Friday, January 15, 2010

not a poetry

i just tried some luck n wrote a poem for the english poem competition. actually i didnt have the intention to win. just doing it to get myself a certificate. international certificate if i'm not mistaken. cause the competition had to do with the itali government. idont really know about the whole competition thingy. i just wrote it n submitted it to the teacher. i was so shocked on how many students submitted their poems to the teachers. i thought it would just be like 10 or so. but it was like more than 30 people i guess.

i'm not the world best poetry n what the hell, i'm not even a poetry. haha. so mine is not that good. the theme for the poem is shadow or light. and it had to do with metapher of life yadda yadda yadda.

title : Rebellious Shadow

I live in the darkness,
stuck in a low self-esteem box,
a steel box with a huge padlock,
I'm the one that is trapped in it,
I'm the shadow of myself.
I'm also the key to the padlock,
I own the ability to set the shadow free,
to make a hole on it,
the urge to change is rebelling,
the virus of transformation has spread,
its particles flow out of control.
The time has come,
to let some light in,
bleaching the colour of shadow,
and reveal the origin pattern of me.

hehe i said earlier, i aint good

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