Friday, July 22, 2011


Hi there.

Rarely online nowadays. Thanks to the INTEC's wifi, at least i got the chance to surf the internet. havent bring any broadband yet, so yeah that explains why there's no much update from me.

Updates :
  • lectures, going on pretty good.
  • getting to know more peoples, so yeah ! more friends !
  • am joining INPRO ( sports carnival ) -frisbee and basketball yeah.
  • oh, almost forgot. and i joined HACC ( hiking and camping club ) :D

*Frisbee and basketball match this weekend. Do wish me luck and hope that everything goes well. Please, no injuries.

**Got wall climbing and futsal match ( HACC program) this evening but i didnt join, will be having english class after this.

***oh thank god my class schedule not too pack ! the earliest my class finishes will be at 12pm ! and the latest is 4pm. and usually, my class ends at 1pm. how heaven is that !

till then,
i'll update more later.
oh and surely, am gonna upload photos of INPRO ! :)

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