lied to my mom n i did feel a slight of guilt. but one fine day, i will surely tell my mom all about those lies. insya allah. ;)

school has been pretty busy. i never thought that being a form 5 student would be this busy. i mean there's no time for other things. gazillions of homework make me wanna puke. luckily, i have finished all my curicullar activities n can focus on my study. focus on studies? hurm. sedikit kemusykilan di situ haha. anyway i will try my best to catch up on my studies n wont spoiled my SPM. pray for me ok ;)

ohh to all kuantan citizens i'm coming home this 29th april.
54f, i miss u. hangout jom? ;)
purie, mira, movie jom?
tapi i cuti kejap je.
4 hari only.

p/s: april test this coming 18th april. i hate examFULLSTOP


Mirashada said...

lie to ur mommy ? :O
wah3 ,i would never done that.. i'll be in even more hot soupp baa..

nadiahbs said...

but its not that i want to,
i just had to.
its better like that, i guess

but someday i'll tell my mom all about it