Friday, January 15, 2010

two weeks of schooling recap

i'm home. but just for a couple of days. i need to go back to hostel on saturday. this last couple of weeks was sure a hell of busy weeks. tons of homeworks everyday n not to mention extra classes in the evening. haih. i'm getting tired everyday for the non-stop used up of energy. guess what, teacher gave gazillions of add math homework for us to be done this weekend n need to pass it up on next week. wth. it was like more than 60 questions! just imagine how am i gonna crack my head doing all the equation? if i own an einstein brain, it wont be any matter but the fact is, i'm not. so let the teacher scream her lungs out to me during our next add math class with her. i'm ready with the earplugs. haha

i also busy with everyday basketball training bcause the game is in february, so we have no much time. i really need to improve on my basic n skills. i think this year i'm gonna take it slow in sports. i dont want to participate too many like yester-years cause i dont want to miss too much classes. i think i want to let go on netball n handball. n i might be just participate in basketball, olahraga n hockey. too much too handle. plus the tiredness that burden me like i was carrying a bag full of big stones on my back. sometimes i felt like laying on the street when i;m walking due to the tiredness haha.

oh, my 2010 room. i got the room that i least want it. you know why? because my room is directly in front of the boys hostels. haish. i kind of felt uneasy n uncomfortable whenever i wanted to go to take a shower. cause i need to cover my aurat n cannot just wear a towel to cover my body since got some stupid boys who will take a look at our room when the walk by their block corridors. n what worst is, sometimes they purposely stand at the corridor facing our room n wait to see us whenever we get out of the room. very annoying aite? got one time when my roomate forgot that our room is facing the boys hostel n she dried up her bra in front of our room n got some stupid boys made fun of it cause they could see it from their corridor. haha

i'm very happy n proud of myself since i didnt sleep in class as much as i did last year. i hope that i can keep up with my new less-sleep-in-class mission. haha

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