Monday, January 23, 2017

of black coffee, sugar crackers and morning thoughts.

Well, not really a morning thought. And if this sheet is real, there would of course be a few stains of coffee on this haha.

So i had this long phone conversation with my college close friend last night. It was merely a catching up session on our life, and stuffs. And you know, thing would certainly lead you to a deep conversation and yes, we had that too last night.

And yes, it will always, alwaaayyyyss be on boys and relationships with this girl.

Entah, i feel like in a way, our conversation last night showed that we've changed and had already slowly figured out that we are so over those looks-over-personality, or this-guy-is-hot-and-sure-is-my-taste, orrr lets-start-dating-and-see-how-things-work-first kind of things. Itu adalah crap okay guys. Seriously. We're 24 already (ehem i am, she's 8 month away haha) but you get what i'm saying aite.

It is time to get serious. No more trying here and there, having back up and all like "what if he/she is not the one, lets find another back up cause it always good to have a plan B". Wake up wikiwiki up guys!

I know things will not always be on our side but if we're not even trying hard to make things better, how can we expect things to work out well? If we already have the thought of having a back up if the relationship fails, we won't give our best shot on this. Human feelings are not to be played even how innocent, kind or faithful he/she is. Once you confessed, and tell what you've been bottling up since God knows how long, then go work your ass off for that thing. Don't let the other party being left hanging after he/she starting to like and develop an interest on you. Work to that marriage stuff, be serious.

And alhamdulillah thing with my girl over here is working out pretty well and guess what guess whattt, they're planning on that serious matter already! I'm so proud of her and i think she definitely deserved someone like him.

And you know, when you already have that someone who you think are the person and you can imagine life with him/her, and you're so into him/her (like how my friend over here feels) you would definitely feel like, " eh he's like really the one for me lah, and kalau bagi i, sekarang kahwin pun boleh. Like why must we wait so long kan. Sekarang pun i dah ready!" Haha that's how we both felt last night and how the boys, relationships, and jodoh conversation ended before we moved on to another topic h

So yeah, i felt her, she felt me. And the whole conversation was really something to me cause i really feel like she knows what she really wants now (the right way and all). Told her, the 8 years she think she's been wasting on for nothing or for a jerk, is all worth it cause now she got someone yang dia (and even me) truly yakin boleh bawa dia ke lebih baik. Aw aw. True, semua yang berlaku ada hikmah. And we just have to find em and always always have faith on Him.

And as for me, have i found my person? My one?

Let's all of us have a big laugh on that! Lewlz


Raydah said...

may things go well

Raydah said...

hi. jmput la join n meriahkan segmen GA kt sini