Thursday, June 16, 2011

red-blood moon.

yeah today i woke up early. 6.30 am. ( awal lah tu kalau ikut time cuti kan :D ) means it's 4.30 am back in malaysia. how cool was that harhar. but the thing is, i woke up with a frustrated face. yeah, cause i had missed the lunar eclipse ! i couldnt believe it. rugi sangat couldnt witness and experience the spectacular moments. :( and now everyone was talking about it. and i heard that this lunar eclipse was the longest one in 100 years time. gila. double rugi. and now, bila lah the next eclipse will occur? tell meeeeeee ! :(

dang ! i really wanna witness this with my two round eyes !

but then, nothing i could do more. the past is past. just a waste of time if i keep on thinking about it and regret, rite? so yeah lets cheer up. HARHARHAR.

and there's always a smile in every sadness that happens, isnt it? ewaahhh


the happy moments for today is.... *drum roll please*

i worked out at the gym and i managed to burn 150 calories today ! ( okay, 150 tak termasuk the calories i burned time jalan-jalan siar-siar okay. )
though its quite a small amount but whatthehell it had been a long time since a spent my time exercising. seriously.

so, its a win-win day after all :D

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